Mother Nature

Posted By: Gulo

Mother Nature - 12/27/20 05:12 PM

She's a wild and raging river.
That cuts through canyon's deep.
Or a placid stream of solitude
That can lull a man to sleep.

She's weather that can benumb a man,
With a chill that won't relent.
Or she can give you sunny skies
Like a respite heaven-sent.

Weakness she despises most.
The unprepared she'll claim.
The ignorant and the arrogant,
She'll punish just the same.

Call her danger; call her death;
Call her what you will.
But complacency or carelessness
She'll not hesitate to kill.

She's an unforgiving mistress
That will sooth and will protect.
Or she'll show you sights of wonderment
When treated with respect.

But treat this fickle lady wrong,
And soon you'll come to dread,
Her apparent moods of darkened rage,
That just might leave you dead.

Posted By: HobbieTrapper

Re: Mother Nature - 01/25/21 11:38 AM

Enjoyed it Jack.

Keep ‘em coming.
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