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29 seconds ago
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My .243 Remington Mohawk
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Trapper Talk
30 seconds ago
Originally Posted by BanditBuster
Originally Posted by HobbieTrapper

What rights donít they have?

Prior to 2015 they didn't have the right to get married and reap the tax benefits of it. Republicans fought tooth and nail to stop the legalization of this. Personally I think the government should completely stay out of marriage altogether and leave that to religious organizations.

Well crap, in 1775 I didnít have any rights. lol
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Trapper Talk
51 seconds ago
Originally Posted by lee steinmeyer
Is this 73 or 74? I know we're the same age, but if you turned 74, your my elder by a couple months! lol. Happy birthday sir!

Yep, 74......that means that you are still a youngster for a couple more months. Thanks!
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Trapper Talk
2 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Blaine County
Originally Posted by 330-Trapper

Who do you Not want to wake up to as President on the 4th?

There you go! Similar test

It's similar. Trump is less likely to raise may taxes, is less likely to further destroy the 2A (although he and his agencies have been worse than Obama), is less likely to impact the energy industry and and is less likely to enable the BLM types. I will therefore grudgingly vote for him. I don't expect him to affirmatively do anything for me.

Out of curiosity, why don't you vote third party? The lesser of two evils is still evil. I honestly thought that when I voted for him in 2016 he would be more pro freedom and free market capitalism than he is.
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3 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Andrew Eastwood
I said it the last time this was brought up and will say it again. Sounds to me like the ATF is setting a lot of gun owners up to be felons, so a new potus can have a good starting point for gun confiscation. mad We should fear the govt that fears our guns, they are planning something that we would shoot them for. wink

Yep, instant felon aka non voter. Good excuse for not only confiscation but increased record keeping aka gun registration so they know where to go get them when they change the rules.

But on the bright side, undoubtedly this will be an early test for our new Justice ACB.
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Wilderness Trapping and Living
4 minutes ago
Dont know him, but I call BS. He doesn't strike me as someone with a lot of experience. I think he's just trying to get "views" to his videos.
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Trapper Talk
10 minutes ago
Originally Posted by LDW
Originally Posted by Trapper Dahlgren
I don't think any state dnr would have any idea how many coon are taken in a year

The last figures I could find were from 2016. Nebr had a coon harvest that year of 201,718. Nebr has a tally of each species, but they don't update their site very good.

But the NE # is kind of a guess since a lot of guys send direct to auction and donít fill out the fur harvester survey.
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11 minutes ago
Happy anniversary to you both
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Trapper Talk
12 minutes ago
ďNever interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistakeĒ
― Sun Tzu,†The Art of War
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12 minutes ago
Goose pastrami is great! Here's one more recipe I do for Corned Goose Breast.

[Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
13 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Zim

As far as contacting the land owner, and this may be a shock,
try the US Postal Service and a 50 cent stamp.


I'll occasionally get actual letters from people wanting to hunt. I always respond, with a letter, and it's usually a positive response.
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14 minutes ago
No, I don't youtube channel. I have thought about doing a DVD, but if I can't figure out how to do a video on here, do you think I can edit videos and make a DVD. I would like to find someone that would do it for me, but don't want to have to sell my spearing gear to have it done. I lived in Fairbanks three years and did a year at Galena. So I have a pretty good idea what your ice get like. I speared out of a appliance cardboard box when I was up there. I would open the flaps and fold it for the ride in the pickup. It worked good. 24 mph wind again today. I hate trying to set the portable up while it is blowing away. With early questionable ice and open water in sight, I don't want to be running after a fish house that is blowing away. I am guessing the water will open back up here in the next week or two from what they show for weather.
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15 minutes ago
I'm sorry yallz, The thread I was on bounced to this before I realized it, and then couldn't find it! yuo all will get old one day to....especially you, Charlie! grin That "next thread" bar has got me in trouble before! lol
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Trapper Talk
16 minutes ago
I hear spring is coming in a couple days again.
We had 18 degrees this morning.
Kind of nuts for October
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Trapper Talk
23 minutes ago
Prayers sent.
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24 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Bob

Thatís right. And no, I donít have a financial degree, if thatís what youíre getting at. I just care deeply about my financial health and my families financial health after I die, so Iíve spent thousands of hours studying and reading everything I can get my hands on about investing, business, and wealth.

Fair enough and I applaud you for thinking about it so intensely. There are a couple of investors on this site way more knowledgeable than me but here's some free advice from a guy that has, as an adult, lived through four recessions, four oil busts and is a productive earner, disciplined saver and active investor:

You appear to be on the right track but you don't know everything about the markets, business or wealth. None of us do. In other words, don't be so certain!
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Trapper Talk
27 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Pike River
Coonman should get this one.

Yes please.
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Trapper Talk
27 minutes ago
Very interesting guys, thanks for the input. Guess I'm not the only one. I'm starting to wonder if maybe theres no pups or females around because those old males are too territorial and run them off? Another thought I had was that it could possibly have to do with the wolves nearby these zones. Maybe the wolves have ran off most of the coyotes and these old guys are the only ones that have stuck around. Maybe they paired up to have a better chance of defending themselves against the wolves?
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Trapping Only
28 minutes ago
Matt. Sent you a PM
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Trapper Talk
28 minutes ago
Originally Posted by SNIPERB🦝

And a bunch of buildings thereafter I'm afraid

Not likely.
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Trapper Talk
28 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Whopper Stopper
Excalibur CS or lack of is why I switched brands and never looked back.


What did you switch to?
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by M.Magis

Thanks looks like she was right. Normally I have already pulled the yellow squash out by now. But this year she sold a few CSA shares and replanted after squash beetles took out the first planting.

Well we stager planted a lot of things this year. Its amazing to be able to supply yourself but add 5 other families and know you could double or triple that if you had time is a great feeling.
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by tomahawker
Nice and spooky! On the other side I took this a few weeks ago
[Linked Image]

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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
With this c-19 the restaurant trade is otf using walleye and they closed the season on Lake Winnipeg (temporally) and raised the gill mesh size, so that will help. That's 500++ non residents a day that cant come for awhile.
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by rivercabin53
Thanks guys On the 100 yards is on the parallax setting if I have this setting sighted in for 100 yards and then turn it up to the 300 yard setting and still shoot it at the 100 yard target will it still hit the same spot.? Just dont know what this setting does.I do know how much drop there is from 100 to 300 target. Shooting a 223 55gr.

to give you an idea of the arch of a 55gr 223 this is from an AR so the scope height is 2.6 inches

0 at 25 yards
6" high at 100 yards
10" hight at 200 yards
6" high at 300 yards
4" low at 400 yards

a normal hunting zero would be 225 yards

0 at 50 yards
1" 1/2 high at 100
2" high at 150
1" high at 200
0 at 225
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