What's Fah Dinnah ?

Posted By: Sharon

What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/13/22 08:12 PM

Well, a bit of an early dinnah....surf and turf stir-fry !

My new wok came in, hand forged like a fine Katana sword. Hand hammered high quality steel.

I decided to make a simple, easy meal, except for the noodles . I like reading the properties of Shirataki Noodles , so I got a pack.

I prepared those first, as directions say to rinse them in water a couple of minutes and drain well , then boil them in water for a couple minutes more. They come in a liquid package, the rinsing and boiling gets rid of a particular aroma that comes with the preparations and packaging. In a hot , no oil wok, they sear just right , you can hear a specific squeak sound from them when they are done. Just as the videos tell they would. After searing , I put them in a bowl and got to work.
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They are called White Waterfall, for their appearance. They stayed intact well during rinsing and boiling, though I was careful in handling them.

Just as Michael said, I cut the veggies and meats first and let sit to get to room temp, not cold.

Bell peppah, scallions, mushrooms, some gahlic, and bamboo shoots. Sliced shrimps grin , and some decent Black and Gus steak I had pre cooked just a little.
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Many thanks to Michael and SJA for their valuable advise and help ! Because of both of you, I was able to find these sauces . And, to my delight, I actually found the oyster sauce that the Thai chef loves in her cookbook , in comparing brands, she liked what she calls The Lady In the Boat the best. And, I found Hoisin, to take the place of corn starch for thickening binding agent. Thank you SJA !

Not knowing really just how much to add as I cooked, I was careful. I kept remembering the Thai lady in her cookbook saying it's ok to taste your cooking as you go-which I did !
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First, after a hot wok with sesame oil coating, I barely seared the shrimps and Black and Gus meat , with some gahlic, then put them aside in a bowl. Next, I quickly cooked the veggies , adding the sauces as I went along.
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When those were done, I added the meat back in, seared a wee bit more, then added the Bamboo shoots last, and turned off the heat.
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The pics don't show the steam as they sizzled, but they sure cooked fast.
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There is a saying, that to try a new recipe on someone else isn't a good idea. But I have been cooking long enough to pretty well see ahead of time if a new dinnah will be a success , just as I see the finished in my art before it is done.

It is delicious, with some leftovers to spare.

I can see many more dinnahs made with this wok, which will surely last me for life.

Hope y'all enjoy a great weekend and meals as well !
Posted By: Nittany Lion

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/13/22 08:17 PM

You may try a new recipe on me anytime.
Posted By: white17

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/13/22 08:20 PM

Those noodles don't have little segments on them I hope !!

On that Lady in the Boat oyster sauce.......check that sampan closely for hidden weapons !

Other than that it looks great !!
Posted By: run

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/13/22 08:27 PM

Great food, Sharon.
Posted By: Nessmuck

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/13/22 10:32 PM

You Go Girl ! Looking good….nice plate too. A+ on plating and photo
Posted By: Nessmuck

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/13/22 10:37 PM

Sharon….what kind of Adult Beverage goes with that….Iam thinking Mia Tai ….
Posted By: Sharon

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/13/22 10:59 PM

Thank you kindly, Nessy - the Thai lady likes her rice wine with many meals, and a type of Thai specially brewed beer.

I would say you could choose just the right beverage of choice for yours too, maybe also a light rose or white wine, even.

Mai Tai would work too !

N. Lion, I like to cook for appreciate people !

Well now, I cooked the heck out of those white segments , Sir Ken , what is the saying ? It's all protein ... shocked Yes sir, that Sampan was checked and cleared . Nothing in that boat but a yapping dog .... wink ready for dust off....

I am hitting the road tomorrow morning early, so tonight maybe I'll have some leftovahs !

Posted By: SJA

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/13/22 11:04 PM

Excellent post and pics Sharon! . . . you've done well grasshopper! laugh
Posted By: Mad Scientist

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/13/22 11:14 PM

Looks like I’m having rabbit the next 4 or 5 days.

