Battery Acid...

Posted By: Actor

Battery Acid... - 11/26/20 03:54 AM

Has anyone ever heard of battery acid refill new in a bottle losing its potency... it is probably 3+ years old... it has the breathing/pouring hole open on the top of the container.

Posted By: Twolines

Re: Battery Acid... - 11/26/20 05:12 AM

Boogle says about 5 years and best if it was stored in a glass container in a dark place.
Posted By: hippie

Re: Battery Acid... - 11/26/20 01:04 PM

That seems odd but believable. Years ago I sold batteries that were shipped dry and I had a 5gal bag of acid to fill them once sold.
That acid was still good years later, but it was sealed.
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