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The writings listed below have been written by trappers who wish to share their stories, poems and tales.  All are welcome to submit their works for consideration and posting by emailing them to Paul Dobbins.  There will be no stringent guidlines for accepting your works.  The primary consideration will be given to the appropriateness of the writing.  Each work submitted will be checked for vulgarity and how the piece reflects on trapping.  These are the two primary standards that need to be met.

Title  Author  Date Posted

Cave Coon  Mike DiSalvo (MikeTraps2) 11/29/00
What A Christmas  Matt Davis (Youngtrapper) 11/30/00
Spirit of a Trapper (poem)  Ted Pepps 12/02/00
A Kiss Of A Lifetime  Pride Halford (Ditchum) 12/02/00
Thanksgiving!  Mike Kapcia (Kapper) 12/03/00
Bang!!!....You're not Dead  Jeni DiSalvo 12/10/00
Trapping For Body & Soul  Andy Paeth 12/16/00
Old Men, Tattered Jackets, and Smelly Cars  MikeDiSalvo  12/21/00
My Dog is Staring Down a Hole  Martin Tipton 12/27/00
Cotton's Tale  Anthony Jonas (Cotton) 01/04/01
Road Kill  Kenn Johnson (trapr) 01/08/01
Out on a Limb  Mike DiSalvo 02/12/01
The One That Got Away  Mike DiSalvo 02/12/01
How Lucky Am I?  Brian Hall (VaBrian) 02/12/02
Olympic Trapping  Martin Tipton 02/13/01
He Was (poem)  Tom 03/27/01
Ode To A Trappers Life  Neal Fox 06/29/01
Tommy Shumacker   Andy Paeth 10/18/01
In The Furnace Of The Night  James Sarafin 11/01/01
The Good, the Bad and a Fox Trapping Education  Steven G. Trosper 11/06/01
What Trapping Has Done For Me  Anonymous 11/08/01
Benefits of Joining Your .......  Danny Brown 01/19/02
One of Those Days  Bullet Box 02/05/02
My First Season  Mark Knackstedt 04/03/02
Tomorrows and Yesterdays  Mike DiSalvo 05/16/02
 The Best Laid Plans...The 1985 Season  Steven G. Trosper 09/30/02
 Cool Mornings  Tom.... "The Grit Guy" 10/19/02
 Gifts of the Trapline  Dustin Caudill 11/25/02
 My First Furbearer  Steve Timmons 01/22/03
 My First Fox   Michael Casey  02/27/03
A Change of Luck
Bruce Roady
Why Do We Do Trapping (Poem)
David "Pelts" Simmons
Thinkin Spot
Collectors Collecting Memories
Marty Harmon

Dad's Fox Story
Charles Dobbins
G. Malcolm Locke
Mel Liston
Beaver Buzzards and Bears
Mel Liston
A Stinky Trapping Story
Mel Liston
For The Memories
Johnathan Fegley
Otters on the Beaver Line
Paul Dobbins
Memories of a First Catch
Paul Dobbins
Skinning Shed Memories
Paul Dobbins
The 1970 Trapping Season Memories
Steven G. Trosper
Paul Dobbins
The Lost Canterbury Tales
Steven G. Trosper
Beaver on the Elm Flats Line with Dad
Cody Johnson