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Posted By: Jim Comstock

Funny Stuff - 11/08/20 12:21 PM

Had a guy call with a "skunk" in one of our cages, which turned out to be a 'possum. Happens a lot. They look quick, see the light color and call it a skunk. Very odd that the possum was "dead." Don't ever see that. Anyway, I didn't have room for more cages that morning, but placed a new trap and put him aside to pick up in the evening. That night I returned only to find the "dead" possum at the door, very much alive, looking at me. Had to laugh, he got me. That one should have gotten an academy award, great act. Had picked up the trap in the morning where that guy never moved a muscle, very convincing as he was motionless and sort or rolled over on his back looking very dead. We all know they play possum, but when caught most all of them are moving around or grimacing to some degree.
Posted By: Jiggamitch

Re: Funny Stuff - 11/08/20 04:04 PM

Lol I've always known they play dead, but have never seen one do it.
Posted By: EatenByLimestone

Re: Funny Stuff - 11/09/20 12:12 AM

I've never seen it either!
Posted By: Brian Mongeau

Re: Funny Stuff - 11/10/20 02:37 AM

A few years back I released one in my yard. He starts running across the lawn. I gave chase and when I caught up to him I stomped real hard on the ground right next to him. He stiffened up like one of those goats and fell over "dead". It was quite amusing.
Posted By: Aggie73

Re: Funny Stuff - 11/13/20 03:20 PM

[Linked Image]
Posted By: lee steinmeyer

Re: Funny Stuff - 11/15/20 01:51 PM

They are tricky, but you have that happen, pick him up by the tail, and walk a little ways. There is something about walking while holding one, they can't stand to see the ground going by with out moving themselves. Kinda weird, course their a weird critter!
Posted By: #furdaddy

Re: Funny Stuff - 11/22/20 12:27 PM

I heard that there is now evidence to suggest that they are not "playing possum" but actually going into shock.
Posted By: Jiggamitch

Re: Funny Stuff - 11/23/20 04:12 PM

I think i did read something about them not having control over it like fainting goats.
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