We care

Posted By: Pawnee

We care - 02/03/21 05:25 AM

Got this in the mail today. I had been wondering why I didnít get a invite to the annual corn planting clinic. It was on January 28th. Iím gonna sleep well knowing they CARE! Lol

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Posted By: jctunnelrat

Re: We care - 02/03/21 05:37 AM

Consider yourself lucky. I have to go Kentucky to get the rest of my package. smile
Posted By: Leftlane

Re: We care - 02/03/21 02:01 PM

Posted By: 330-Trapper

Re: We care - 02/03/21 02:17 PM

Posted By: TurkeyWrangler

Re: We care - 02/03/21 05:35 PM

I can see why it didn't get to you in a timely manner. Someone took a red marker and marked out your address.
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