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Trapper Talk
1 second ago
Back in the 80's when I lived just east of Baltimore, every friday night i would stop at a local crab house and pick up a dozen crabs boiled in old bay. Man they were good and not that expensive back then.
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Trapper Talk
22 seconds ago
Thanks for all the replies. Gonna move them into the coup next week. Got a half dozen little ones that we have not let loose yet. Another 4 or 5 that are a little smaller and 8 guineas that just hatched this week. Oh, and the 3 other ducks that are still small. Thinking I should have built a bigger coup. Total of 18 chickens, 7 ducks and 8 guinea fowl.

2 to 3 of the bigger chickens are gonna be food since they are roosters. Gonna keep one since he is real nice. Can't wait for the next adventure!
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Trapper Talk
41 seconds ago
Savell will be along to line you out, soon as he gets done shaming the bull.

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Charlie laugh
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Trapper Talk
1 minute ago
Originally Posted by Lugnut
I don't understand the "scroll by Coos" part of your title?

Wasn't it Coos that jumped all over someone for taking pics of an accident?
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Trapper Talk
2 minutes ago
Thanks Mark
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Trapper Talk
3 minutes ago
Originally Posted by tlguy
The question is, will they kneel for it? Or only for the "white" national anthem? What if a white player kneels for the black national anthem?

That is a great question. Could get interesting.
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Trapper Talk
3 minutes ago
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Trapper Talk
4 minutes ago
As was previously mentioned, a lure that triggers a rolling response isnt a bad thing if you put it where he has to work to get it, to roll in. While he is working for it, you have a lot of opportunities to catch him. Tainted muskrat rat glands will do just that.
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Trapper Talk
4 minutes ago
Send the bill to George Soros. He paid for the destruction, might as well pay for the rebuild.
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Trapper Talk
5 minutes ago
Lots of good ones Art!

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[Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
7 minutes ago
KeithC; That guy, top right? Is that a pig castrater he's holding?
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Trapper Talk
11 minutes ago
Reporter said there was a group of trouble makers in the crowd he said you could tell who they were Looking for trouble.
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Trapper Talk
16 minutes ago
T-bone on the barbecue.
Need a change from moosemeat once in a while.
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Trapper Talk
16 minutes ago
What about the health of your car Lugnut. How could you be so selfish as to not wear a mask while traveling solo?
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Trapper Talk
16 minutes ago
Those plots are impressive. I am looking forward to getting a tractor small enough to cary on with my 3 small plots I have mostly cleared so far with a mulching blade on a weed eater and a chain saw. But the next tractor will have a front loader and a brush hog on it to play with. .
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Trapper Talk
17 minutes ago
Any smells in the camper?
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Trapper Talk
19 minutes ago

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Trapper Talk
21 minutes ago
There was a lady back in the day that opened a trading post out in the hills. She was too isolated and her store failed and she was stuck with a bunch of merchandise. Then along came the Easter blizzard....and she saved a lot of people by having that stuff on hand.
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Trapper Talk
22 minutes ago
93 today and typical high humidity - went out and mowed the yard. Heading out fishing at 0 dark thirty tomorrow - love summer in the south.
Hydrate men and carry on..
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Trapper Talk
29 minutes ago
Coonman is going to get 10 or 11 more opinions from dealers that say nothing can be done but a replacement. I was going to copy and paste an interesting sentence to answer of his but couldn't find any periods.
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Trap Shed
31 minutes ago
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Trapper Talk
36 minutes ago
You might be onto something- making stupid
laws and rules evidently gives some ppl quite a charge...

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Trapper Talk
37 minutes ago
Originally Posted by DelawareRob
Originally Posted by Zim
That was great! They have some good coffee too. My local gun shop has it in stock and I pick up a bag every time I am there.


They sure do have some good coffee, it gets delivered to my house every month .

Yep, had it often, good stuff!
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Trapping Only
46 minutes ago
Can't deny the fact that Zagger's method works for some people. I have given it a solid three years of attempts with little to no luck. Coons sure are easy to catch with the conduit. If the grass clippings don't blow off the screen here the deer seem to like to try to eat it. I was really hoping I could get it to work as I get tired of lugging around wax sand/dirt or drying out peat moss as anyone.

I've asked this before but other than Zagger can anyone say they have put up numbers of coyotes say over a 100 on predominantly pipe dreams? I've seen plenty of people catch 10-20 a year on them. I've probably caught around 4-5 a year that stumble into them when I make coon sets. By the time I factor in grass clippings, screens, carrying a pick axe or maul around, cutting pipe, and pounding the pipe in....I have found myself just going back to a standard dirthole/peat done. We get some pretty nasty weather here in Nebraska and if the peat is down most everything is down here anyways including wax dirt.
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Trapper Talk
57 minutes ago
I have always used "flaked wax" to melt into shale or dirt to bed traps in. The flake wax worked great no matter what type of soil or shale I used. Recently I bought wax for the same purpose but all I could get was granulated wax. I use the sun to accomplish this task and have been pleased with the process and the results in the past.
My issue is the granulated wax doesn't seem to melt into the same type of soil and shale that I have used for years. Todays temp was 100 degrees and sunny.
Has anybody else experienced this issue? I have a cement mixer and propane burner that I used years ago when I first started waxing dirt but I really don't want to go that route again.
Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
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