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Chloroform - 07/15/21 01:26 AM

Who uses it and the pros and cons? Wanting to try it for skunk work. Where do you get it from? Sarge
Posted By: warrior

Re: Chloroform - 07/15/21 02:58 AM

Paul Winkleman is your guy to talk to.
Posted By: Kurt in Va

Re: Chloroform - 07/20/21 12:50 AM

Here is a link to a book on using it...... https://www.fntpost.com/Products/Bob+Noonan/Bob+Noonan's+Odorless+Skunk+Removal+Book
Posted By: Jim Bethell

Re: Chloroform - 07/20/21 02:26 PM

Will have some for sale at the NTA convention in Iowa this week. Can not ship.
Posted By: newhouse114

Re: Chloroform - 07/26/21 04:33 AM

Posted By: carlswildlife

Re: Chloroform - 12/31/21 12:07 AM

I use chlorophorm like water as most of the animals are skunks that I trap. I use Rocky Mountain Reagents there number is 303 762-0800.
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