Mole trap

Posted By: Golf ball

Mole trap - 05/10/22 03:10 PM

Guys a few months ago I saw an add for a new ( to me ) mole trap . Iíve never needed one so even though I watched the little how to video I didnít pay enough attention to recall the name . This was a very simple little trap looking something like the spring off a 110 conibbear only the spring worked in the opposite direction. To set the trap you would spread the ď tongs ď apart and place a little pretzel looking thing in between the tongs or jaws . The entire unit was placed in the mole tunnel facing one direction and a second trap placed the opposite direction.

I hope someone has seen this trap and can point me in the right direction.

Just found it , itís a no mole trap . Have any of you guys tried this thing ? Penny for your thoughts !
Posted By: Getting There

Re: Mole trap - 05/10/22 07:09 PM

I have used them in real sand soil, I use the with Steve's A. traps. That is my 01cent worth. LOL
Posted By: BrianC.

Re: Mole trap - 05/17/22 02:52 AM

Its the only trap I've used and so far works every time.
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