The last beaver

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The last beaver - 03/07/21 05:39 PM

I have pulled 4 out of this small pond already and I am thinking I have one more large beaver left. It has been two weeks and all I am getting is a big middle finger from this son of a gun. The land owner even brought the track hoe in and dug our a dam on the spill way this week. This caused a BEAUTIFUL 11 Channel going to an over flow pipe. When I got there the next day the pipe was plugged. I tore it out and set a 330 in the channel, I mean this looked text book perfect!!!! I got there today, and he turned my conibear into the start of a new dam! Any ideas guys Im at my wits end.
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Re: The last beaver - 03/07/21 07:59 PM

Cable, lots of it on every trail and channel.
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Re: The last beaver - 03/07/21 08:33 PM

Footholds at the dam break. You know he's going there and plugging it up, so set a couple there.
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Re: The last beaver - 03/08/21 12:41 AM

Thanks guys!
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Re: The last beaver - 03/08/21 01:57 PM

The beaver is on to you, not good. He knows that he is the target and you are the shooter. Best not to waste time fighting him while he is on high alert. Give him a few weeks or longer to calm down and let his guard down. Come back and put in one or two hidden sets, no conibears or cages, either a snare or foothold, but the snare should be well hidden as they will sometimes even avoid a visible snare. Disturb nothing. I have used a Bailey trap to nab the last one more than once, well hidden. Sometimes a Hancock packed with mud and weeds will work at the dam. Helps when there is a grate already in place at the outlet as the trap and grate are similar. I have caught a beaver or two in a Comstock swim through a couple of times when I could camo it completely. They become leery of pinch points, tight places. Giving them a break helps a lot. I am writing an article for Trappers Post about nightmares with beaver. Had one that lasted several years, for many reasons, not the least of which was that I was tired and disinterested working around people.
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Originally Posted by Jiggamitch
Footholds at the dam break. .

I agree with Jim, let him rest a couple weeks. then ^^^THIS, and don't forget the breasting sticks.
I usually put 3 holes in the dam and put a foothold in front of 2 of them if not all 3.
ALSO, I hang snares on slides that I make. If you haven't used any lure then that is an option BUT if so, use something he hasn't smelled before like BTO or straight sac oil (1 drop).

For your upcoming Easter presents from loved ones, ask for Pauls Beaver Sites and Sets dvd, or his Summertime Beaver Control.
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Traprjohn is right about footholds at a dam break, a very good set. Have ended a lot of jobs that way. I would just put a trickle in the dam, enough to get them to come down and push up some mud but not enough to make them haul trees and brush to plug a crater. If a dam break set gets sprung at least sometimes it will end the plugging for a while and occasionally beaver will leave when he becomes leery of getting pinched at the dam, afraid to do any work. Sometimes these things will drag on for quite a while and can go from one year to the next or even longer, unfortunately, if the beaver leaves for extended periods and returns.
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Re: The last beaver - 03/09/21 01:40 AM

[Linked Image]

This guy's ideas will finish it in a night ot 2.

Im losing count of the "smart" ones that had no idea what they bumped in to.
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Re: The last beaver - 03/10/21 03:14 AM

Awesome thank you to each of you guys
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Re: The last beaver - 05/29/21 04:40 AM

Hunt it just before dark.
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Re: The last beaver - 06/26/21 10:44 PM

I always thought if I am trapping a ways from the house the last beaver to catch would be the big female. I would move to the house and set every possible travel path she might take. That's what it seems in this area.
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