Sock liners

Posted By: AJE

Sock liners - 10/01/20 03:33 AM

Anyone use them to help keep your feet warm in our frigid winters?

Posted By: waggler

Re: Sock liners - 10/01/20 04:12 AM

Get a couple of pairs of thin poly sock liners to wear inside your wool socks, you'll love them.
Posted By: tlguy

Re: Sock liners - 10/01/20 05:16 AM

I've got a couple pairs of polypropylene socks I sometimes wear under my thick winter socks. They probably help a little, but they're a pain if they slide down inside your boots.
Posted By: tlguy

Re: Sock liners - 10/01/20 05:19 AM

These are what I have.

Posted By: Allan Minear

Re: Sock liners - 10/01/20 11:13 AM

I've bought polypropylene socks and I just seem to go back to a pair of Filson heavyweight wool socks because after a long day out in the cold they aren't balled up around your toes in the bottom of your boots .
Yes they're expensive but buy once cry once and enjoy them for year's to come .
Posted By: Rob & Neall

Re: Sock liners - 10/01/20 12:03 PM

If you have the true sock liners on and do a lot of walking or if your feet sweat a lot, sock liners are great as they will wick away the moisture and keep you more comfortable.
Posted By: gcs

Re: Sock liners - 10/01/20 11:45 PM

I get the thin wool sock liners that are made in Sweden, Woolpower is the American division, not cheap but way better then polypro
Posted By: MJM

Re: Sock liners - 10/02/20 12:03 AM

And here I thought socks were boot liners.
Posted By: keystone

Re: Sock liners - 10/02/20 02:32 AM

Originally Posted by MJM
And here I thought socks were boot liners.

Thatís funny!!!
Posted By: Trapset

Re: Sock liners - 10/02/20 02:32 AM

Cheap nylon dress socks, thinner the better, work great for me under heavy wool blend hunting socks. I like the ones that go up to about mid calf.
Posted By: coonman220

Re: Sock liners - 10/02/20 03:13 AM

Good idea, used to but worn out, help lots. Dont have Walmart or farm supply store for years
Posted By: timbremn

Re: Sock liners - 10/03/20 01:28 AM

Buy Drymax brand socks. No need for liners and you will never get a blister.
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