Hudson Bay to Oklahoma!

Posted By: Thumbian

Hudson Bay to Oklahoma! - 09/14/21 11:30 PM

Just checked doppler radar and this narrow band of T-storms over Michiganís thumb area stretches from near Hudson Bay to Oklahoma. Donít think Iíve ever seen that before
Posted By: trapdog1

Re: Hudson Bay to Oklahoma! - 09/15/21 01:11 AM

That does seem unusual. Weather fronts don't usually cover that much ground!
Posted By: Michigander

Re: Hudson Bay to Oklahoma! - 09/15/21 01:13 AM

We needed the rain and the break from the heat. Its hard to get into the fall mood when its 95 degrees and sunny.
Posted By: bblwi

Re: Hudson Bay to Oklahoma! - 09/15/21 01:17 AM

The more heat one has the more energy created and thus fronts can extend much further. The other part of that is what system s pushing the front and at what speed. The slower the front moves the more moisture one typically gets. We have had a couple storms lately when the front came through, we got an inch or so in .5 hours and the humidity and temperature did not drop at all. To me that meant a lot of energy left in the system and more to come and it did.

Posted By: jk

Re: Hudson Bay to Oklahoma! - 09/15/21 11:41 AM

We were really lucky here in Pa. We had a little rain every week. Only a few very hot days and crops are huge. The whole area is and was green all summer long. We cut grass every few days or else we had hay to sack. Been a good summer as far as the weather goes HERE. Feel sorry for the rest of the contry with fires and floods, we are not out of the woods for floods as we usually get one every few years. So far so good. Looking forward to fall and winter........jk District 7 miniconvention this weekend!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Boco

Re: Hudson Bay to Oklahoma! - 09/15/21 01:52 PM

Been a nice summer here,drier than usual.We got a good soaker yesterday-steady rain all day.
That should saturate the dry ground and any further rains to come should start to fill up the creeks and get the beaver into their wintering grounds.
Sun just starting to peek out today.
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