Posted By: Jim Comstock

Bats/Rabies - 08/12/21 10:48 PM

So far when I have pulled bats out of bedrooms etc. and sent them in for rabies testing I have not found any positives. Wondering what others have found?
Posted By: Jim Bethell

Re: Bats/Rabies - 08/12/21 11:34 PM

Not often, but only takes one.
Posted By: EatenByLimestone

Re: Bats/Rabies - 08/13/21 05:24 AM

None that I have ever had tested have come back positive. A friend in Cobleskill woke up with one in his bedroom, had it tested, and ended up getting shots after it tested positive. I have heard of others testing positive at the company I previously worked for.

Funny story, years ago Jake brought 1 in for testing and the lab guy rejected it because it was alive. Jake walked out to his truck and then returned a couple minutes later. The lab guy have him a horrified look when accepting it. It was the lab guys rules, lol.
Posted By: warrior

Re: Bats/Rabies - 08/13/21 11:19 PM

I've heard of others but never seen it for myself.
Posted By: Brian Mongeau

Re: Bats/Rabies - 08/14/21 12:33 AM

0 for me. I don't know how many I've sent over 23 years. I've had a few customers that had positives before I got involved.
Posted By: Paul Winkelmann

Re: Bats/Rabies - 08/15/21 02:34 PM

No bats with rabies, but I'm getting a lot of rats with babies!
Posted By: Short Track

Re: Bats/Rabies - 08/17/21 04:19 PM

I got the 4 rabies shots from a Raccoon. Now I don't worry about it.
Posted By: varmintshooter

Re: Bats/Rabies - 12/23/21 03:52 AM

Had one tested positive, it was hanging on the rail of the folks baby crib.
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