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Trapper Talk
3 minutes ago
You have to remove the battery for a phone to stop tracking you.

I haven't used google and don't enable their requests on my phone and now google maps don't give me directions anymore.

I use bing for searchers and mozilla for browsing.

Not exactly sure how not to be tracked today with our modern conveniences. I sure like using them. Wish we could have more privacy while still using.
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Trapper Talk
7 minutes ago
I think the first or second reply made it political
I don't think they like facts
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Trapper Talk
7 minutes ago
We've used ivomec drench for sheep for years -- it doesn't taste particularly good but the safe range of dosing (at least in sheep) is pretty substantial . As in i have double dosed a couple and not had any problems. have to do the math to see what the equivalent human dosage would be. ---- DON'T GIVE IT TO COLLIES. it will kill them.
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Trapper Talk
12 minutes ago
[Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
13 minutes ago
Originally Posted by PAskinner
Everybody's thinking that crazy prepper dude in the neighborhood wasn't so crazy, lol
I think the produce farmers will make a killing this year and everyone will suddenly try to be a gardener.

A lot of seed companies are sold out. Garden forums have had very large members number jumps. I would say you are correct.
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Trap Shed
15 minutes ago
GPSmap 76CSx

Comes with carrying case, reference guide, and computer plug in.

Excellent Condition! Screen still has protective plastic. Only used twice and couldn't figure it out so it sat around. One zipper pull on side pocket of case is broken but zipper still works.

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

$100 Shipped

PayPal preferred, but will accept Postal Money Orders
PM's answered in order received
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Trap Shed
16 minutes ago
I have a dozen Victor #110's for sale or trade. $35.00 or will entertain a fair trade. Buyer pays shipping.

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Trapper Talk
16 minutes ago
Haven't seen anything in over 2 weeks,except for the kids when they bring food.So I haven't seen the river in a while,I don't fish the river and don't buy a non resident wi. license,which is to priceyanyway.
Snow is now gone on the deck and ice was gone this morning.
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Trapping Only
16 minutes ago
thank u i really need to now that
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Trap Shed
19 minutes ago
Must move these.

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Trap Shed
21 minutes ago

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Trapper Talk
21 minutes ago
Never heard that song before. One to remember!
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Trapper Talk
23 minutes ago
A lot of folks enjoying the outdoors here in Ga. Maybe this will create a lasting impression on many out of touch people about how important our land, waters, and wildlife really are.

Example: rural boat landings on many local rivers that never have more than 3 or 4 trucks and boat trailers have had dozens, some had hundreds...with no where to park.
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Trapper Talk
25 minutes ago
Originally Posted by wallfur
the good news is the covid 19 does have high percent survival rate.or the numbers would be much worse than they are......if everyone does there part it will be slowed or contained much more quickly....then we can get all the medical supplies and ventilators needed to match the incoming cases.

I guess I don't see how it will run its course more quickly if everybody goes into isolation. to me that doesn't make sense at all. To me that will drag it out which is the goal supposedly so supposedly don't overwhelm the Healthcare System allegedly. Dragging it out harmful to the economy Which will lead to health problems from stress and anxiety from people losing their livelihoods and jobs in businesses and money in their 401K so on so forth
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Lure and Bait Formulator's forum
32 minutes ago
Thanks for the responses.
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Trapper Talk
33 minutes ago
Looks like a Remington, my grandfather bought one years ago and they gave him a Remington nylon 66 , 22 rifle along with the saw.
He said after running the saw he understood why they gave him the rifle, and that was to shoot yourself after running the saw.
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Trapper Talk
34 minutes ago
So are beaver worth anything yet or is it something a guy does just for fun? There are plenty of beaver here but there's a better chance of catching an otter, which is still protected.
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Trapper Talk
38 minutes ago
Don Judkins might.

Fort Benton Fur
Orofino, ID
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Trapping Only
44 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Huntall76
Originally Posted by Kirk De
Has anybody that you know of tested by using a Duke 550 and a MB 550 at least 20 feet apart and at least two locations on a farm and tested on 40 or 50 farms or locations. Then figured how many coyotes were caught and what the ratio is.Just because a trap looks similar or identical does not mean it is or has the same ability.After two years or less there should be no question.

I don't think all that is necessary especially in this circumstance. Because the taps are let's be honest, a exact duplicate the only thing that could be flawed with this trap is inferior metal or springs everyone knows the design is exceptional.

Even if it were slightly different it's still just a foothold for the most part traps are simplistic in design and that is what makes coil spring traps so effective . Basically jaws,springs, levers,base, pan,dog and chain . That's also why so many people still use so many long springs even simpler
I agree with you, if the metal is inferior or the springs the design is exceptional. But I believe even if that were the case the pan being round or square may make a difference when All test are done including a Magnetic field intensity test.
The magnetic field intensity test would confirm the quality of metal in the design May be creating the difference And that the trap is exactly the same.
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Trapper Talk
45 minutes ago
Data for my state :
3/26/20 - 21 dead , over 1000 confirmed cases
3/27/20 - 27 dead , 1291 cases
3/28/20 - 33 dead , 1524 cases
3/29/20 - 34 dead , 1993 cases
3/30/20 - 36 dead , 2571 cases
3/31/20 - 69 dead , 3128 cases
4/1/20 - 85 dead , 3557 cases
4/2/20 - 112 dead , 3824 cases
4/3/20 - 132 dead , 4914 cases
4/4/20 - 165 dead , 5276 cases

4/5/20 - 189 dead , 5675 cases
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ADC Forum
47 minutes ago
I wonder if the fish oils bought from the big trapping supply retailers has preservative in it
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Trapper Talk
53 minutes ago
what happened with the famous heavy shot.. does no one use it now? suppose to outperform steel and shoot like led for at least waterfowl... turkey?

guys i know take long shots ALOT with waterfowl for whatever reason... anyone ever try that for turkey?
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Trapper Talk
55 minutes ago
I look that over yesterday an had couple Duke 330s along, no go, along road ditch bridges for 330 submerged lure set. Other than spend couple hrs maybe try make 1 that may work. With sand cave jn, not right spot, not deep enough by bank,etc, I got 10 last fall, 1-330, rest footholds.4 in footholds. A cpl week back when trapping little for week, an some educated smart beaver. How big deal is it if coilsprings moves or tips some if beaver step spring lever or jaw ? Should get 5 dbl, 5 coils. Maybe 4-5 traps next fall
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Trapper Talk
57 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Bob Jameson
The last two batches I made was the sweet bread, it is very good. Still have one loaf left for this week. Then back to mixing again.

I find if you canít finish eating the bread with in a day or 2......Itís best to freeze. Day 3 itís not as good for sure. Maybe freeze slices...or 1/2 loafs.

Bob...what do you keep your bread wrapped in ?
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Trapper Talk
59 minutes ago
Good luck, Rockfarmer. Keep us up to date on your progress!
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