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diabetes - 10/27/14 10:17 PM

I'm 40 years old and just diagnosed as a diabetic. In the grand scheme of life, it isn't that big of a deal. It runs in the family and I you just can't outrun genetics. Regardless, having to stick myself a couple times a day on the same fingers I use to skin critters has me a little concerned. I have been using latex gloves when I skin, but I seem to put holes in them pretty quickly. Any of you guys have a tips on good skinning gloves? Or any tips for a diabetic addicted to K9 trapping?

The good Lord sent a friend of mine to visit me a couple days before I was diagnosed. That friend is finishing up leukemia treatments. I am a blessed man.
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Re: diabetes - 10/28/14 12:10 AM

Wishing you good luck! Take it a day at a time and you will do just fine.

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Re: diabetes - 11/12/14 02:31 AM

Are you type 1 or type 2?
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Re: diabetes - 11/16/14 11:11 PM

type 2
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Re: diabetes - 11/11/16 09:22 AM

There is a poker thing (for lack of the proper word)with some meters that lets you take the blood sample from your arm instead of the finger. I was diagnosed just over a month ago with type 2 also. Sort of knew it was coming for quite some time though. Metformin has helped me get my blood sugars down to good levels, the side effects are nasty though. I hadn't thought about poking my fingers and skinning animals until I read this. Thanks for posting.
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Re: diabetes - 08/19/18 01:53 AM

had it since 2008.....had it under control without meds until 2015. Then crashed motorcycle and handlebar hit pancreas...wiped it out. Its pretty bad now. borderline insulin
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Re: diabetes - 10/30/18 01:21 AM

My wife has had type 1 since she was 14 years old! (59 now) She take 3 shots of insulin every day.
One thing I have notice is a cut or bruise takes a long time to heal up.
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Re: diabetes - 11/03/18 02:10 AM

cliffwhy, if I could add a few things. My cousin when she was 5 developed diabetes and that was 40 years ago. They thought she would not make it to 40 and she has a child. She is the expert on diabetes as she does some of advanced treatments in she has a meter which self injects. She uses a German synthetic insulin and works full time. I just mention this as there are many advances beyond the daily pricking and sticking. You should look up the information online and speak to others.
Even some of the homeopathy remedies show promise, including regulating the diet. A great deal of diabetes stems from inflamed pancreas which retards the B cells which produce insulin, as what I have been told.
Get some recommendations on a glucose meter and you may not have to be sticking your fingers. It is called a glucometer.
I hope that helps.
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Re: diabetes - 01/21/19 09:45 PM

I also suffer from DMII. There are a few companies out there that make strong rubber gloves for tactical medics. I like the Black Talon and Bear Claw gloves. Both are sold by North America Rescue.

Thanks, Dinny
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Re: diabetes - 02/03/19 04:22 PM

I wish it were easier to find gloves that extend a little further up a persons wrists.
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Re: diabetes - 06/07/21 12:07 PM

Thru the pandemic, it has been difficult to find any good quality medical procedure or even some tough mechanic type gloves. Those Black Talon and Bear Claw gloves mentioned look to be good ones, if you can find/buy them. I found and bought a box of some nitrile gloves locally, but they tear very easily. My hands sweat like crazy when wearing the gloves. Gloves are full of sweat when I take them off.
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Re: diabetes - 10/14/21 08:47 AM

Type two diabetes can be reversed, if you want to bad enough. Just need to change your diet.

If you look down and see a protruding belly, you have a fatty liver. And most likely becoming insulin resistant and well on your way to type two diabetes.

Start by cutting all sugar that includes fruit. (You can eat a small amount of berries). Need to read labels, hidden sugar in everything.

Cut out carbs. No rice, no potatoes, no bread, no pasta no grains. That sounds like it don't leave you much, but meat fish eggs, some green leafy vegies, avocados, eggplant butter and all the good fat you want in fact fat is needed during this type of diet. Instead of wheat flour use almond flour or coconut flour, you can still eat cake and bread etc you use the right ingredients.

Keep it down to two meals a day and fast for 16 or more hours when you can. No snacking. Its easy if you skip eat breakfast and lunch. Then have dinner and a bedtime snack.

Consume good oils like coconut, and olive oil. No vegetable oil of any kind its bad for joint inflammation, and other bad stuff.

No soy at all. No alcohol, no sugar drinks.

Salt your food to taste, mined salt is best. It don't have all the modern pollutants and pesticides since it was formed long ago.

This diet will lose weight fast too. Once you get rid of the water weight the carbs are holding in, and the fatty liver, you will reverse your insulin resistance, and then you can reintroduce carbs again in a moderate amounts.

Lots of video's on youtube on the Keto diet.
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Re: diabetes - 10/16/21 05:48 AM

Originally Posted by yukonjeff

This diet will lose weight fast too.

Such a diet would be hard to maintain.
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Re: diabetes - 10/17/21 12:26 AM

Look into the meters for checking you blood also you could consider air skinning it not prefect but does help, also chainmail gloves the link is an example.

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Re: diabetes - 01/23/22 12:13 PM

I have gone from diabetes type 2 to pre diabetes on low carb diet. Also lost 30 pounds. I lost 20 just stopping breads. In philippines my weight was same as when 15 yrs old. The difference was the foods.
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Re: diabetes - 02/06/22 05:54 AM

Going without bread would be tough
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