Wife is home.

Posted By: backroadsarcher

Wife is home. - 01/13/22 06:43 PM

Just brought my wife home today. She had total hip replacement surgery yestetday. Now begins the healing process. Will have her running in a few weeks. smile
Posted By: Turtledale

Re: Wife is home. - 01/13/22 07:13 PM

I wish her and you all the best. Hope she heals well and the pain goes away. Take care the both of you.
Posted By: Trapper7

Re: Wife is home. - 01/13/22 08:30 PM

My wife had the same surgery. Amazing how fast they heal from that operation. She refused pain pills and got by with over the counter Ibuprofen. Recovery is easier and faster than a knee replacement I've heard.
Hope everything goes well for your wife.
Posted By: Nittany Lion

Re: Wife is home. - 01/13/22 08:49 PM

Don't be too hard on her.
Posted By: backroadsarcher

Re: Wife is home. - 01/13/22 09:18 PM

Originally Posted by Nittany Lion
Don't be too hard on her.

Not going to happen she is already taken the head cheese position back in the house!! smile
Posted By: Trapper Dahlgren

Re: Wife is home. - 01/13/22 09:54 PM

hope all goes well,
Posted By: Birdman382

Re: Wife is home. - 01/13/22 10:02 PM

Had both my hips done in 2012 plus an artery problem in the neck ten days after hip replacement. All is well first hip went better than the second one. The doctor blames it on the nurse I had as she dropped my legs to the floor rather than lower them. I was not on a recovery after surgery floor as they were full. Man talk about pain for a short time.
Posted By: bobsheedy

Re: Wife is home. - 01/13/22 10:17 PM

Good . I hope that your wife heals fast.
Posted By: bblwi

Re: Wife is home. - 01/13/22 11:03 PM

My total hip replacement healed very well and was on target with the anticipated gains. I have heard that hip recoveries are faster and easier then knees. I hope all goes well. post surgery protocols and dos versus don'ts is something I have followed very closely and I am sure glad I have.

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