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Signs - 02/24/21 02:30 AM

I do a good bit of work where I am setting traps in a public or semi-public area. Do any of yall have signs you post and could you share some of the wording? I have a few signs but they are not necessarily relevant to wco/adc work and I am almost out of them. I am looking to have a new batch made.

I think, but am not sure, I'd like to put company name and phone number, plus generic warning to not approach, tamper with set traps, etc.
There are of course laws in Oregon against tampering with legally set traps, but I'm not sure if quoting laws is a good idea.
Any thoughts?

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Re: Signs - 02/24/21 11:23 AM

I sold some of these to a customer a few yrs ago since the landowner required it of the trapper https://www.southeasternoutdoor.com/p-1095-warning-sign-coyote-traps-set.aspx
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Re: Signs - 02/24/21 11:26 AM

When I trapped for HOA's the manager called/emailed ALL residents telling the dates my beaver traps would be set, and I had no problems. Heck, even educated a few Karen's and Ken's.
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Re: Signs - 02/24/21 06:32 PM

I would really like to know if signs like that prevented trouble or started it!
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Re: Signs - 02/25/21 11:16 AM

I think they'd start it, but i can see where you'd want to post in some instances. In those instances, it'd probably be less headache to decline the job.
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Re: Signs - 02/25/21 12:42 PM

With all of the sensitivity to wildlife I have found that maintaining a low profile and flying under the radar is best. There are too many that don't want any trapping of any kind for any reason anywhere under any conditions. When you bring attention to whatever you are LEGALLY doing you invite dissension. If there is a group larger than one, there will be opposition. I try to work around people as much as possible, even when all the laws are in my corner. I remember when I live snared and legally moved beaver. What could be better? Everyone happy, not so. When I was loading two healthy beaver into the truck a lady pulled up. "What are you doing.?" Proudly I responded, "live trapping and relocating problem beaver." Thought she would be fine with that. Nothing good to say, she then said, "aren't they supposed to be there?" I leaned into the car, got up close and simply said emphatically, "NO!" She left, but it shows that no matter what, some will never be happy. When associations of any size have a meeting to discuss trapping, 95% are o.k. but a couple will raise (This word is unacceptable on Trapperman). What I enjoy most is finishing a job when someone with a nose problem pulls up and starts to flag me down to question. Love to give them a big smile, wave and keep on trucking. No need to engage or justify. I advise those in charge of taking care of problem wildlife to contact the state if they are unsure of laws and just have it done quietly.
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Re: Signs - 02/26/21 12:34 AM

Jimmy hit on the head!
I use white trucks that look like government rigs. No signage.
Dress the part and be Ninja.....
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Re: Signs - 02/26/21 01:14 AM

A couple jobs I checked sets at daybreak too.
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Re: Signs - 02/26/21 06:25 PM

Originally Posted by Vinke
Jimmy hit on the head!
I use white trucks that look like government rigs. No signage.
Dress the part and be Ninja.....

Haha yeah that's my MO as well. White toyota with cap and zero markings. Lots of uptight customers appreciate it as well. This is the PNW after all.
I think I'll go ahead with some new signs and use them only where I think another layer of CYA is necessary. Some of these public jobs are right out in the open and there is zero doubt about what I am doing. Traps thrown in creek, animals turned loose, etc, in the past. You know, now that I think about it, maybe its not worth it. Its a city job however and I like to keep those if I can.

Really as far as signs go, just like to have em for liability sake.
But when do they invite trouble rather than heading it off?

Remembering a WS job in PDX where they set up 220's for nutria. No signage. Neighbors dog stuck head in one. (This word is unacceptable on Trapperman) ensues.
People in neighborhood say why didnt they post signs?
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Re: Signs - 02/27/21 11:42 AM

220s on the ground is asking for trouble.
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Re: Signs - 02/28/21 01:58 PM

I've only seen one instance where a guy used signs, but that was more about advertising them warning people he had animal traps out. I think he used cages for the majority of his jobs anyway. That was a few years ago and I don't think he's in business anymore. Aside from the magnetic sign on my truck, I don't use them.
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Re: Signs - 03/01/21 03:33 AM

Originally Posted by EatenByLimestone
220s on the ground is asking for trouble.

Oh I agree, I only use cages on this job.(nutria)
Couple years ago walked down the path and a woman was letting them out.
She says "We just love wildlife around here".
I told her the State Police would be happy to come acquaint her with the law.
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Re: Signs - 03/20/21 07:18 AM

I prefer to be invisible and discreet for customerís benefit. Unmarked truck.
In a few home owner associations where everyone knew I was trapping I put up step in fence posts and made a fence with wide caution tape. Used that to block off access and post a warning.
Whatever you do get someone in authority to approve it in writing.
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