Bats back of shutters

Posted By: Jim Bethell

Bats back of shutters - 06/22/12 01:03 AM

Ok, for you experts, I need some help. I have a house thst I got a bat call on. The bats are staying back of the window shutters. The shutters are plastic with no gaps on the shutter face. The gaps are on the side, top, and bottom of the shuttters. What is the best way to keep the bats out and still make the shutters look good? Thank you for any help. Jim
Posted By: BUD25

Re: Bats back of shutters - 06/22/12 02:15 AM

Hey Jim, I have custom bent aluminum coilstock to fit around the inside edge so that bats cant get in. Another way is to use black poly screen and bend and fit it on the inside edge of the shutter so that it will keep bats out and not look like a hot mess.... dont cram full of mesh and inject with foam as others may suggest.
Posted By: Nathan Krause

Re: Bats back of shutters - 06/22/12 03:06 AM

Bud is dead on.

We also use the black poly screen. With a little effort it can look practically invisible behind the shutter.

We had a call yesterday to remove the shutters because of the bats. She was heart set on just taking the shutters down vs. excluding them. It was one of those rare cases where the house actually looked better.
Posted By: hvtrapper

Re: Bats back of shutters - 06/22/12 11:03 AM

I've had some success using 2X2 blocks to lift the shutters away from the house. Screw the blocks in place at the mounting points for the shutters and then attach the shutters to the blocks. Paint the blocks to match house or shutters. Extra space/air flow seems to discourage the bats from roosting.
Posted By: Peskycritter

Re: Bats back of shutters - 06/22/12 07:06 PM

Must be like a lap siding I'm guessing or something that's made to look like lap siding
Posted By: Jim Bethell

Re: Bats back of shutters - 06/22/12 08:45 PM

That is what the shutter is on. 6 in. lap siding. Sorry, did not make that clear.
Posted By: Bob Jameson

Re: Bats back of shutters - 06/25/12 12:10 AM

We have done hundreds of jobs like the one described over the years. We have used two methods over the years depending upon the gap size on the fringe of the shutters.Exclusion,flushing and guano cleanout of the shutters and replacement of the shutters is the first order of business.

Surgically/cosmetically sealing of the fringe slightly recessed from the surface area of the shutter with the appropriate silicone color while in position, or use the appropriate length foam backer rod inserted to fill the void/gap areas. Then contact seal this material into position with the same silicone.

Another method is to completely remove each shutter and pre attach with adhesive the backer rod foam pieces around the fringe of the shutter. Let material dry then reinstall the shutters to the correct position of the original screw points.I imagine you could use truck cap one sided sticky foam to do the same job if the gaps are not too large. I have not used the truck cap foam seal but can see its merit.

Some have opted to have the shutters completely removed in some of our cases.

Posted By: Art

Re: Bats back of shutters - 06/25/12 07:09 PM

Take and buy some shim stock or cedar shanks and slide into the openings and then caulk them in. You could also remove the shutters and staple the piece in.
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