DOA removal?

Posted By: Brian Mongeau

DOA removal? - 01/12/22 03:42 PM

I'm sure some of you also do dead animal removal. What do you do with the carcasses that are too big for bagging and disposal in the garbage (assuming you don't have any acreage of your own) . From mice to raccoons, I bag and freeze, then put out in the trash. Occasionally I get a dead deer on the lawn call. I've removed them from the property, then dragged them off into the woods.
Yesterday I removed a sheep. It's as big as a deer. Took the job first, and figured I'd decide what to do with it later. Lol. Ground is frozen and don't really have a spot to bury or compost. Too big to bag without dissecting it. And I don't have a dumpster.
Glad it wasn't a horse. At least it's frozen. Suggestions?
Posted By: Bob Jameson

Re: DOA removal? - 01/12/22 04:45 PM

Great coyote bait for a bait station in our area. Not many remote spots in your state to give back to nature.
Posted By: Brian Mongeau

Re: DOA removal? - 01/12/22 05:30 PM

Originally Posted by Bob Jameson
Great coyote bait for a bait station in our area. Not many remote spots in your state to give back to nature.

That was my plan, but the property owner of the 150 acres I hunt said no. He doesn't want the potential hassle of someone seeing it. I used to dump all my carcasses on his land, until the adjoining neighbor saw me bring a load into the woods and called EnCon officer, who gave my landowner a hard time, which of course fell back on me. I was lucky to keep the property to hunt on. And the officer's only real concern was I didn't cover/bury the pile. But, the adjoining property owners are complete (bad word here), even though it didn't effect them one way or the other. It was just a way for them to harass me 'cause we don't get along.
Posted By: Bob Jameson

Re: DOA removal? - 01/12/22 06:56 PM

I know what you are talking about. I have lots of potential dump sites that help give back to nature with needed fat and meat tissue to feed on until it is gone. You folks in CT have too many liberals and bunny huggers for my taste.
Posted By: Aix sponsa

Re: DOA removal? - 01/12/22 07:20 PM

Sanitary landfill
Posted By: EatenByLimestone

Re: DOA removal? - 01/13/22 12:24 AM

The landfill will take them.
Posted By: AJE

Re: DOA removal? - 01/13/22 04:36 AM

I wonder if you could find a business that has a dumpster, and give them a little $ to throw the sheep in there

That's a tough 1. Good luck.
Posted By: J.Melton

Re: DOA removal? - 01/13/22 05:13 AM

I made a deal with local Farm Equipment Dealer. I can use their Dumpster and Trap Raccoons for free in the Combine storage shed. A Raccoon going through radiator costs $5,000. Everything gets froze and put in dumpster night before pickup, Dbl bagged per law.
Posted By: Brian Mongeau

Re: DOA removal? - 01/15/22 12:10 AM

I brought it to my son's property. His neighbor is real friendly and said he could hunt, cut wood or anything else he wanted to do on the property. So I dragged it to the property line, cut the head off and left it for the pack of coyotes that he frequently hears. Took the head for my sister. Once an animal rights type, now she wants all the skulls I can get her, regardless of species. Strange woman.
Maybe I'll go hunt over it in a few days if it lasts that long.
Posted By: Scott__aR

Re: DOA removal? - 01/15/22 04:32 AM

Guess depending on why it died, I would have skinned it for the hide and cut it up into pieces to be disposed of as bait or double bagged for the landfill.
Posted By: Brian Mongeau

Re: DOA removal? - 01/16/22 04:02 AM

Scott, it was dead for over a week before I even got the call. Glad it's been cold, but I just wanted to get rid of it.
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