What is this ?

Posted By: Cedar Hacker

What is this ? - 12/07/20 08:42 PM

There is only one picture and it is not too good but I can't imagine what that little black thing is. The bigger one looks like an armadillo, maybe ?

Help me out here, experts. What is that little black creature. I've already caught all the chupacabra so it's probably not a baby one.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: chas3457

Re: What is this ? - 12/07/20 08:57 PM

Zoomed in to 400% on the pic and used a magnifying glass, The black figure seems to have lighter horizontal stripes. Russian Boar piglet ???

Posted By: grisseldog

Re: What is this ? - 12/08/20 06:15 AM

Posted By: Ol' Smoke

Re: What is this ? - 12/08/20 01:59 PM

I thought it might be a piglet. Crossin' my fingers for a TTFHA rondy someday.
Posted By: Getting There

Re: What is this ? - 12/08/20 02:02 PM

I have to go with a skunk also
Posted By: 330-Trapper

Re: What is this ? - 12/08/20 02:04 PM

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