bat question

Posted By: marathonman

bat question - 07/23/20 11:02 PM

Anyone on here ever hear of fumagation of a building for bats.I had a customer of mine ask about it today and I was stumped;told I was not familiar with that..
Posted By: Jim Bethell

Re: bat question - 07/23/20 11:29 PM

That would kill the bats. Which is illegal in most states. Still would have to seal up to keep new bats from getting in.
Posted By: marathonman

Re: bat question - 07/24/20 11:51 AM

I think she has in her mind to fumigate any virus floating around from bat dung.I told her I would research it a little bit,but I had never heard of it.I thought I would throw it out here and see what anybody could come up with..thanks for response Jim.
Posted By: NWTrapper85

Re: bat question - 07/24/20 01:15 PM

someone posted on the NWCOA facebook page a horror show after a "pest company" fumigated the attic dead free tail bats laying all over outside the house. Bad deal they should get locked up after that one
Posted By: traprjohn

Re: bat question - 07/24/20 04:41 PM

I usually roll up the droppings in the insulation, then replace the insulation.
Fumigation is not a standard procedure as far as I know.
Posted By: warrior

Re: bat question - 07/25/20 02:17 AM

I believe it was picrine(?), a tear gas, that was once registered for use to flush them out. Back in the day there were many others products used as flushing agents or fumigants. Thankfully those days are long past.
Posted By: EatenByLimestone

Re: bat question - 07/25/20 11:03 AM

Know of something they used to use that would get them out, but it wouldn't be legal, or ethical to do. It wouldn't be a good image for you.
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