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Posted By: upstateNY

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/13/22 11:16 PM

Sharon, that looks awesome.Might I ask where you got that nice Woc?
Posted By: Savell

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/13/22 11:18 PM

.... and all this time I thought you were Irish lol
Posted By: upstateNY

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/13/22 11:38 PM

Originally Posted by Mad Scientist
Looks like I’m having rabbit the next 4 or 5 days.

I would just as soon have that as almost anything.I LOVE rabbit.
Posted By: Macthediver

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/13/22 11:57 PM

Tonight beaver baloney I made back in January. Fried potatoes and onions with sauerkraut.
All I need for the evening.

[Linked Image]

Posted By: Mad Scientist

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/14/22 12:06 AM

Looks yummy mac I’m doing the low carb thing with riced cauliflower.

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Posted By: Sharon

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/14/22 12:37 AM

Thank you, SJA ! I think I'm going to have fun with this style cooking.

M. S. that rabbit looks grand. Love rabbit , don't get to have it near enough. I tried Patrice's cauliflower potato salad , it was great. Tasted just like potato salad . A good low carb substitute that works.

Mac, yours looks good too . Comfort food for cool nights.

Upstate, I ordered the wok from Amazon . There are different types and prices. Mine was decent quality , but not the highest in cost. Around $50. Flat-bottomed, not round. You can use them on any stove that way, and don't need a ring for stability. Mine has the wooden handle on one side, the steel handle on the other side. I needed to make sure it was the hand hammered carbon steel.

Savell, just thinking outside the lane a wee bit smile
Posted By: Mad Scientist

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/14/22 12:55 AM

Califlower potato salad who’da thunk.I might have to try the shirataki noodles again haven’t had them in years.
Posted By: Sharon

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/14/22 01:17 AM

Yes, M. S. , those noodles are very low carb, low glycemic, no glucose spikes in blood sugar, and they , like other pasta, takes on perfectly the taste of whatever you add to them. Just like potatoes . I've never had these noodles before and was pleasantly surprised at how good they are.

Patrice has my salute in her impressive knowledge of health, foods and nutritional products that aid good health .

I don't like cauliflower , but the ways it is prepared discussed here, I can actually like it
Posted By: yotetrapper30

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/14/22 02:31 AM

We had chili cheese hotdogs. Now how's that for a gourmet meal? lol. Tomorrow I'm smoking a pork butt though, so a little better, lol.
Posted By: Sharon

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/14/22 02:41 AM

Angela , those chili cheese dogs sound good ! Lots of toppings can go on those, too. Smoked pork, one of my favorites ! Sitting on the porch, smelling the goodies.
Posted By: marsupial magnet

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/14/22 02:59 AM

I didn't take pictures but we had
Morel fettuccine tonight . Made with sautéed mushrooms garlic, fresh goats milk,parmasean, Asiago, and butter. With boiled asparagus on the side.
Posted By: 20scout

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/14/22 03:02 AM

Sharon, that meal looks top notch and probably better than any restaurant could muster up.

I love cooking with my wok but tonight I had to settle for a cold venison sandwich and a beer for supper. Power has been out for a full day now due to last night's storm. I'm used to eating cold food but sure could go for a hot shower right about now...
Posted By: Sharon

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/14/22 03:27 AM

Scout, I can appreciate how it is with no power. The hum of power progress sure is a welcome sound once things are running again. I hope you , and all have it restored soon. Maybe there’s something to warming up leftovers on the engine block ! Or even a small campfire if conditions are ok. Be safe.

M.M., love the pasta !
Posted By: wissmiss

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/14/22 05:14 AM

Sharon - that meal looks delicious. Patrice would be proud of your presentation skills!!
Posted By: Sharon

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/14/22 12:44 PM

Thank you, Nancy ! I have always enjoyed Patrice's artistic appeal in her presentations.
Posted By: MnMan

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/14/22 03:14 PM

That's a work of art, Sharon. It almost looks too pretty to eat but I sure would. Looks amazing!
Posted By: Sharon

Re: What's Fah Dinnah ? - 05/14/22 08:36 PM

Thank you, trapstick man approves !
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