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Trap Shed
16 minutes ago
Never too early to get a few guys lined up to set up gland harvest agreements.

Looking for:

Coyote, anal only
Fox, anal only
Bobcat (Not a huge need but need a few.)

PM me if this may interest you.
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Trap Shed
1 hour ago
Single tanned pelts of,

Red pearl cross

Artic white

Norwegian Blue
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Trapper Talk
3 hours ago

Nice to see some good news coming from state government. Bob is the best in my book. Mr Baseball, as Johny Carson named him. Some folks on here may remember him on Mr Belvidere. He is also a WWE & MLB Hall of famer.

I still listen to him most days. This is his 50th year calling Brewers games. A true icon. A veteran too. He has more stories than anyone I know, and I mean how can ya not like this guy.
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Trapper Talk
5 hours ago
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Trapper Talk
5 hours ago
I have three grand kids hunting in the youth deer season in ND. They get a doe tag. Twin girls 11 and a boy 12. First one to get something.
[Linked Image]
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Trap Collector Forum
6 hours ago
Hoping to find a good Newhouse spring for my #6 bear trap.
If you have one or know of one out there that might be for sale please send me info. Thank you
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Trap Shed
8 hours ago
24 #3 Montgomery dogless (Mahaffey P.A.) Laminated, offsets, high levers, Baseplates, welded chains, three swivels. Dyed and waxed ready to set, some have new #3 music wire springs.

Can send pictures to e-mail or cell. $20.00 each

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Trap Shed
20 hours ago
I have this selection of Herters Coil Spring traps. All in nice condition

1. Herters #2 Coil Springs--Some readable pans if you collect or all good user traps. Very similar to Victors. Have 11. $6.00 each

2. Herters #3 Coil Springs--Another nice bunch of collector or user traps. Have 12. $7.00 each

3. Herters #4 Coil Spring--This is the difficult to find #4 with the US Government pan. Also a special chain attachment and setup. Long kinkless chain. Nice readable pan. $275.00

4. Herters Decoy Weights--Have 5 different. All stamped Herters. All 5 for $100

I also have other Herters traps so let me know what you need. No #121's at this time. Pictures are available. For pictures send me your email address with your requests.
Shipping is extra.

Louie Krumwiede
PO Box 3
Buckley, IL 60918
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Trapper Talk
Yesterday at 11:56 PM

2021. LTAHA convention schedule

Oct 23rd, woodworth LDWF education center.

8:00 Meet and greet
8:30 Barrett Chapman coyote
9:15 Justin Ebarb beaver
10:00 Tony Howard otter
10:45 Homer Gibson raccoon
11:30 General members meeting
12:00 BOD meeting - Lunch break
Live and silent auction to follow.
Trap setting contest for kids
Gun raffle
Bring the family!

Lots of stuff on the auction this year!
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Trapper Talk
Yesterday at 10:30 PM
NJTA convention on Sunday October 3 from 9 to 2 at Space Farms, 218 Route 519, Wantage, NJ 07461. Roast Pork fundraiser dinner at 12 noon. PM me for phone number to order tickets.
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Trap Shed
Yesterday at 10:00 PM
5 #3 jumps. Laminated and a pit style pan set-up for beaver. Stout.
50 dollars to your door. Thanks [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
Yesterday at 04:15 PM
Anyone looking for any both Midway USA and Mack's PW has them in stock online.

Get them while they are hot!
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Trap Shed
Yesterday at 12:55 AM
Looking for a repro 1851 navy revolver. Made by Pietta, I need the Griswold and Gunnison (round barrel). PM me if you know of one for sale. Thanks
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Trapper Talk
09/23/21 11:15 PM
My videos on the famous Backbreaker. Go ahead and subscribe if your interested. I upload daily.
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Trap Shed
09/23/21 09:00 PM
54 assorted 110's. $1.75 each. 14 - 1 1/2 long springs $4.00 each. 6 duke dog proofs $7.00 each. All traps in good condition shipping is extra.
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Trap Shed
09/23/21 08:03 PM
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Thanks for all of the interest. These are sold.
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Trap Shed
09/23/21 01:32 PM
I've got:

1 tanned Grey Fox fur $40

2 tanned raccoon furs $45 ea

1 tanned possum fur $35

1oz. of Lenon's "Coyote Super Range Call" lure $5

1 Wiebe "Zipper" knife with replacement blades $5

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Trap Shed
09/23/21 12:14 AM
Id like just one if someone has one to sell.
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Trap Shed
09/22/21 01:06 PM
Looking for a barrel band and walnut fore end for a Marlin 336 30-30. Didn't know if someone might have these items lying in a drawer somewhere and wouldn't mind parting with them.

PM with what you have.

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Trap Shed
09/21/21 11:18 PM
.22 rimfire long rifle stainless steel threaded bull barrel 1-1/8"x22" - $65

Pacific 7mag die set- $12

RCBS- 5-0-5 powder scale in the box- $40-pending
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Trapper Talk
09/21/21 09:04 PM
Obama was buying lots of guns and ammo for the IRS? Wonder if it was on anticipation of the $600 transaction reporting scheme in Biden Infrastructure bill?
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Trap Shed
09/21/21 03:48 PM
Trappers Post and Trappers world magazines. 2020 and 2021. Asking $25 OBO shipped.

