How much for those moles?

Posted By: barking waters

How much for those moles? - 09/12/19 08:10 PM

I know how to charge for beaver and coyote and it seems to work well for my area. But I am just getting into the mole and gophers and I do not believe charging per head is going to work out. I know no one can give me an exact dollar amount on what I should charge. But I am more wondering about how you charge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: How much for those moles? - 09/12/19 08:46 PM

Search Mole pricing in ADC forum. Been covered many times over.
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Re: How much for those moles? - 09/12/19 11:01 PM

Takes just as much time and miles to trap moles as anything else. Price accordingly
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Re: How much for those moles? - 09/12/19 11:33 PM

I always figured that however many moles there were, they were fairly concentrated, and not mobile like other varmints, so they were a little easier than trying to trap a skunk/coon or ?. I always figured travel time, and a daily check time, on like a flat rate charge. If somebody else had been there and left a couple, they can be a real bear to catch, and you gotta charge for that. Beware the old geezer that want's to "Help".
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Re: How much for those moles? - 09/13/19 03:47 AM

Keep in mind that the advice given in this forum may differ in part because there are two common species of moles trapped in the US. The most widespread species is the eastern mole, which is easily distinguished by its bare, pinkish tail. The Brewerís mole, also called the hairy-tailed mole, is distinguished by its...well....hairy tail. The number of eastern moles per yard is typically way fewer than the Brewerís. Itís pretty common to see as low as 1-4 easterns in a yard, while Iíve heard stories of 20ís and 30ís of the hairy-tailed in yard after yard. I expect the pricing structure would differ considerably. Barking Waters, the species in Oklahoma is supposedly only the eastern mole (same as where I live), but its best to confirm that.

Others have provided good guidance on what factors to consider when setting a pricing system. Iíll add another factor: Some mole trapping jobs will be incredibly easy and youíll set traps and clear the yard with minimal effort, while others will be difficult. Donít underprice the easy jobs. Charge so that you are well compensated. This is not greed, this is having a smart business mindset. You will have some jobs that are a royal pain, and youíll need some of the earnings from the easy jobs to cover the tough ones.

Also, you are not trapping for the fur price. You are trapping to provide the service of resolving someoneís problem. What is the value to the customer to not wake up each day, look out the window, and see new random mounds of dirt appearing? Many feel powerless to do something, and they reach out to you. You can solve their problem. The solution to that problem takes a skill set that few people possess. The ability to deliver on the solution is valuable. Such a solution should command a premium based upon your ability to deliver results.

One last thought: I mentioned 1-4 easternís per yard, which is a good generalization. I have some yards where I net over 20 easternís per season. I sometimes provide a discount when it is high volume, but I do not automatically do this. I take time to talk with and get to know my customers. I listen to their comments about the trapping numbers and pay attention to their non-verbal cues. This clues me in to how much they value the results versus the tallied cost. Some are ecstatic to pay full price per mole to have their yard kept clear. With others I can see the strain. I donít want to lose a customer, so I might decide to bring it up in conversation that weíre catching large numbers this year, and that Iíd like to reduce the per mole fee at some particular point. Reading the customer just seems to me to be a good business practice.

Hey, good luck with all of this. Keep asking the questions.
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Re: How much for those moles? - 09/13/19 12:02 PM

I would think you have to charge per visit..Time,fuel,wear and tear[vehicle] no matter what animal.Having said that though that means sometimes multiple animals at one visit.If your customer understands per visit charging it is the way to go as long as it is enough to cover your cost and still profit.
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Re: How much for those moles? - 09/13/19 12:22 PM

Do not forget to charge millage. I charge round trip from my home for every customer. I only spite the cost IF the new customer is right next door. It get to confusing for the customer if you have more than one charge for millage on you invoice. Also the job may end at different times. Do not give out a estimate for over ten day. Moles and do a lot of damage in ten day, so your work load may be much different in a short time. JMO
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Re: How much for those moles? - 09/21/19 04:17 PM

Go to my website to find my charges... I stay the same for everyone. www.callthemoletrapper.com
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