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Trapper Talk
4 seconds ago
Thanks guys. Yes Boco, we got 3" of rain on Thursday night and another dumping late last night. Very surprised we didn't get much flooding. I think they really got hammered up towards Stratford.
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Trapper Talk
1 minute ago
The Hatian mess under the bridge is cleaned up almost spotless. The Hatians are I assume being housed and fed at many locations in our country. Meanwhile how are the hurricane ravaged American citizens around New Orleans being taken care of? As well as the Hatians? And more of them are on the way.
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Trapper Talk
4 minutes ago
Water bars
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Trapper Talk
8 minutes ago
All you Trappers with paved driveways don't live far enough from asphalt roads....I thought I was uppity when I put crushed limestone in the driveway, but it never cracks. Lol
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Trapper Talk
12 minutes ago
The definition of civilized may have been re-defined as of late.
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Trapping Only
14 minutes ago
No, not kidding. Chris Evenson of MTP said this was temporary, but they’re in the process of fixing it completely.
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Trapper Talk
17 minutes ago
Wrap the affected area in aluminum flashing, overlapping the hole 2-3 inches and secure both ends with hose clamps....I've run them for years that way.
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Trapper Talk
21 minutes ago
Simple as that! laugh
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Trapper Talk
35 minutes ago
If they don't do a drawing at all you guys got bigger problems than the 10 bucks you lost.
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Trapping Only
41 minutes ago
If you stir around those diggings there's a good chance you'll find otter droppings mixed in.
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Trapping Only
43 minutes ago
No restrictions that I'm aware of either, I think I might go with cattails idea though in case you get one rat in and it jams the door from opening for any others trying to get in or out of the tile.
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Trapper Talk
44 minutes ago
Originally Posted by J Staton
Originally Posted by bfflobo
Elections do have consequences. Manipulation of elections equals the loss of the Republic. Loss of a Republic equals socialism/communism. We are there, most don't realize it.
A Republic is ruled by the rule of law. A Democracy is ruled by majority rule. ( two wolves and a sheep voting what's for dinner ). Socialism /communism is ruled by an elite deep state claiming Democracy. Since the last election, and even before, the rule of law In the U.S.A. only applies to the ones not part of the deep state.
At some point, with the right leaders, we may go back to what was. But, if our history is destroyed, ( books, statues, laws, memories from our elders, ECT. ), then there is nothing to go back to. History can be rewritten. Take look at our indoctrinating education system of our generation and the up coming one.

This brings a tear to the eye when thinking of my children and grandchildren.

Tears ain’t gonna keep’em free.
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Trapper Talk
52 minutes ago
The mentality, and personality of these type of people that sit on City council's are no different then the dictators in tin-pot Banana Republics.
If given a chance these types of City Council people would act just as reprehensible as fascist dictator's have for eons.
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Trap Shed
58 minutes ago

Last time up. Any offers?? Thanks
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Trapper Talk
58 minutes ago
Yep them city trees have a lot of trash in them nails, laundry hooks, dog zip lines, flag holders, bird house hangers even had a rock that grew into a fork of a tree. That rock shot a piece of wood that rolled in my shin when I split it, that hurts. LOL
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Trapper Talk
59 minutes ago
Me too.
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Trap Shed
1 hour ago
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by hippie
About all the top teams only have 2-3 games that will "test" them in the regular season, and that's where their 1 loss usually comes from.

But, it is what it is.

Yea if you belong to the big 10 LOL . 2/3 of the sec is or will be ranked in top 25 before the season is over. Like yote said . ADD the SEC championship game another ranked team.
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
We call them briars or brambles. 'Rubus'. They're basically a 'rose' family member.

Ammonium Sulphamate seems good on them. Doesn't seem to bother grass either, unlike glyphosate.

Granted, it's early days for my experiencing it. But, I sprayed some on and gave it a week or so. They looked Bad! Practically black! Leaves And stems!

I've now brush cut those out the way and am considering my next move. Continue trying to spray / cut? Wouldn't really be an option with acres to deal with.

Or, might I wait till they die back a little, with winter. Brush cut my way through them. Heap and burn. Then walk about spraying the short stuff left behind?

Murderous things.
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Trapping Only
1 hour ago
Those are great. Thanks
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ADC Forum
1 hour ago
Cable Restraint Devices. Like a snare, only the lock relaxes when the catch stops fighting.
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Wilderness Trapping and Living
1 hour ago
Nice groceries Jeff! Whats your day and night temps now?
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Anybody see the one in the duke square jaw #2. Forgot I even had those.
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Trap Shed
1 hour ago
Single tanned pelts of,

Red pearl cross

Artic white

Norwegian Blue
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by AJE
This might be the worst Badger team I've seen.

Certainly the most inept quarterback. The defense should sue for nonsupport.
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