Charging extra for "finding your money"

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Charging extra for "finding your money" - 08/07/20 01:30 AM

Recently did a job for a small corporation that was pretty cut and dry had I had multiple different contact points and everything seemed good. The job went smooth and ended up going from a skunk removal to a carcass removal. Location manager was happy all was still good up until this point. For the next 2 days phone calls and voicemails went unanswered which was unusual as everything up until this point had been handled promptly. day 3 after one I'll call you right back answer that led to no returned call 6 hours later I decided to drive up to the main office and handle buisness in person which is my preffered method in the first place. That ended up being a chat with the secretary as everyone was out of the office for the day. Today I recieved a very brief returned call. At this point I've decided I've exerted more energy trying to get paid than it had taken to do the job. I'm supposed to deliver an itemized bill tomorrow which should be interesting as included in the price is a charge for a "delayed payment fee". How do you guys handle these kind of things?
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Re: Charging extra for "finding your money" - 08/07/20 01:56 AM

For future reference, print up a short contract, with the statement of PAYMENT IS DUE IMMEDIATELY UPON PROJECT COMPLETION. You do not get to drive out of a service garage without paying when the work is completed, no more than leaving a grocery without paying for a cart of food. Make it understood that billing costs money, and will cost them money. Figure in a 10% discount in immediate cash payment, and then just charge them 20% more like everyone else does.
I had a kid out to look at our furnace, and it cost 100 bucks to just appear. He said these old people all thought 20 bucks was about right, but he said rightfully that 20 bucks does not pay for gas on most trips. If you have to start doing face to face and collections, that is costing you time and money.
In addition, on the contract, you could offer a pre pay, something like 200 dollars non refundable, and that gets them 4 visits, one animal removal, and if there are more animals, it is 50 dollars per animal. After 4 days you stop trapping, unless they pay for the additional days up front, which would be refundable if the job is finished in the next 4 day slot.
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Re: Charging extra for "finding your money" - 08/07/20 09:20 PM

I agree with Star Flakes. You should always have a contract. Very simple service slip with payment spelled out. I always had a percentage rate or flat per month rate additional for over 30days. Here in Mass if you get a down payment the customer gets 50 days to pay balance. I hate down payments for that reason. Nothing gets done anymore without signed purchase order from company. Remember you can add fees for late payment. I had to go to small claims court years ago. The fees to my client were twice the orginal cost of the job. I refused to settle got full amount and never had that problem again.
Good luck
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Re: Charging extra for "finding your money" - 08/08/20 08:07 PM

Without a contract, charging them extra for not answering the phone for a few days might get interesting.

Send them an itemized bill and let us know how it turns out
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Re: Charging extra for "finding your money" - 08/08/20 09:22 PM

Who signed the contract?
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Re: Charging extra for "finding your money" - 08/09/20 12:59 AM

I'm still new at being in business and only have had three businesses as clients. That all took 7-14 days to pay.
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Re: Charging extra for "finding your money" - 08/09/20 03:49 AM

Well went in to hand deliver the bill and low and behold they were out of the office... However my new found friend the secretary was happy to inform me on there expected time to arrive back at the office. People sure are alot more talkative in person. May have been the skunky smelling truck. Check is suppose to be here this week. Who did you guys use to draw up your contracts?
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Re: Charging extra for "finding your money" - 08/09/20 10:34 AM

We drew up our own, but had an attorney look it over .
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Re: Charging extra for "finding your money" - 08/11/20 04:47 PM

just make sure "damaging or stealing traps is illegal, and are the clients responsibility" is included in your wording.

You can nicely explain that you or the GW may have to press charges should anyone touch your traps....and client gets to buy new ones possibly.
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Re: Charging extra for "finding your money" - 08/23/20 07:13 PM

You need to run your business like a business. Your terms in your contract should control everything.

Actually, the payment arrangements should state that they are to pay in advance. Then you begin work.
My personal philosophy is that I would rather be paid than owed.
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Re: Charging extra for "finding your money" - 08/26/20 09:40 PM

You can find sample service agreement contracts online and most of the sites provide good advice on these. Just google "Sample Service agreements or contracts".
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