NTA Convention 2021 Changes

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NTA Convention 2021 Changes - 06/08/21 06:37 PM

If this has been posted here, I missed it so here goes....... I saw this posted on a facebook trapping group and confirmed with the NTA office that this information is accurate. The demo schedule is posted on the NTA website and there is no mention of Members Only demos. The announcement about the President's Reception and how to RSVP to attend is also on the NTA website.

I know there has been a lot of discussion on here about the Members Only demos in the past and a lot of folks were opposed to them so this should relieve some heartburn.

Let the discussion begin..........

A word from our NTA President
Good morning I Hope everyone is having a great day.
This year's National Convention in Spencer Iowa will have a couple of changes. First, there will be no members only demo's this year if you pay the gate fee you are welcome to see all demo's.In years past this has been used as a recruitment tool and a perk for being a member. I sincerely hope that every trapper in America
will recognize that if trapping is to survive you will need to let your presence be known and your voice heard by becoming a member " That in it's self should be recruitment tool enough."
The next change will be our annual Presidents Reception this year it will be held Friday night just before the auction. All NTA members and thier immediate family are iinvited to attend . Non members are welcome to attend but there will be a fee for their meal.
Everyone attending will need to RSVP.look for info on the Facebook pages and the NTA Website for instructions.
Have a great day.
John Daniel
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Re: NTA Convention 2021 - 06/08/21 06:48 PM

I like the change.
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Re: NTA Convention 2021 - 06/08/21 07:00 PM

Good changes, even JTrapper should like them. grin
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Re: NTA Convention 2021 - 06/08/21 07:38 PM

I agree with the change.
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Re: NTA Convention 2021 - 06/08/21 07:39 PM

That's been out for a while
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Re: NTA Convention 2021 - 06/08/21 09:09 PM

Very smart move, restricting some demo's to members only limited the inclusion of a good percentage of convention attendees, and sent the wrong message, IMO.

Whoever made this call is thinking forward, my hat is off to their keen perception.
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Re: NTA Convention 2021 - 06/08/21 10:00 PM

Just joined.
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Re: NTA Convention 2021 - 06/09/21 02:36 AM

Finally! They are now recruiting via empowerment and encouragement and not waving fingers at you or in a way shaming one for not already having joined. Somebody must have changed the batteries and guess what the light went on.

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