[Linked Image]
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Trap Shed
09/21/21 02:53 PM
*************FREE SHIPPING***************

--Legitimate Offers will be accepted--

[1]-Weiland's "Money Trapper--Making the Trapline Pay" by Garold Weiland 1987 FIRST PRINTING [NEW BOOK]--$11.50

[2]-SOLD-trapping With Wiley Carroll FIRST EDITION [a note on inside cover]--$9.50--SOLD--

[3]-Modern Techniques For Trapping Coyotes and Bobcats by Homer C. Pickens 1973 [SIGNED with Note by Author and Book also includes Newspaper clippings of Homers obituary from 1995 and extra insert from R. L. Cox Fur & Hide Company on proper fur handling]--$35.50

[4]-Coyotes Trappers Sheepherders and Urbanites by Frank Turbowski 2007 [old price tag on cover]--$20.50

[5]-The Fur Book of Knowledge [Hardcover Book] Written by Selbert Ltd. by Anna Bird Stewart 1926--$12.50

[6]-SOLD--Hunting Bobcats in Vermont 58 Years of the Hunt with Don Greene 1997 [SIGNED by Author which also includes hand written letter from Done and Brochure for Don's Guiding Service]--$12.50--SOLD--

[7]-Mink Trapping A Deep and Complete Long Lining System by Don Powell 2013 Third Printing [NEWBOOK]--$20.50

[8]-Trapping Through the Years by Charles L. Dobbins 1998--$8.50

[9]-Trapping with Great Trappers by Donald Jack Anderson 1979 FIRST PRINTING--$8.50

[10]-Arnold's Professional Fox Trapping by Walter L. Arnold FIRST EDITION [very slight tear on top cover]--$30.50

[11]-Details of Fox Trapping by G. Malcom Locke 1982--$9.50

[12]-Russ Carman's Fox Trapping Methods 1971 FIRST PRINTING [some stamping on inside cover]--$10.50

[13]-Trapper Hunt's Auto Biography-Written by Loye R. Hunt better known as Trapper Hunt 1974 [SIGNED w/note by Author]--$45.50

[14]-The Muskrat Trapper's Guidebook "MUSKRATS: The Trappers Meal Ticket" by Nick Wyshinski 1968 Third Printing--$6.50

[15]-Expert Fox Trapping by E.J Dailey Fith Edition [previous owners name and address on inside cover]-$4.50

[16]-Master Muskrat Methods by E.J. Dailey FIRST EDITION--$10.50

[17]-Master Mink Methods by E.J. Dailey Fifth Edition--$4.50

[18]-SOLD-The Trapper's Partner by E.J. Dailey [no date but has blueish/greenish colored cover/possible 1st Printing?]--$18.50--SOLD--

[19]-Trapper's Catalog Season-1962-1963 Ed Danko & Son [small stain on cover]--$15.50

[20]-SOLD-Wilderness tales & trails by Wayne Negus 1980 [very small piece of spine separation--SIGNED w/note by Author--$25.50--SOLD--

[21]-Andersch Bros. Hunters and Trappers Guide-Illustrating the Fur Bearing Animals of North America by Louis Andersch CR 1906 Second, Revised and Enlarged Edition]--Hardcover with small indintation on cover and has slight separation of cover--$35.50

[22]-Canadian Trapper Official Publication of the Ontario Trappers Assoc. by Roger Betz 2 Copies July 1977 & March 1979-Both Copies $10.50

[23]-SOLD-Understanding the Coyote 1987 by F. Robert Henderson-Kansas State Extension Leader,Wildlife Damage Control--$7.50--SOLD--

[24]-Trapping Guide by South Dakota Dapart. of Game,Fish & Parks Division of Wildlife--$6.50

[25]-NTA 2001 42 Annual Convention-Mason City, Iowa Program--$8.50

[26]-Fur Taker Magazine June 2008 No.6 Volume 44--$6.50

[27]-The Fur Harvestor Magazine Spring/Summer 2008 with Jim Gibb,Gordy Klasen and Ryan Sealy--$6.50

[28]-SOLD-Hoof Beats of a Wolfer The O'Gorman Style of Coyote Trapping by L. Craig O' Gorman 1992 Second Printing [very small tear on cover]--$55.50--SOLD--

[29]-Marten I Have Known by Polly Rosborough--$110.50

[30]-The Next Generation of Life of Coyotes & its Survival in the Wild by Larry [Slim] Pederson--$13.50

[31]-Complete Bobcat Trapping Methods by Larry [Slim] Pederson--$15.50

--Please order by Number of Book--

----Please PM me if Interested---Thanks for Looking!!!---

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Trap Shed
09/21/21 02:31 PM
Found more Duke coils I would like to sell.

I have 3 dozen Duke 1.5 Coils, all good very strong traps. Most have been dipped in Formula One, some have either dye and wax or black dip on them.
$58 a dozen shipped!

[Linked Image]

SOLD - I also have 2 dozen Duke 1.5s with weaker springs I was using for muskrat trapping. I do have music wire springs for them that I can sell also.
Weaker Duke 1.5s $45 dozen shipped! - SOLD

Music Wire Springs 1 dozen $12 (free shipping with traps)

Payment by PayPal, Square Invoice, or good old USPS MO.

Message me with any questions.

Thanks, Anthony
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Trapper Talk
09/21/21 01:55 PM
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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