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Beaver - 10/28/21 01:29 AM

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Pretty big house. How many beavers would you say are here?

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Pretty big feedpile. Itís about 10-12 feet deep around the pile.

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Re: Beaver - 10/28/21 01:33 AM

So far I caught two beavers the size of the one in the picture and two YOY. How many more beavers do you think are here? Iíve trapped this house for a few years and this is the biggest itís ever been [Linked Image]
The bigger two were the same size. Both female
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Re: Beaver - 10/28/21 01:53 AM

I think you need to get that boy a sled to pull those beaver out on.
And I'm terrible about estimating how many beaver are in anyone spot. Just when I think I got them all I'll find another one in a trap. Or most likely a snair by this point.
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Re: Beaver - 10/28/21 02:03 AM

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Re: Beaver - 10/28/21 02:43 AM

That's a serious beaver!! I wonder how large the above water inside the hut is in sq feet?
Posted By: Ryan McLeod

Re: Beaver - 10/28/21 03:32 AM

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Got one of the small ones from this snare pole. The ice was still thin when we set this one

[Linked Image]
Got the other 3 from this side. All 3 were caught leaving the house

[Linked Image]
Once the ice got thick enough to walk on I put a couple snare poles further out and put 2 330s where the original snare pole was. No catches for 6 days now but thereís fresh bubbles every day. Maybe one big male left? Do they leave the house everyday? Pretty decent at trapping land animals but I enjoy this beaver trapping because Iíve still got a lot to learn. Harder to get replies on a trapping thread so letís go Brandon. Lol.
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Re: Beaver - 10/28/21 04:53 AM

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If you have any of aspen(green bark) use it for bait. We call it beaver candy here.
I would cut it miles away from where I trapped. I like small diameter and would hang 4 snares around it.
In the river I would trap both sides of the house even in medium current. They would usually have a toilet downstream.
Anyway thatís how I trapped through the ice. Good luck!
Posted By: Trapper Dahlgren

Re: Beaver - 10/28/21 08:48 AM

they can hold up in there house for days ,normally they have two entrance , and there can be lots in one house , I'm guessing 10
Posted By: muskrat411

Re: Beaver - 10/28/21 05:27 PM

Hey that lets go Brandon is for the Spy Point thread or if you start a grizzly hunting thread
Posted By: Boco

Re: Beaver - 10/28/21 07:41 PM

Lots of activity at that house(can tell by the open water-that is where your main entrace channels are).
Beaver house can have 3,4 or even 5 entrances,but there is no need to set them all.All the beaver use all the entrances,so if you set the main entrance with multiple traps you can take 4 or 5 in a couple checks,then pull.
That house has likely minimum of 6 beaver and maybe 10.
Posted By: RustyShacklefrd

Re: Beaver - 10/28/21 11:58 PM

Those are great pictures . The NWT is my favourite part of this country
Posted By: muskrat411

Re: Beaver - 11/03/21 04:58 AM

Really not as much activity on this post as it deserves. I think American beaver trappers are not commenting because they are hidding Trump votes in beaver houses. I beleive the scientific name for beaver is Castor canadiansis. Now you can't get any more anti American than that.
Posted By: Jiggamitch

Re: Beaver - 11/03/21 05:37 AM

Well I beaver trap in texas, so ice trapping is foreign to me. Plus I'm still a rookie, so I don't know enough to comment much. I have crawled into a beaver bank den, but I didn't find any trump votes.
Posted By: mnsota

Re: Beaver - 11/03/21 05:50 AM

The Trump votes are the ones muskrat sells his pelts to,..oh no,..the conundrum!
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