Odd one Poem

Posted By: Donnersurvivor

Odd one Poem - 02/10/20 02:05 AM

It took me years to see
it is not me
nearly all the others
are insane

They claim to be unique
But free thought from them do not seek
they parrot the tv
their views provided for them

I thought I was odd
off in nature looking for God
all that they do see
comes from their PC

I realized it was not me
years ago I forgo the tv
now alone I seek
those like me

They seem not to exist
the “crazies on the fringe”
so alone I must be
scorning modernity
Posted By: AlexAlex

Re: Odd one Poem - 08/18/20 08:26 AM

I like it! It reminds me of Fahrenheit 365
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