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Trapper Talk
56 seconds ago
Originally Posted by H2ORat
I farm and am in the irrigation industry (self employed) and my take on it is that there are several reasons -- but i think that one of the biggest that has not happened recently was the banning of ddt. Our raptor population is thriving. The other thing that i have noticed is that farming practices do have an effect (positive or negative). For instance the populations of coon, possum, nutria have declined locally-- i think mostly due to the fact that we went from raising cannery crops almost exclusively and changed largely to hazlenuts and grass seed. now the squirels and geese loved it, their populations are thriving, and i am seeing quail again. but i think that the nutria don't like either the phosphide or one of the growth regulators used on the grass seed. The coon and the possum have had their food sources altered and are adjusting to that. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and sometimes that reaction does not show itself for a while. It is a very complex system that we live in and I think that the city dwellers do not have a clue of where food comes from or how much that they play a role in affecting everything -- lets talk about cities waste discharge into rivers and plastics in landfills amongst many other items.

The ever increasing amount of paved surface adds to a larger amount of runoff from every rain .Also lawn is the largest single "crop" in the US . And todays homeowner often over uses fertilizer and chemicals on those lawn . A farmer spends tens of thousands of dollars on his pesticides and fertilizer .It is to his benefit to not over use .The average homeowner buys a few bottles or bags of chemicals . They never read the application rate or know how many square feet of grass they even have . Their thought is one is good ,two is better ,three is even better yet ,so lets use four . Multiplied by the number of homeowners the chemicals over used is huge .
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Trapper Talk
2 minutes ago
I know where a few Whoppers have dropped but the snow is testicle deep.
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Trapper Talk
5 minutes ago
There's a snow boarding slope really close to where I am but from reviews on the restaurant on the slope - I think I can make better food faster myself.
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Trapper Talk
7 minutes ago
Good morning, 25 cloudy and calm. Have a good day.
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Trapper Talk
10 minutes ago
Originally Posted by trapperne
So all those coyotes are $10 coyotes? Hmm

Those coyote were nothing to brag about 2 had shoulder rubs I was surprised he gave me 10 for them. The other 2 was getting thin on guard hair in my opinion.
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Trapper Talk
12 minutes ago
Good food and a live auction.
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Trapper Talk
17 minutes ago
why is it not up to date for 2019
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Trapper Talk
25 minutes ago
wish I would have saw this a few weeks back a guy just offer me a hide I call fur buyer he didn't want it so it got put in garbage frown
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Trapper Talk
29 minutes ago
happy birthday
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Trapping Only
34 minutes ago
I hooked 3 swivels together jhook to jhook . trap on one side anchor on the other
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Trapping Only
1 hour ago
mice first . groundhod second
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
kill em all ....let God sort em out
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
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Trapper Talk
2 hours ago
You go any higher than that it will cost you a couple thousand dollars. They have to do a lot of changing things around like brake lines etc. thatís what they told me. Btw I did get new Bilstein shocks all around the original shocks were shot. I noticed a better ride after that
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Trapping Only
2 hours ago
Meat Market them coons trob.....nice catches.
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Wilderness Trapping and Living
2 hours ago
That's is nice to have that option. Although,I asked Ian the Canadian beekeeper that winters 1300 hives in his controlled wintering shed. How his winter survival rate compared to wintering outdoors.
He said the same. So its more of a convenience I guess, and not having to prep the hives for winter. He winters in single deeps, so just feeds and puts them to bed for the winter.

He keeps his shed at 5 c that's 32 f and has a air exchange to bring in cool air. Bees give off heat and will warm the shed too high . Also humidity and CO levels to maintain.

Personally I would rather not have to maintain a shed for them, put on a shim, quit box and sugar brick and wrap if its just a few hives.

Will see this spring, if I have to rethink things. lol
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Trapper Talk
2 hours ago
I have a question. I had 11 beaver that graded light, and Iíve shipped for 3 or 4 years and only had 1 or 2 grade light total. Just wondering if anybody has an explanation to this. My beaver usually grade really well and I just want to know if it may be something that I did wrong that could be prevented. Thanks.
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Trapper Talk
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by K52
That is incredible footage. I think about 5-6 seconds from the start the pilot is Hermann Goering who went on to be the commander of the Red Baron's Flying Circus after the Baron was killed. He also was the #2 man under Hitler and commanded the Luftwaffe in WW2.
I thought the same thing. It does look like Goering. I'll bet it is. He was a famous ace at that time and there is quite a bit of footage of him.
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Trapper Talk
3 hours ago
I haven't read the thread but so I don't know if anyone brought up these points.
1. If there had been two white guys out that night and they were arrested because of his police report, was he going to testify in order to further this hoax?
2. If there was violence against a white person because the black person was upset about this attempted lynching, would Smollett be complicit in that crime?
3. If race riots started around the country, what happens with Smollett? Should he be held accountable?

Unless you have just joined this forum today or have been buried in a beaver dam for years, you all know what my answers are to these questions. This JERK should be put in prison for as long as the law allows. Moreover, he should be banished from any work that allows him access to any public forum. This person is nothing more than a narcissist and evil to boot.
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Trapper Talk
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by beaverpeeler
Higher # of beavers than I would have thought. Ain't Nevada a desert?

Oops! One too many 4. There were 44 beaver offered/sold on Friday's sale.

Thanks for pointing out the mistake.
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Trapper Talk
4 hours ago
Them Wisconsin folks are too cheap to pay them prices Paul. Beav don't charge enough for strawberries either I'll wager.
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Trapper Talk
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by Steven 49er
With the way the Fed and the federal government has inflated the money supply the last several years, the stock market had no way to go but up.

oh but inflation is tame.... its where we want it to be...yadda yadda
a very small candy bar and a pop is 5 bucks hmmm
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Trap Collector Forum
5 hours ago
It is defiantly not a Victor. Looks like an early Newhouse or Hart trap with forged springs and the cross and pan have been replaced.
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Trapper Talk
5 hours ago
I enjoy listening to ramsey for entertainment purposes and do agree with his views on stocks, finances, and life in general ...Most like you say are common sense.
I don't care who cares about anything as long as it works. i don't pay for peoples good will and intentions but their sound products and results.
While i don't personally need your bucket of rotten PI$$,( never bought anything from ramsey, and not in debt) just listen cause im in a vehicle all day, i believe their is redemption from stupidity even if it is rare. and i know its rare lol.

goodnight and thanks for being a good sport
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Trapper Talk
5 hours ago
I know that Jamesons cultured egg bait that I used for a few years had very little odor. But good gosh oh mighty at the fox and coyotes I piled up using that bait in dirt holes. It was pure death on them.
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