Value - 01/22/21 04:35 AM

So the girlfriend got tested for the ronna cause she’s been sick for a couple days the text they sent her says your test result is listed as a value;what -is that;positive or negative ;stupid
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Re: Value - 01/22/21 05:03 AM

Probably the RT-PCR value which is interesting hocus pocus of how much of a number can we get back how many times we keep trying to grow this DNA. Somebody should be able to translate the number into what it means.

The mixture is then placed in an RT–PCR machine. The machine cycles through temperatures that heat and cool the mixture to trigger specific chemical reactions that create new, identical copies of the target sections of viral DNA. The cycle is repeated over and over to continue copying the target sections of viral DNA.

How many times is a sample cycled, well, how many times is needed to get a positive test...?
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Re: Value - 01/22/21 05:06 AM

... Dang NonPc... you must have went to a 4a division high school lol

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You lost me I aint that smart;lol + or - that’s all I ask was expecting a positive then I’d have to test and I feel fine I give up;how’s Texas savell I got a niece lives there you all welcome Minnesotans?
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Re: Value - 01/22/21 05:29 AM

naw.. y’all are ate up with the covid and the communism lol
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Re: Value - 01/22/21 05:49 AM

How's the book coming Savell...? I'd buy it!!

Re: Value - 01/30/21 08:52 AM

Well update,girlfriend has been sick for 10 days 3 COVID tests,1-value-whatever that means and 2 negative,just got back from ER dr said he didn’t care what the tests said she’s got COVID pneumonia,they did a chest X-ray and definitely pneumonia,but me and her daughter have not had any symptoms,not starting anything just putting it out there.her 4th test result we’ll get tomorrow morning,but tests might not mean shot ,positive or negative
Posted By: Turtledale

Re: Value - 01/30/21 10:06 AM

Hope she gets better
Posted By: jeff karsten

Re: Value - 01/30/21 01:16 PM

Daughter had viral pnuemonia tests were negative but still listed as Covid induced pneumonia hospitalized for 3 days sent home with steriods and oxygen took about 3 weeks to finally shake it

Re: Value - 01/30/21 05:24 PM

i heard that same thing from a friend,they gave her 5 liters of oxygen last night,i guess thats how they measure it?but no medication,i'll tell her what you said,thanks jeff.by the way 4th test came back negative this morning
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