New Hummer?

Posted By: cmcf

New Hummer? - 10/21/20 04:27 PM

Anyone see the preview of the new Hummer? 1000hp 0-60 in three seconds. Inflation lift on demand. Crab stearing , all four wheels can stear . 0 emissions electric with a 350 mile range with a 100mi charge in ten minutes. All preorders sold out at ONLY $$112,000! Dang! I knew I should’ve waited before I bought a 4x4 LOL
Posted By: Trapper7

Re: New Hummer? - 10/21/20 04:34 PM

Electric cars don't make sense for people living in colder climates. In winter, you need heat which would deplete your battery that much faster reducing your mile range. Studies need to be done to make fossil fuel emissions less harmful. I've heard propane's emissions are more friendly to the atmosphere than gasoline or diesel.
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