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Trapper Talk
7 seconds ago
Originally Posted by Drifter

" Specifically, the estimate ranged from 38 percent to 50 percent. The report split the difference by proposing a figure of 45 percent.

So based on this measure, Gutierrez is accurate. In fact, he's being cautious, sticking to the low end of the spectrum.

It is still just a GUESS.

That politifact article is from 2010, 9 years ago. The article I posted said visa overstays have been the leading method of illegals on the last 7 years. So the politifact article may very well be accurate for all I know, but it doesn't do anything to refute the article I posted.
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Trapper Talk
4 minutes ago
Originally Posted by jctunnelrat
Yes peroxide and tomato juice.

LOL Tomato juice is worthless.

1 qt Hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup Baking soda
1 good squirt of liquid dish soap (I like lemon scented)

Results are INSTANT and spectacular

Don't try to save the left overs, the CO2 build up will destroy the container.
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Trapper Talk
5 minutes ago
And there is no shortage of students coming to Montana Universities that's completely against hunting and trapping in the state providing their education.
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Trap Shed
5 minutes ago
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Trapper Talk
6 minutes ago
Dad once asked me why I dress like a girl. lol
I was wearing a Henly blue jeans and boots.
He wore a uniform all his working life.
I told him " this is a Henly. This is what the British commandos wore except theirs were wool.
I guess its got a lot to do with where you are coming from.
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Trap Shed
6 minutes ago
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Trapper Talk
6 minutes ago
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Trapper Talk
7 minutes ago
I want to know where I can find free cheese.

I know the government discontinued it decades ago.
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Trapping Only
11 minutes ago
Hard to believe beav didn't mention the one very ugly Muskrat. LOL
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Trapper Talk
12 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Chuckles84
Underbite, had a beagle as a kid that had an overbite. Vet said it happens sometimes when there is too much back breeding/inbreeding.

Yep underbite. Can be hereditary so don't breed the dog unless there was an accident of some sort.
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Trapper Talk
13 minutes ago
I first used the 308 in 1965 in the Army. We shot up to 400 yards and I was impressed enough so I said when I got home I was going to have one. Bought one used in 69 and have used it every year since. Took a moose with it at 200 yards , ywo steps and was down. I would have no trouble using it on anything in North America.
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Trapper Talk
14 minutes ago
=grayfox54]Here’s joes kills from the 2017/18 season

Does Bill Weaver put up ALL of his fur? I know he puts up some. Not sure if you know or not.
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Trapper Talk
14 minutes ago
I don't trap as much as some on here but have had good luck w/ Hiawatha Valley & Bushwacker baits. For lures I do OK w/ Fox Frenzy, Violator 7,Gusto, Widowmaker, Windwalker, Purrrfect, Magna Gland, & Backbreaker.
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Trapping Only
16 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Jerry Jr.
I was working night shift the last couple of days. My wife asked to go with me on the check today. Of course I said yes. Bout 150 yards from our house I had a bobcat. She was all excited to see one that is alive, me, not so much. I knew I had to release it. The release went well (wife has video). It only tried to kill me a couple of times. She was beautiful. White belly with lots of spots. Way nicer than the one that I got during the season. But glad I got to let her go.

Nothing like releasing a critter that has 5 razors on each paw. To be honest, WE were happy to let her go. I was even more happy to not have to go to the emergency room. I know I took a big risk with her on the release, but I know she is out there killing rabbits. I will be making a plywood board to take with me from now on.

I would get a 30 gal tote, cut your hole in one corner. Here is a video of a fellow here in Pa. releasing a cat at about the 10 min. mark, using a tub---- His whole video is good.
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Trapper Talk
18 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Catch22
Not much on covers ADC, But man, she nailed that one!

How about this one C22?

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Trapper Talk
19 minutes ago
Just watched a game show when asked what first attracted her to her husband her reply was he had a nice car! LOL
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Trap Shed
19 minutes ago
Jump to new posts 3ns [by vegasjim]
2 nice traps complete. Machine chain heavy cast swivels. Cast jaws nice pans.
55.00 to your door
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Trapper Talk
25 minutes ago
Only if you do it in slo-mo!
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Trapper Talk
26 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Wright Brothers
There is an electric organ here, if someone wants it come get it. I hate to junk it but it is in my way.

There has to be a Church somewhere that will come get it.
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Trapper Talk
27 minutes ago
Those Moron's need to spend more time taking care of the "Peoples Business" than pimping their own political agendas and party's.
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Trapper Talk
30 minutes ago
Yep I know the feeling when you send all the fur out.The last fox I caught just started to show a tiny bit of rub on the left hip. [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
40 minutes ago
I guess i can be patient with those hue don't understand.But I'm confused why do you want to buy skunk quill when you don't know what mustard is?
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Trapper Talk
40 minutes ago
Originally Posted by bobsheedy

I can't believe some of us are so small minded.

If you think anyone wants... "770,000 illegal aliens in their Democrat-controlled area,"'re bananas.

you drink that Kool-Ade
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Trapper Talk
42 minutes ago
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Trapper Talk
49 minutes ago
Originally Posted by 52Carl
Oh yes I have Nessy. Drove a '73 Beetle out on the ice to do it. That was the last time I went ice fishing and the last time I drove that Beetle. I got it off the ice but not far off. It broke in half on me. Too much salt took its toll. The Do Not Pass and the Stop signs for floor boards just wouldn't cut it any more. We drank some beer that day...

Your mother must be so proud!
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