FS Oberto Coyote Lure -- SOLD

Posted By: John Houben

FS Oberto Coyote Lure -- SOLD - 10/06/19 11:21 PM

For Sale: Oberto's Natural Type Lure No. 1

Morse Oberto was a famous coyote/wolf trapper of Northern Wisconsin. O'Gorman often speaks of him in his coyote book. I purchased a case of Oberto's lure from a WI fur buyer a couple years ago and am down to my last twenty bottles, which I am offering for sale. This lure appears to be some of the last Oberto made since none of it was labeled. Oberto died in 1980. Besides the advertisement in the box, I was recently able to confirm the authenticity of this lure, based on the bottle shape and the smell/color of the contains, when visiting Tom Parr's trap museum. Tom had two bottles of labeled Oberto's lure which matched mine.

An expert, top-notch coyote/government trapper friend of mine in Nevada has been using this lure this spring and summer with good results. Although pushing forty years old ,this lure has a great smell. It is well blended and has a unique twist that indicates it is more than straight gland.

I am offering what I have left in two lots.

Ten - 1 ounce bottles of Oberto's Natural Type Lure No. 1 ------ $75 postage paid

Check or Money Order accepted. PM me if interested.

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Posted By: John Houben

Re: FS Morse Oberto Coyote Lure - 10/10/19 01:37 AM


Ten bottles sold pending payment. Ten bottles still available.
Posted By: John Houben

Re: FS Oberto Coyote Lure - SOLD - 10/13/19 11:52 PM

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