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TIMBER!!! - 10/23/20 11:44 PM

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Well we finally got another dog. Decided on calling him Timber after considering Bridger, Ishi, Maverick, and Ruger. He is a mountain feist though I am not sure on the hunting skills in his bloodline. It doesn't really matter to us our last dog was a half breed chihuahua and yorkie and I was able to teach him to hunt squirrels so I think Timber will be fine for our needs.

Man I am pumped to have a dog again. If y'all have any tips or tricks you have found that work to have a good home and hunting dog I'd appreciate hearing them.

Just had to share our good news!
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Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/23/20 11:48 PM

Little man approves!

Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/23/20 11:51 PM

They make great squirrel dogs. Lots of those dogs around here!!!
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Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/23/20 11:54 PM

Originally Posted by GROUSEWIT
They make great squirrel dogs. Lots of those dogs around here!!!

That's why we chose that breed but slim pickings up here. Figured with The Boy turning ten in December he needed a good dog and the wife didn't want a large hunting dog so this one fits the bill.
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Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/24/20 12:04 AM

I love mine. Great in the house and a squirrel treeing machine when out.

The only draw back are they are full of energy, if ya don't let them they will drive ya nuts. They are also a bit selfish. Lucas don't do it with me, but with others he can get a tad bit ornery over them taking things from him. I have him about broke from that now. Let them know who is boss and they are great pets.

PS Timber has the flop ears just like Lucas. I like them that way.
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Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/24/20 12:38 AM

Cute pupper grin
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Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/24/20 06:32 AM

I just got a new pup a few weeks back. A patterdale he is and calm he is not! Had quite a few dogs, but he is either BS crazy or something close to that, as he don't know what calm is! Very closely related to a shark I believe! Not sure how this is gonna work out. Congrads on your new pup!
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Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/24/20 06:56 AM

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Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/24/20 09:50 AM

nice pup !!!
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Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/24/20 12:23 PM

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Well first night went well. Timber didn't cry on the drive home and hasn't cried yet other than a couple whimpers. He sure has energy lol. Not scared of the cats and lived in a crate so that helps too.

The Boy sure is pleased with this guy!
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Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/24/20 12:29 PM

Cute pup.
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Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/24/20 02:26 PM

I'll say it again...You're a good Dad, Trap Setter!

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Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/24/20 06:12 PM

get yer running shoes on!
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Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/25/20 12:34 AM

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Had a good excuse to go hunting in order get some fur in the little guy's mouth cool

Thanks Moosetrot it means a lot.

So far he has been whining to go out to do his business. Had one accident right away last night and we put the mess outside and ever since he has gone out.

I fear we may have a dog too smart for our own good.
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Re: TIMBER!!! - 10/25/20 12:50 AM

Thats Awesome Trap setter
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