Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

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Medicare Prescription Drug Plans - 10/16/21 12:28 AM

For anyone that has dealt with them. The open enrollment is here. I think all of the plans offer mail order prescription delivery. Can someone here that has gone that route, tell me how that works ? Do you get your prescriptions delivered on time , when you need them ? What about when you go to the Doctor, and your Doctor writes out a new prescription ? Does he just send it electronically to the mail, order Pharmacy ? Is the mail order Pharmacy better than a local Pharmacy ?
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Re: Medicare Prescription Drug Plans - 10/16/21 12:52 AM

Your Dr. emails them the prescription and they send it out. Only had a problem once so went back to locale pharmacy, but make sure any pharmacy you use is in your plan. There was no savings for me just tried it because I thought it would be easier.
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Re: Medicare Prescription Drug Plans - 10/16/21 01:11 AM

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Re: Medicare Prescription Drug Plans - 10/16/21 03:02 AM

You're plan might have their own mail order rx program. Sometimes their program gives better rates. Example they might give 90 day supply for 2 months copays.
National mail order programs might not give you a discount.
X3 Rex.
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