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Trapper Talk
5 minutes ago
Originally Posted by 330-Trapper
Originally Posted by Trapper Dahlgren
still all ice here laugh


Yeh, like 18 inches or so.
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Trapper Talk
6 minutes ago
Thank you EdP for the recommendation. Something I might do is alter my second set that has the big rock for backing and put a mouse hole on the other side with bait in it and then leave the original hole unbaited with the trap in front of that.
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Trapper Talk
7 minutes ago
Originally Posted by danny clifton
How big is its payload? if it can be steered the control signal can be jammed

Don't quote me on this but I seem to remember that it can carry a single warhead of 5 to 20 Kt ...... I am guessing here that it will fly a preset route with a couple if zigs and zags thrown in that alone would make it impossible to calculate an intercept point to take it down. Just a few minor cause changes along its route would be enough to do that ( talking a couple of degree left and right now and then, nothing drastic)

At the end of the day it makes little difference as Russia would not survive the echo. So they get to live 30 minutes longer than us. I would not exactly call that a big win.
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Trapper Talk
7 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Boco
Originally Posted by Northof50
Most guys put their lure high, mainly because they dont want to brush up against it and bring it back on their jackets,

As for someone who has trained dogs.... the best lure placement is low to the ground.
Think for a minute, can a dog find a grouse in a tree= no
but one on the ground= yes
because scent travels around the ground and is picked up by hunters

Moist conditions of your season are sure hard to work with, vs the dry prairies we have

I've gone skunky free for several years and my wife loves it, ever thought in giving that a try ?

This is correct for lure placement.
About a foot off the ground,right at the tree where the set is made.
And a trailing scent from the base of the tree to the box when placing and refreshing bait.

You guys clearly don’t sit in treestands and hunt deer.
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Trapper Talk
11 minutes ago
UMD is a good school, you’re right, it’s liberal but the education is outstanding. If she’s living in the dorms or in east Duluth or Lakeside she’ll be good, just warn her to be careful in downtown Duluth and West Duluth, the neighborhoods are sketchy. Superior is right across the bridge and the cost of living is significantly lower. Duluth is a good city for college kids and there will be lots to see and explore.
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Trapper Talk
12 minutes ago
Just because the people own the Capitol doesn't mean you have free rein to break in do damage and disrupt Congress. If I tried to break into the House chambers followed by a mob screaming they wanted to hang the Vice President it wouldn't surprise me if I was shot.
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Trapper Talk
12 minutes ago
I enjoy all your videos Anthony. Keep them coming. Like snowy I want to get around to what he is doing.

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Trapper Talk
14 minutes ago
The article makes it sound like China buying up farmland isn't that big of a deal. But, a number of lawmakers on both sides of the aisles, are showing concern about some of the locations which are near missile silos and military bases. One such base is where drone technology is tested.
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Trapper Talk
21 minutes ago
I am about a month away from my 46th birthday, and no kids but I'm not above watching a good cartoon. I will have to look it up.
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Trapper Talk
22 minutes ago
Hamp or Shrop?
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Trapper Talk
24 minutes ago
Are you using a vise?
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Trapper Talk
28 minutes ago
I made it through about 5 minutes and then got angry. I don't like myself when I am angry, so I recorded it for when there is a time that I need to be angry. Then I'll watch it. On a scale of how much I like the guy, he comes in on my list a ways behind athletes foot. Right now I have a rotten cold / flu and still prefer my cough attacks to listening to hills pile of BS.
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Trapper Talk
29 minutes ago
OK what is everybody’s favorite Set for those smart or educated late-season coyotes ??? thanks !!
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Trapper Talk
30 minutes ago
Depends on what you want.A tubby canoe like a sportspal is stable.
You wouldnt take a sportspal on a long canoe journey,they dont paddle very well.
A tippy canoe with substantial tumblehome will paddle almost effortlessly and is well suited to long canoe journeys but basically useless for trapping.
There are canoes that fit between the two like the Kawartha.
Also to be considered when choosing your type of canoe is travel on or across large lakes,running rapids on large rivers,or number or frequency and length of portages.Also how much freighting will be needed,like if you moose hunt and need to freight your moose.
A lot to be considered before choosing.
Some people own several canoes for different uses.
I own 5 different canoes.

I think 330 knows what he needs,just has to find it.
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Trapper Talk
40 minutes ago
Originally Posted by danny clifton
you will be constantly adding wood to such a small stove. this was cheap and works good. made from a steel drum.

[Linked Image]

What tent/size is that? I'm in the he market for a smallish (4 cots and stove) wall tent.
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Trapper Talk
43 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Twenty-fiveYard
Information, not emotion gentlemen.

My bad,just trying to help with some solid information,no emotion whatsoever.
I wont bother from now on.
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Trapping Only
51 minutes ago
Well beaverpeeler, does it make sense to you that no matter how early you enter the doors, chapter members running the auction had already registered their fur ? Most likely the day before registration was open. Plus dealer lots were supposed to be last, but some small time dealers use to pay some trappers to register their fur so it would not be last. I guess a rigged auction would make sense to you ?

FHA March auction will tell if local auctions are best.
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Trapping Only
59 minutes ago
Likely nobody would ever know. BUT there’s always the chance of getting caught. I’d sure hate to forfeit my hunting and fishing rights over it.
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Canada is already rapidly descending into a socialist/social credit system

China won’t even need too invade
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Trapping Only
1 hour ago
Thanks for posting those pics. That's intriguing that many showed up to the growling/fighting.

That's some Real Time Info! I'd be setting many more traps.

SteelTraps' idea to use coyote-chewed sticks is good. I have also took urine/scent-soaked dirt from center of catch circle and made additional sets in well.
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Trap Shed
1 hour ago
Let me know what you have. Looking for a pint to a quart. Thanks
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by JoeMeek1840
So if I wanted to add a bit of a different smell for attraction mixed in with crawfish oil to add a different smell ( besides another fishy oil) that would enhance the crawfish oil, what should I add?

Maybe Peppermint or Vanilla etc?

I've always herd people have better luck when they mix fish oil with a shellfish oil etc

And when i think of Caging Bobcats trail scent it has many different levels of smells.

This would mainly be for targeting Otter

If your targeting Otter,,I might add a bit of Mink musk to it.
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Trapper Talk
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Osky
Ceiling, what “ceiling”?

Something like that is for common people, serfs, legitimate endeavors.


Your right they passed the ceiling along time ago.
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Trapper Talk
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by w side rd 151
Originally Posted by Aaron Proffitt
I'll be following this. Fascinating !

Me too ! A 16 gauge fowler I reckon they are not all that comon . It should be special 1

20 gage definitely seems to be the most abundant out there. 16 should throw a pretty nice pattern, along with a hefty round ball.
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Trapper Talk
3 hours ago
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