Reflection on my Life

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Reflection on my Life - 12/06/20 02:48 AM

I did not write this. I read it somewhere and copied it as written to my files. Thought you guys might enjoy it. ---

As I sit and reflect on my life. My hair has turned white as a December snow my eyes are growing dim as Twilight. I think back to my youth watching friends and other young men. Start there life chasing the things of this world. Some fortune and fame, money and big houses and all things that shine. Others falling into addiction drugs, alcohol, woman, and money.
Me my heart my soul my inner being yearned for the lonesomeness of the wilderness. The wild things Peaked my highest interest. So my life style became one of a Trapper. As the snow and the winter winds blows over many years through the hardwoods and cedars. I've walked with the coyote the fox the coon with the watchful eye of the great birds the the eagle the hawk the owl hunting prey on a new snow in open fields. I've waded the river and streams in December through January with the otter the beaver, mink and muskrats. With snow falling from heaven Ice forming on the waters shimmering like Crystal. Chilling me to my innermost parts of my soul. Many nights spent in a poorly lit & cold shed putting up the bounty from a long day. But smiling and finding simple pleasures in a hot pot of coffee. A loving smile a plate of food from my wife as she tries to understands a lifestyle of her man. But I know more seasons have come and gone than I have to look forwards to. But I know deep down in my soul I'm the one who found the real treasure. For I have walked in God's Creation I have seen all His wonders and splendor. And I have lived a life of men from long ago.
For this alone I am Blessed.

*** Author - Anthony Wilcox of the Wilderness Company predator & wildlife control ***
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Re: Reflection on my Life - 01/25/21 11:49 AM

Thanks for sharing.
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