Black walnut selfbow 40# at 25Ē

Posted By: MO_coon-catcher

Black walnut selfbow 40# at 25Ē - 02/25/21 12:13 AM

Here is a black walnut selfbow made from spliced billets earlier this summer. The tip overlays are persimmon and the bow is dyed with iron acetate, really darkening the hardwood to almost black and the sapwood to a golden brown. The finish is several coats of truoil. I donít shoot it as I have others I like to shoot that are heavier and I would like to open up some rack space.
It pulls 40# at 25Ē and is not intended to be drawn further than that. There is no shelf as itís intended to be shot off the knuckles. The side profile is a little funky due to each limb being a different natural shape of billet before I spliced them. Itís a nice shooting bow and hasnít been shot a lot as itís a bit short of draw length for me.

Iím asking $200 shipped within mainland US with PayPal or Venmo. Will also consider trades for long springs or jump traps of any size, larger bodygrips, or #2 or larger coilsprings. Feel free to shoot me an offer.

I frequently make new bows, so if you would want something custom I can do that also.

Thank you,

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Re: Black walnut selfbow 40# at 25Ē - 02/25/21 12:18 AM

Hereís the braces and full draw pictures.


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