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So I think we can see by now Trapper Talk Yesterday at 07:43 PM
Iran is out of control Trapper Talk 08/12/22 09:31 PM
How can they report this with a straight face? Trapper Talk 08/12/22 03:57 AM
This is the guy Trapper Talk 08/10/22 05:23 PM
How can you not get behind this? Trapper Talk 08/10/22 05:22 AM
Anyone else hearing this in our media? Trapper Talk 08/09/22 10:53 AM
Self Canceling, now. Coach Gundy falls on sword Trapper Talk 08/08/22 10:39 PM
Dick Cheney Trapper Talk 08/06/22 10:59 PM
Doocy dropping bombs again Trapper Talk 08/06/22 12:50 PM
Rules for thee Trapper Talk 08/06/22 12:40 PM
First the George Floyd mural and now this? Trapper Talk 08/05/22 04:51 PM
Anyone else sick of the lying and fearmongering? Trapper Talk 08/05/22 03:38 PM
Communists, FCOL Trapper Talk 08/03/22 10:57 PM
It's going to be a long day.... Trapping Only 08/02/22 01:33 PM
Winning! Trapper Talk 08/02/22 03:28 AM
When you're a hammer everything is a nail Trapper Talk 08/01/22 11:59 PM
Gordon Ramsey picks lamb for dinner Trapper Talk 08/01/22 11:35 PM
Wolfer Nation Trapper Talk 07/30/22 04:59 PM
Why isn't this child abuse? Trapper Talk 07/28/22 11:27 PM
Well that does it, now we must have knife control Trapper Talk 07/28/22 10:37 PM
Well, it's official Trapper Talk 07/28/22 01:38 PM
About the size of things today. Trapper Talk 07/27/22 12:08 PM
After action report Trapping Only 07/26/22 12:42 AM
Any Sooners in the house? Trapper Talk 07/25/22 10:02 PM
This is what I'm talking about! Trapper Talk 07/25/22 07:27 PM
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