What's it worth ?

Posted By: Sfranks

What's it worth ? - 12/27/20 03:30 AM

Like to make leather goods for my self but have been told it's worth money any body know what this kind of work is worth
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Posted By: Sfranks

Re: What's it worth ? - 12/28/20 03:52 AM

[Linked Image]
Posted By: K9man

Re: What's it worth ? - 01/29/21 01:53 AM

Is that a Ruger .22 single six?
Posted By: Katcatcher

Re: What's it worth ? - 04/01/21 09:14 AM

Do you have good leather for making belts? Do you have 1" lettering?
Posted By: Sfranks

Re: What's it worth ? - 04/14/21 01:20 AM

I usually get heavy strap leather I have the large letter set how wide long and thick would you want the belt
Posted By: zoozoo400

Re: What's it worth ? - 06/04/21 05:20 PM

My dad's bought a few holsters like this for over $75. I'd say that would be a decent place to start
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