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Trapping Only
2 minutes ago
Never tried Weller might have to give it a taste:-). Love the pics ST keep them coming !
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Trapper Talk
7 minutes ago
Originally Posted by rvsask

Haha, a typical “liberals are great” jab for someone just because they aren’t a partisan hack. I voted conservative in our last election.

Not a concern at all , just a simple observation regarding online time.

But them darn kids today and their technology. Lol

Just because I want to be clear.... you're referring to Trudeau as conservative?
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Trapper Talk
9 minutes ago
i buy moles need 5 at least of star-nosed and others
ground squirrels also
pm me
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Trapper Talk
13 minutes ago
Originally Posted by 52Carl
Originally Posted by Law Dog
You hear about global warming everyday but how often do you hear about mass tree planting programs to deal with co2? The only solution is money so that lacks credibility in my book, let’s try the trees first it might work and maybe be a lot cheaper.

We don't need to plant anything. All plant life will increase intake of CO2 naturally as it becomes available, thus tying up the excess over time. This cycle has gone on since plants first existed. CO2 is actually a limiting factor in the rate of growth of all plant life currently.
Guess what else occurs when plantlife absorbs and processes the extra CO2? It releases an increased amount of oxygen. All sounds good to me.

Are you saying that a field of say, soybeans, turns as much C02 into 02 as the same acreage of, say, oak trees does?
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Trapper Talk
13 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Ohio Wolverine
Originally Posted by hippie
The guys who stood behind him and must've supported him??



unions have been too busy taking out trains lately -- they don't have time for this trivial nonsense.
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Trapper Talk
27 minutes ago
That tire on the truck that came off looked like the kind kids are putting on their trucks nowadays. All rim a very little tire. I hate them.
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Wilderness Trapping and Living
29 minutes ago
Originally Posted by waggler
I suppose it's what you are used to, but I don't like "fillet knives" that are long, thin and flexible. I want to be able to gauge where the tip of the blade is, those flimsy blades don't allow that. I like a 10 inch cimeter knife.

Ditto, I also use a large chef's knife too......
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Trapper Talk
30 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Yukon John
Originally Posted by adam m
They told me there would be ice cream down here (yesterday)

As I understand, this was before addressing the nation about the Nashville shooting.

Bet those three 9-year-olds sure wish they could have had another bowl of Joe's chocolate chip ice cream.
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Trapper Talk
33 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Drifter
Very little oil shows when reved up even. I was living in west central Illinois when the wife bought it for me.

Buy a new oil pump and put it on. It is not a hard job.
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Trapper Talk
56 minutes ago
Prayers sent Scott, wishing you the best.

Zim & Patrice
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Trapping Only
1 hour ago
Just hanging out. [Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Slick Pan
It's good you saved the better ones for FHA and sold your crappers in Klamath.

The other way around. But since crappy beaver are worth more.... smile
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by 330-Trapper
Originally Posted by upstateNY
Wonder if anyone ever pruned that tree branch off before it started peeling the roof off.( left side of house). Bet that Fancy Lad got picked on a lot. laugh


back in those days that limb was called; AIR Conditioning FREE Style...cause it did not heat up the house,

or it was used by the little Misses to climb out for a little moon lite swim

Yes it must have been a Chev, those were a lot faster get away cars for the CC runners
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
I just took mine down ( hang ons and stick ladders.)

Straps getting tight with tree growth. Wasps/hornets/spiders/snakes making a home. Squirrels chewing the straps.

Can't leave em up down here over spring/summer.
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Wilderness Trapping and Living
1 hour ago
That's definitely a different color of wolf you have there JR !

One thing's for sure you're never bored are you ha ha thanks for the ride along while your hauling freight !
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Without a doubt it was primarily the Humane Society of United States. Same culprits in the California fur ban. Of course the bill was presented by two Democratic State Reps being used as stooges.
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Trapping Only
1 hour ago
Awesome! Congrats!
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Not motorcycles or mopeds Yes on quads and snowmobiles maybe bicycles too not sure
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Trapper Talk
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Sheepdog1
Leftlane, thats what we were taught over 15 years ago in the first active shooter school I attended. Those schools have been the benchmark or hallmark of how we train and have gotten better with time. not only did we go as an entire Dept, we had our Sheriffs Dept. Constables, State Troopers, and every other agency in the county training with us, The concept is, it doesnt matter where in the US i may be, if an active shooter is going down, I should be able to blend in with any LE agency in this country and we do exactly what those Troops did. Search and Destroy to stop the killing of innocent folks.

We went through it, too....for years and years like you say. Seems there is a misconception out there that one in a million departments do this training (along with a ton of other training). "active shooter" was a mandatory yearly training for our entire department of about 900. And we ran through it over and over and over again.

Watching the video, I was amazed at how similar it all went to our annual training. Almost exactly the same. There's no reason why this shouldn't be the norm.
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Trapper Talk
2 hours ago
if the guy told the police 'shooting the criminal was a mistake' he made another mistake...
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Trapper Talk
2 hours ago
you have to realize that the cities, for the most part, are the wild west with no punishment for the criminals....that is the liberal plan.
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Trapper Talk
2 hours ago
There are beaver in ponds here that have had to go 2-3 miles overland.
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Trap Collector Forum
2 hours ago
This book does have some good information, but it is not completely accurate. It is a collectable book, the blue cover is the regular book and the brown leather cover is a special limited edition, only 200 copies. Also, here is the original flier from 1985.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Paul D. Heppner
Posco, I agree whole heartedly. The English best made doubles are sheer joy to use. I just don't have the nerve to put the modern day ammo thru one. For the most part they were built for the low pressure loads of days gone by. Heck even the modern day loads from Game Bore, Hull, and others are pretty stout loads. The light English side x side guns will certainly let you know when you hit the trigger.

I had an awful time finding load data for 2 1/2" shells. Stuff that didn't generate a lot of pressure. I finally did and it's well under what the gun/s are proofed for. It's really more of an issue of recoil straining a hundred year old stock. That's my primary concern.

Thanks fellas for appreciating the gun.
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