Tanning UPDATE....

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Tanning UPDATE.... - 01/04/21 03:38 AM

By in large, the tanning is moving right along... an still having some problems I haven't been able to correct... First On coon haven't been able to correct the heavy neck and upper back. I have tried shaving it down during fleshing , and several times during tth process, but am getting still having problems with older larger coon. So I have to wait until the tanning is completed and do scraping and shaving until it is workable. This make the process very painful with my old hands. The place I am also having some problem with is turning the ears and removing the cartilage. I used to that many years ago when I was taxidermy, but that was 45 years ago.

Here is 3 of the 4 coon I had hangingskin side out.(Still working on 4th one)

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Re: Tanning UPDATE.... - 01/04/21 03:41 AM

Nice job.
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Re: Tanning UPDATE.... - 01/04/21 04:00 AM

I thin as much as I can before tanning but usually end up using the right angle die grinder with 50 grit sanding pad after it's worked and dried. Works good but be careful not to heat up an area to much. On real tough ones I have to dampen and oil that area again to get good penetration with the oil.
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Re: Tanning UPDATE.... - 01/04/21 04:24 AM

I have been trying to use a wire wheel on my old electric drill, but It is getting so old it doesn't have my umph to it any more. I have been told... when I pull it out of the pickel bath to let it dry just a little and then use a sander with either paper of wire wheel. I have a couple more coon in the freezer I am going to try that with. The problem with doing it right out of the pickel bath is,, that I can't really tell how thick it is until it dries.

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Re: Tanning UPDATE.... - 01/04/21 04:49 AM

Have you tried a spokeshave?
I have used a spokeshave on salted skins (not salt dried),and on pickled skins before tanning,and also on tanned skins while drying(pic).
You need to have the blade sharp,and you can adjust it to take a little off each pass.Once you get some experience you can get more agressive.
Like fleshing-make sure there are no "bumps" on the beam or in the fur.

[Linked Image]
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Re: Tanning UPDATE.... - 01/04/21 05:06 AM

They look nice. I bought a roundknife thats made for thinning hides. Takes some getting used to, but it does a nice job when you get on to it. I thin hides after a couple days in the pickle when they plump up. I've never done coon, but lynx have thick neck hide too.
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Re: Tanning UPDATE.... - 01/04/21 05:14 AM

Looks Great
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Re: Tanning UPDATE.... - 01/04/21 02:40 PM

Originally Posted by Boco
Have you tried a spokeshave?

I use to have a couple of spokeshaves, but not any longer... But have never tried them. I have an old draw knife... that is what I used from the time I started trapping for a fleshing too. But they are pretty well wore out.

Originally Posted by yukon254
They look nice. I bought a roundknife thats made for thinning hides.

Could you be a little more explicit about the "Round" knife... Is it something that is made for fleshing or skinning. Maybe a photo...

Thanks for all of the suggestions... keep them coming. I always say... "No question is a dumb question if you don't know the answer."

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Re: Tanning UPDATE.... - 01/04/21 03:05 PM

I bought this one.

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