NWCOA February Seminar

Posted By: Trapper Don

NWCOA February Seminar - 09/10/19 02:06 PM

Has anyone seen the lineup for the seminar?
Nothing listed just time schedule.
Any other info anywhere?
Oh yeah part if the training conference time we pay for is a general meeting?
Looking for more imput. Going cause its in Vegas...
Don LaFountain
Posted By: Paul Winkelmann

Re: MWCOA February Seminar - 09/11/19 02:30 PM

Don, you're correct. So far all I've seen is the time schedule. Nothing on who is speaking yet. ( Apparently you and I aren't ) See you in Vegas. ( Some of my customers already gave me tips on what shows to see )
Posted By: LAtrapper

Re: MWCOA February Seminar - 09/11/19 04:49 PM

For those who may be looking for general information about the EXPO-

2020 Wildlife Expo: February 4-6, 2020- https://nwcoa.com/certifications-training/wildlife-expo/
Posted By: Trapper Don

Re: MWCOA February Seminar - 09/12/19 12:04 AM

Thats where the schedule is. If you want or need certificate the info is there.
Just looking for regular conference info and that is empty. Its early I'll keep watch.
Don LaFountain
Posted By: NWTrapper85

Re: MWCOA February Seminar - 09/23/19 04:10 PM

Ok so if a person is not taking any classes and just going for the General Expo which covers Feb 4-6... on the 4th you would only have the Training Breakfast 7:30-8:30 and then Welcome receoption and exhibits from 5pm -630 at night correct? Just trying to decide on my hotel if worth going for the 4th if really worth anything on 4th to justify the extra day.
Posted By: EatenByLimestone

Re: MWCOA February Seminar - 09/23/19 11:50 PM

Thought you guys were talking about this one:

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