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Trapper Talk
7 minutes ago
So how do you get that 3-4 miles back to the truck and then the 40-100 miles to the ER by your self?
Knowing what to do when near the hospital and with a crowd doesn't help much. Hiking out and driving are both going to require increased heart rate, even the screaming as you realize what happened is going to elevate your heart rate and increase circulation. Have to assume no cell service either.
I remember when I was a working ranch hand riding through sage brush high as a man on a horse and seeing snakes at eye level and thinking what could happen, I have the same thoughts when wade fishing by myself a mile from the truck and observing snakes in over hanging tree limbs.
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ADC Forum
10 minutes ago
Hey, just wanted to tell you that Hancock Trap Company (the original) is still going. They were not too active for a couple years but going strong now! The website for the company is I have used the trap for many years and think that it is the best of the bunch.
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Trapper Talk
13 minutes ago
What kind of fishing and water do you do? If you do a lot of dodging of flooded timber I'd to bow mount.
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Trapper Talk
13 minutes ago
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Trapper Talk
21 minutes ago
Originally Posted by TreedaBlackdog
Its not very big. ......I feel like your truck and plow has more capability to move snow quicker.

This was my first thought. The baby Ford I used in construction was an older model, so maybe not the same results,, but small tractors seem to be as slow as doing it by hand (not that slow of course, but ..) every bite is small and it takes a lot of small bites to add up. Same whether Ford JD or Kubota; they work if you have a small job or lots of time.
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Trapping Only
22 minutes ago
The xetremes will hold whatever makes them go off which can be a good thing but a bad thing about them is that they will hold whatever makes them go off including cattle,elk, deer, pigs, and you. I use them. They are strong and lock up well but tough to set after they have locked up on a foot. A coyote will be there till you let it out.
I used the right out of the box from Kendall.
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Trapper Talk
25 minutes ago
Looking at options for a shallow water well, currently "Hand Pump " system.
I need to get water into an elevated 300 gal. plastic tote.
I am hoping for a easy start gas powered well system ?
I am wondering about Harbor Freight type of trash pumps, for a well?
I think there is only 8-10 ft of pipe with a point
Will a trash pump lift water 10-12 ft , thru a check valve ?

This is the final need for a raised bed , drip irrigation , verticle grow garden set-up , I have been working on this spring.

Thx for any advice or help in this problem, in advance.
!'' trash pump
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Trapping Only
27 minutes ago
Got bit by a fox through my jeans trying to let the little bugger go.
Been bit by 9 dogs so far.
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Trapper Talk
31 minutes ago
This happened to a local farmer who bought round up ready corn seed. Turned out it wasn't round up ready after he sprayed the entire 160 acres! That would be very expensive for the seed dealer lol
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Trapper Talk
33 minutes ago
Is petroleum jelly under the lid a good idea?
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Trapper Talk
37 minutes ago
I mounted more Newfie Moose than ones from any other area. I know groups that went there repeatedly. I never saw a 48" bull taken by any of these folks. I also never heard of a color phase bear seen there. Color phase bear are rare as hen's teeth unless you get a bit west of the Great Lakes. I have seen exactly one cinnamon colored Black here at home in my entire life, and I've hunted them since the mid 70's, and handled hundreds of bear in my taxidermy studio. Colored bear will be even more unusual in Newfoundland. Those Outfitter websites are deceiving. They always show the whoppers taken, even if it was way bigger than their average bull. Most of the Newfie bulls I mounted would be considered eating sized meat bulls most places. All that being said, I would jump at a chance to hunt Moose there, but I have always been a meat hunter that would gladly tag about any just-legal beast I'd see on opening day! Good luck SGT. I'll cross my fingers for you and your hunting pals!
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Trapper Talk
38 minutes ago
Not good.............
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Trapper Talk
39 minutes ago
I should have said a swarm from my existing hive. Last yr I went to work in the morning. When I came home there was a swarm in a locust tree about 100 ft from the hive. I got a ladder from the barn and they were gone. Obviously new to this.
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Trapper Talk
40 minutes ago
Should be a good series between two grinder teams.
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Trapping Only
41 minutes ago
So, if I filter out the normal solids (about 30g/kg) and then heat to pasteurize, is the result really urine? Does it smell the same or even close to a canine?
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Trapping Only
43 minutes ago
Originally Posted by beezmador
Great article oldboot

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Trapper Talk
43 minutes ago
I like that set up.

I'm doing the cage thing around the tomatoes.
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Trapper Talk
45 minutes ago
Great picture!
We used a few ways to catch catfish with bank lines.
One was a throw line. One end tied to some thing solid on the bank. A length of line that held 6 or 7 hooks some distance apart so they would not tangle with each other and then a good stout anchor on the end.
We used window weights for anchors. From the bank, we just stretched the baited line and tossed the weight. From a boat, it would be easier.
This would be like a small trotline.
Worms make great bait unless you are fishing in daytime and the water contains many panfish. The panfish will eat your bait in daylight and not get caught on large catfish hooks.
we used to bait with large minnows, crawfish and cutbait.
Those baits, at times produce large snapping turtles as well.
Great to see a dad taking his young girl with him. A couple of ladies and girls I know can out hunt and out fish some of the fellers i run with.
I have taught some of them. It's a satisfying feeling.
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Trapper Talk
54 minutes ago
I remember one article Helfrich wrote about setting traps, confidence, something along the lines of how your energy would effect the animals etc. I know I could dig around and still find it.
Lots of stuff to think about but actually not very helpful. Made a guy realize they really NEEDED professional trapping instruction.
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Trapper Talk
56 minutes ago
Nice Red .Great Catch !
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Trapper Talk
58 minutes ago
Jump to new posts I Think [by pcr2]
He has finally at 11.00 grin
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Trapping Only
59 minutes ago

I don't trap Bobcats but I trap Lynx.
I own both Sleepy Creek and Bridgers.
I'd get the Bridgers .
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by warrior
Another interesting case. Did you know rattlesnake venom can be safely consumed? It's a blood toxin and must be injected the stomach can handle it, usually.
There's was a professor down at Awburn who who begin his lectures milking a rattler then sipping venom during. That was until the day he discovered he had a bleeding ulcer.

Or least that's how it was told to me.

Thatís true and then in some places snake venom is consumed as an afrodiack mixed with alcohol, I n Hong Kong there are snake bars ( there illegal) that operate kind of like the old speak easys where you go pick out the snake you want any from a cage they milk it chop the head off then mix the blood, venom and alcohol together which they give you to drink then cook up the rest of the snake in a dish of your choice

Most of the snakes I seen were Asian cobras, at the time I did not know that cobra venom is a Nero toxin afecting the nerveos system not like rattle snake venom which affects the blood so when the woman I was dating took me there and wanted us to do it I did

Was diffenatly a strange feeling kind and f a general numbness and tingling sensation that lasted a couple days
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Wanna rumble? Cue snapping fingers
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Snowy, I would put a roof over that too. The sun does a number on anything sitting out all summer.

Why not a type of pole barn ? All open sides, and a decent pitch metal roof ? You already have the makings of one ...all it needs is a well pitched roof cool
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