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Trapper Talk
1 minute ago
I'll definitely be giving you folks a try this coming season.

A reminder to all folks living in WI, IL, IA, MN, ND, SD, and part of NE . . . Speedee Delivery there and back. Save yourself some $$.

And a big thanks to the thread awhile back.
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Trapper Talk
1 minute ago
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
4 minutes ago
Originally Posted by wy.wolfer
Originally Posted by Boco

Canada was its own Country since 1867.

That's not accurate history.

Don't confuse Boco with the facts.
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Trapper Talk
5 minutes ago
Pain is weakness exiting the body. Words from the old football coach. Lol
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Trapper Talk
7 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Swamp Wolf
Originally Posted by charles
There is a form of insurance called Errors and Omissions. Not sure if this protects prosecutors.

Fraud is still a crime.

Who did Trump commit fraud on?

Can't wait to hear this one.
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Wilderness Trapping and Living
11 minutes ago
Dang I am sorry that happened to you. I will keep an eye out on marketplace etc. Those wolf traps will be easy to spot since they never come up for sale.
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Trapper Talk
12 minutes ago
One day some of them when they're older will see that picture again and say, "Hey Grandpa, I remember that day!"

Pictures ARE worth a thousand words! You are creating memories for them and yourself.
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Trapper Talk
15 minutes ago
He should have defended himself, oh wait it was DC never mind try begging and pleading then wet yourself like a non toxic should.
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Trapper Talk
16 minutes ago
Originally Posted by 330-Trapper
Originally Posted by goldnut
Do these folks have any idea of the value of that lumber??

They must not

After watching Salvage Dawgs, based on the show, there's a lot of value in old, usable lumber like that.
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Trapper Talk
18 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Wolfdog91
Neat find . Found somones gar noodle floating around next this the refinery dock in a some drift wood we're loading at . I know a lot of the commercial guys like using these for gar. About 4' long big old hook on the end Looks pretty old so reckon I won't get call a thief for picking it up and getting old gear out the water tag either
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

You did the right thing getting it out of the water. No telling what could have become impaled on that thing. Nice find!
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Trapper Talk
19 minutes ago
[Linked Image]
Hollowed out a cabbage stuffed with deer and pork with meatballs and carrots around the outside
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Trapper Talk
20 minutes ago
Just got it in 5 today.
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Trapper Talk
29 minutes ago
I've found people really don't need much of an excuse to dislike their fellow man. Any reason or no reason, it really doesn't seem to matter. Skin color makes it super convenient.
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Trapper Talk
34 minutes ago
I'm undecided on Gaetz. Sometimes I like him, sometimes he comes off as shady. Something is personal between Gaetz and McCarthy for sure. I'm guessing it has something to do with the sex trafficking charges alleged against Gaetz a few years ago. McCarthy probably didn't support him or have his back.

My wife's cousin was a prominent figure within the House Freedom Caucus. He's a devoted Christian, hunter, fisherman, trapper, outdoorsman, etc. and as conservatives as one can be. We agree on most things. We visited him a few years ago in D.C. He took us to the House Chambers. I distinctly remember our conversation about Kevin McCarthy. He was not fond of him. He said McCarthy would try to essentially extort money from new members of congress. Large, six figure sums. If they didn't pay up, he would not give them any support. The money would be used to help get other members of congress elected, presumably only those who he favored.

I also understand that Keven McCarthy and that goofball Frank Luntz share, or shared an apartment together in DC. No a good visual for a Speaker if you ask me.

ol' dad
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Trapper Talk
35 minutes ago
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Trapper Talk
46 minutes ago
I found a copper arrowhead with my metal detector some years ago. I didn't think it could be real until I was told back then Indians did actually make some from copper because it was so malleable.
I found it in a local lake.
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Trapper Talk
51 minutes ago
Originally Posted by jbyrd63
Sale just started!! Even at clearance prices the are about 16% over valued.

I'm good with a 50% drop and will buy more aggressively when everyone else is running. I have plenty of time to ride out the dip.

Honestly I don't know how bonds work. Used to buy some at the bank but I think it's all on line now and rated go up and down not fixed. So makes it hard for me to be interested.

Money that's I put in the market I look at as money that's been spent and don't worry about the bad years. It's not a loss if you don't sell and it always rebounds. Now when I get closer to retirement I will want something more stable.

I do have 20 k sitting in the bank I need to put into something I can get access to but makes some return. But that's just my emergency fund and I don't want it all locked down. Been thinking about laddering short term cds.
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
In the fall on their way south, flocks of them stop at my flowering crab tree at the lake.
Great photo, Swamp Wolf.
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by upstateNY
Originally Posted by white marlin

"Groovy, Baby"

[Austin Powers, right?] grin

LOL,,my first thought also.

Her policies are just as ugly.
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Trapping Only
1 hour ago
So here Is my situation.

I have a lagoon area In a city park that I'm trapping rats. No foot holds allowed. Colony traps and BGs.

There Is a 5 yard buffer zone around most of the lagoon. It just about Impenetrable and It gets mowed down around the end of Oct. Last year was the first year I trapped It and I noticed all kinds of trails running through this buffer zone. They had to be rat runs since they were about 3" to 4" wide. So my question Is should I put pans On my 160s or should I just spread the trigger wires and hang some monofilament between them?
I do have a few 155s some are square jawed and some are RBGs.

So school me on pans.

If I bend down the trigger wires and slide on some type of pan will that make the trap one directional ? Or what If I cut off the trigger wires so they are about 3/4" of a inch long and just stick on a pan so It would be right In the middle of the trap. If the pan was about 3" long would a rat set off the trap? I hate to cut off the wires but I can always buy new trigger assembly's or just replace the wires.
I never had a whole lot of luck trying to get rats to go through a BG In a trail on dry land. But then I never used a pan system.
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
The guinea keets you posted pictures of are too old to likely imprint on the hens. You will probably lose them if you try it.

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Trapping Only
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Crortvedt05
Thanks shakeyjake, thatís exactly what I was looking for, my plan is to run them in current on rivers and I believe that design is meant to be run in rivers and the V shape keeps the 330 facing downstream and squared up with the current

No Prob. Got my first beaver using it in a big culvert spring time. After a few they got smart to it though.
[Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Shakeyjake
Do you paint them? After I set it, I thought it looked kinda funny. And yea, I believe all the beaver I've trapped have only been educated by me.

No. I only set where the entire rod or chain is underwater. I use only rebar or welded link chain for drowner slides, both are darker colored. I have had zero success when the drowning rig is that visible and close to trap. If water level drops and exposes it....I pull and reset deeper or remove set.
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Trapping Only
2 hours ago

I test mostly year around ,with the exception of when it's miserably hot, and I find what is the most attractive in the summer to be the most attractive the rest of the year when doing side by side testing.

Will some lures work better during certain times of the year when comparing them against themselves? Yes but when comparing them against other formulations I've found what's the most attractive wil be the same no matter what time of year it is. If that makes sense.

Now if your doing say control work and trapping year around on the same properties it can be productive to change up your attractants as they can get wise to them.
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Trapper Talk
2 hours ago
I can bring a smoked salmon cheese ball with crackers.
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