Coyotes adaptability

Posted By: WadeRyan

Coyotes adaptability - 10/18/20 11:07 AM

I find it interesting how adaptive coyotes have become and how much they are survivors. When we often have discussions on here regarding humans, scent, and coyotes weariness it amazes me what theyíll do to survive. The more I learn about them the more I respect them. Iíll always not be a fan of what Iíve seen them do to calves and my retired father keeps around 100 pairs going so every once in a while they remind me why they need killing.
Here in Nebraska every coyote that comes out of the tree line is chased, shot at or harassed.

That being said my dad called me from the semi yesterday he hauls corn for farmers in the fall to gain access to their stalks for his cattle. He said he was sitting in the semi waiting to be loaded and a coyote following along the combine snatched a rabbit and then jogged by about 10 feet from him. He then watched what appeared to be the male half chasing a second rabbit off through the trees but he was unsuccessful. Itís interesting to me with the risk they live daily theyíve learned when there will be an easy meal.

I plan to kill those coyotes soon. Before the cattle get dropped on the stalks but I still have respect for what they can do.
Posted By: Gary Benson

Re: Coyotes adaptability - 10/18/20 11:13 AM

I'm pretty sure coyotes will still be here long after people have destroyed themselves.
Ranchers here carry rifles with them year round and shoot at every coyote they see for obvious reasons.
Posted By: lee steinmeyer

Re: Coyotes adaptability - 10/18/20 12:44 PM

I like coyotes better that any dim, but I sure don't like what they do to other wildlife and livestock. They are fascinating critters, and I agree Gary, they and crow and cockroaches will prolly be the last three critters on this rock!
Posted By: teepee2

Re: Coyotes adaptability - 10/18/20 06:21 PM

Look up the Chicago coyote study. They documented a pair that raised a litter in a concrete den in a parking lot at soldier field. Adaptive yes they are.
Posted By: danvee

Re: Coyotes adaptability - 10/18/20 06:28 PM

When the calves start dropping the coyotes get rough get them cleaned up before that.
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