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Trapper Talk
1 minute ago
That'll work
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Trapper Talk
9 minutes ago
Sold my first mink to a country buyer who set up shop every Saturday at the county fairgrounds. If was a frigid cold February day waiting in line to see what I would get for that puny female.
While I was waiting in line i paid close attention to what was going on, being just a kid full of wonderment.
The old man's nose was steadily running. He'd look over a fella's pelts, make an offer, reach in his coveralls and pull out a wad of bills big enough to choke a horse, with enough leftover to burn a wet mule. Only problem was, his nose was running all over that wad of bills. I wasn't worried too much about whether or not he'd actually be able to burn that wet mule, nor if he was going get snot all over my fur money.
He offered me $28 in the round. I didn't even try to wipe the snot off before i put it in my pocket.
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Trapper Talk
17 minutes ago
Straight down. I would say all deer react a little differently when shot but this one just folded.
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Trapping Only
17 minutes ago
Beautiful fur projects. Nice work. We've made a few items but no as nice as those.
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Trapper Talk
17 minutes ago
We switched to Tmobil because of rotten TV reception on antenna TV. Free netflix really had my wife interested.
After we signed up and all we found that 5 miles from the tower was out of reception area.
But they said "we are always putting up new towers"
Ya where.
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Trapper Talk
19 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Wanna Be
Which one did Georgia beat that was supposed to be good with their SEC QB?

That would be the same team my Beavers whipped today. Bring on Georgia!
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Trapper Talk
21 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Graham
Canada is in the process of banning semi-autos. It can and will happen to a country near you.

That would be a wonderful Christmas.
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Trapper Talk
22 minutes ago
From my standpoint the truth runs somewhere down the middle on this argument.

I'm not a fan of gimmicky trap sets either. You waste time and effort when the tried and true does the trick. You will notice that long liners who stack up big numbers rarely go to "gimmicky" type sets. They use tried and true, time conserving sets that produce fur on a consistent basis.

Now, is there a place for squeakers? I say yes there is. I don't go that route often, but have used them successfully on otters where I wanted to induce an otter to go where he normally might not and where the regular blind-set pinch points were not available to me. I have not tried them on bobcat "jackpot" sets but could see how you might pick up extra cats this way when your other sets get plugged by less desirable critters ie: possum, coon.

Therefore, I declare this argument..... a draw. smile
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Trapping Only
22 minutes ago
Ok. No problem. I get it. That is what separates the men from the boys. I love your posts. Trap on!
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Wilderness Trapping and Living
24 minutes ago
Of course...That's why I set it up that way Pete. I knew the other guys wouldn't disappoint with some punchlines... smile
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Trapper Talk
25 minutes ago
I love putting cameras on sets. It has helped me more times than I can count.
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Trapper Talk
25 minutes ago
Pulsar or trijicon scopes, if you can get the best, get it.
A monocular scanner will do for scanning. Personal opinion.
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Trapper Talk
28 minutes ago
Originally Posted by bass10
Well Iím big enough to admit after that 2nd half performance that OSU does not deserve to be in. Now you should try it with 2 loss bama! Still gonna be interesting!

Getting slaughtered at home when youíre a favorite isnít good for your Championship bid. Had it been close maybe, but that wasnít even close.
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Trapper Talk
29 minutes ago
Hogwarsh as far as diet is concerned. Genetic color phase is the cause.
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Trapper Talk
37 minutes ago
We picked up some Code H 38 spl from the Air Force one time. Destroyed it one round at a time and then reloaded the brass. A million rounds one at a time would have been a pretty tall order, but we would have given it a try.

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Trapper Talk
37 minutes ago
Norwestalta -

Over the years, I've probably cleaned well over 10,000 marten skulls for various research projects. For me, overnight in a crockpot is the way to go, then 3% hydrogen peroxide for about 4 hours. They're usually not greasy at all, and clean up nice. The enclosed photo was part of one years' collection (from interior Alaska). Good luck!

[Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
39 minutes ago
Iím glad itís working, I heard they are treating Jay Lenoís burns with one of these.
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Trapper Talk
45 minutes ago
Interesting J.Morse. Out here, we seem to be about level on the evening grosbeak numbers between the late 1960s-early 70s and now. They've remained pretty common. Black-headed grosbeaks maybe up slightly, but probably stable. Seeing that rose-breasted for us was a real treat. He stayed around for about two weeks last spring. Hopefully he'll be back with a girlfriend or two this next spring. We don't see enough pine grosbeaks to have any impressions on population trends. They seem to prefer the subalpine habitat.
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Trapper Talk
49 minutes ago
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Trapper Talk
52 minutes ago
Renaissance fairs are gold mines for me.
Not so much hides but remodeled fur, bone,and skulls
[Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
54 minutes ago
[Linked Image]
Friend in PA sent me this picture. It was shot sometime this morning
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Trapper Talk
55 minutes ago
I have a 1990 TRX 300. Still works great. Paid about $2k for it.
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Trapper Talk
56 minutes ago
Squaretimber -

Yes. Where I lived for about a year was squeezed west and south of Vladivostok on a little peninsula of Russia with North Korea just to the south, China immediately on the west, and the Sea of Japan to the east. The guys I hunted with had a hunting/trapping area just to the north and east of Vlad, out near the Lazovskiy Reserve. Hunting was for Himalayan bear, Roe deer, Sika deer, Red deer, Russian boar. Salmon streams were full back when I lived there, but I suspect today they are empty streams. Major poaching with hundreds of nets all across the rivers back then. There was absolutely no escapement. Sad.

Couple years ago, I had a short gig with Smithsonian/Minnesota Zoo for trapping wolves (for radiocollars) in central Mongolia out of Ulan Bataar. That was some interesting country, and very fascinating fauna. However, I didn't take to the people in Mongolia like I did in Russia. Probably partly because I didn't speak Mongolian. Fortunately, a lot of the old-timer Mongolians spoke Russian, so we could chew the fat somewhat.

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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Longest rivalry in college football,results in another win for MN. Very exiting game.
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
You are saving Savell time because he wont have to photoshoot your face onto somebody wearing a dress@ grin
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