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Trapper Talk
22 seconds ago
Looks like wr Otis is thinking the same as me. Here is a photo from a ggole search that makes me lean towards lightning.

[Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
5 minutes ago
LOL! Love it or leave it. I know a lot of people that live in MN, and they say, it is a great place to live and I'm sure it is.
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Trapper Talk
8 minutes ago
No words..................
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Trapping Only
15 minutes ago
I was thinking about making up a batch of sun-heated waxed dirt as its finally getting hot outside. However, I recently heard a couple wolf trappers say they quit using wax dirt because they feel that wolves smell the wax and they had a lot more sets dug up when they were using it. They'd rather have a trap bed get frozen and not educate a wolf versus having a working trap that gets dug up. Anybody else find this to be the case with canines?
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Trapper Talk
20 minutes ago
Numbers I found a few years ago indicated ~10%+ of licensed trappers belonged to state clubs and ~1-3% were active participants. As said above the 10% of the 10%. Numbers vary of course with the fur market and by state and those that belong to national clubs may or may not belong to the state clubs.
If the trappers organizations were organized around political action rather than around vendor sales would more people support them? It's a question I have wondered about. Rendezvous was even in the days of the Rocky Mountain Co. a time and place for suppliers to meet trappers and take away their fur money in exchange for goods; never did and never will have any effect on the rights of trappers to trap.
Most trapper organizations are set up as non profits that cannot be involved with or interfere in politics in a meaningful way. Most are also set up around the core 1% and their locations, which is reasonable, but in a large state it means most trappers are remote from most TA meetings; a reorganization of state clubs into active regional cells within the state might raise interest.
Membership in and of itself is just money tossed away, of no real benefit to either the club nor the unseen/unheard member. Members need involvement at a local level to see the "what's in it for me" that every single one wants to know.
Clubs need to be Unions. Each Union needs some paid employees to keep the ball moving while all the members live life.
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Trapper Talk
25 minutes ago
Just a reminder that we have a Mugshots Forum if you want to know what someone looks like and are going to try and meet them at an event. Easy to use.

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Trapper Talk
30 minutes ago
I am no skunk trapper (to the point of trying to avoid them) but never really thought as a skunk as an omnivore. Actually I never have really studied their habits much at all.
The next one I get in a trap I will try the green bean approach and let you know how it goes.

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Trapper Talk
37 minutes ago
Originally Posted by stumper
Originally Posted by Law Dog
Call the Lower Brule game Dept and see what they require for a non-Tribal members to hunt they have the most dogs that I know of, you might call the Rangers at the FT Pierre and Buffalo Gap Nation grasslands and see what they know of. (Pierre (Pier), SD has a office there)

Lower Brule is 50 dollars a day or 150 per year for Pdog license .

We always stopped at that truck stop in Mitchell for the meat loaf. Best meat loaf I ever ate! Wonder if they still make it?
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Trapper Talk
40 minutes ago
I hope they don't stop advances. Mine were always paid back in full on the next sale within a cpl months. Plus a check from sale, I don't have lots money, going trapping is expensive, especally road trapping with gas. Every day gas, I cannot afford to wait months for check. Unfortunately if this happens. I may be forced to see gfw. On his routes, he rember me an not see him for few yesrs, an when come back. May not be good, he pays good for rats. An some species. But on coon an mink, nafa is hard beat on prices
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Trapper Talk
45 minutes ago
pm sent
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Trapping Only
51 minutes ago
From what I have seen in a limited amount of testing, soaking in 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 water solution for a day or so and then most of it pressure washes off.
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Trapper Talk
56 minutes ago
What say does a state have if a bird is designated migratory?
Why do many states have a season and we do not?

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Trapper Talk
57 minutes ago
Originally Posted by l1ranger
mostly CCW

if i carry open, its because I am doing something, will be doing something, or have been doing something that gives me a good reason to open carry (like hunting, trapping, etc)

X2 I always have a gun on except when I canít such as at work where itís against the law. But we are hoping to change that. Greencountypete gave some good advice about training

I work out with my gun a couple times a week mostly using one of those training laser cartridges but I try to get to the range as often as I can for some live fire

It is amazing just how many gun fights even at arms length end up with multiple missed shots, so practice and then do it some more itís something you will not regret if push comes to shooting
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ADC Forum
59 minutes ago
Toss them in the bone yard if permissible. My local WCO said I could toss them with the down cows in the pit.
I even mentioned to a few others at a regional meeting and they said it would be fine.
Under PA law all carcasses of nuisance wildlife are to be incinerated or send to a landfill though.
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
I know a Vietnam vet(two tours) who thinks the "veterans only" parking spaces are ridiculous. His words: "Veterans this, veterans that, they're trying to make us just another hyphenated American group always wanting more. I'm tired of it." This guy is in his seventies and still works full time. He is a very interesting guy to talk with, but he will only rarely say much about his time over there.
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Antelope season and trapping season are a longs ways apart in SD! Should be a lot of cabins to rent in the Blacks Hills.
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Was he the guy that put his finger tip on for bait after he cut it off last year?
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
I will say I'm not impressed with mine. Trigger is absolute garbage and I have failure to eject empty casings pretty frequently. I'd look into a M&P 22 or a HK 22. I do use it for a trapline backup but mostly use the 10/22.
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Hey Nessie, where was that picture taken? And Golden Pond is going to have another movie coming in the future, but it probably wont be shot in NH.
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Get the 2 ring crab nets that lie flat. Tie a piece of chicken in the middle and ease it straight up when a crab enters it. I wouldn't but a big basket for jyst a weekend.

Hit me up if you need more info, we have a place down there (Baldwin Co)
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by ~ADC~
Originally Posted by QuietButDeadly
That will be a long one for me......19 1/2 hours - each way!

I hear you. It's 4 hours from my place and I live in Iowa!

Only 3 for me and I'm in NE!
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Trapping Only
1 hour ago
Mostly use 24s as we don't have much of a rat population and can make more traps off a roll. I do make longer ones for culverts where I do have a lot of rats
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
As a land surveyor and also a town board member here in Wisconsin, I have dealt with these kind of issues more this year than the last 30 years combined.
There is a simple answer, it has rained a lot. When it rains a lot over a period of time conditions change, and if we have a period of drought conditions will change..
I went by a pick your own strawberry outfit on the Interstate in Dane County the other day and water was over the semi trailer that they always used for an office.
Nobody changed any drainage issues there. You need to evaluate your property before you buy it and consider what the best and worst case scenarios might be.
Bryce, I am fairly certain that a project of that nature had gone through a lengthy and time consuming review process and was public knowledge for quite some time.
Been there and done that too many times. Believe me, the developer has spent a bunch of money on a storm water management plan which has been gone through ad nauseum by the DNR.

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Trapping Only
1 hour ago
It works very well here.
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