Big Red...

Posted By: Actor

Big Red... - 03/19/22 10:28 PM

How is this for a red rat. It was 3.75 pounds.


[Linked Image]
Posted By: Bruce T

Re: Big Red... - 03/19/22 10:32 PM

Nice muskrat.
Posted By: Boco

Re: Big Red... - 03/19/22 11:17 PM

Thats a nice rat Garry.
Posted By: Bass1

Re: Big Red... - 03/20/22 12:07 AM

Wow, that's some nice color.
Posted By: Actor

Re: Big Red... - 03/20/22 02:00 AM

I only get these red ones out of a couple small streams and ponds that feed them. Not sure what causes the red. It always comes to mind that there might be an iron (ferrous) influence, but don't see anything in the soil that indicate it.

Posted By: Moosetrot

Re: Big Red... - 03/20/22 02:23 AM

I got a bunch of reds out of one colony. No iron in the area. Really pretty rats.

Posted By: Willy Firewood

Re: Big Red... - 03/20/22 04:24 AM

Beautiful color and size!
The last red rat was long ago for me. Have not seen one for too long.
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