Venezuelan Bolivars

Posted By: T-Rex

Venezuelan Bolivars - 01/16/21 03:56 AM

I came across a couple hundred of them today in one of my old "bug out" bags.

At the time I bought them they were very stable at four "B's" per Dollar. I knew they weren't much anymore, but, checked out the exchange rate anyway.. in case I come across a few more.

At one million Bolivars to a dollar I either need to find a bunch more, or wait for the dollar value to decline a bit more.

While I'm waiting for either option; I think I'll be buying some gold.
Posted By: Scuba1

Re: Venezuelan Bolivars - 01/16/21 04:25 AM

Wait a couple of years and they will be 1 to 1 exchange with the dollar.
Posted By: 330-Trapper

Re: Venezuelan Bolivars - 01/16/21 04:27 AM

Yep stick with Gold
Posted By: T-Rex

Re: Venezuelan Bolivars - 01/16/21 04:44 AM

I believe Scuba and 330 are both correct.
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