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Trapper Talk
1 minute ago
The Town Dog Warden was called to pick up some breed of Dog called a Boerboel. Apparently , the New owners adopted the dog, and it went after the new owners. They called the Dog Warden, who ended up having it taken to the SPCA. Now, that same dog is up for adoption. It looks like a beast of a Dog !! No, I don't want it. I will stick to my Hunting Dogs !!!

So, what is that Breed, and what are they used for??
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Trap Shed
16 minutes ago
Sims wall tent stove made in Lovell Wyoming. Very light n durable n comes with everything 200 shipped PayPal friends n fam only thanks.
[Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
34 minutes ago
Is this true ???

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Trap Shed
1 hour ago
I am looking to buy 3 original montgomery #3 high lever dogless.
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Trapper Talk
2 hours ago
[Linked Image]

Emma, Mason, Bryson, Sophia!...I Love em'

I Just don't think they carved all their own pumpkins.
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Trap Shed
4 hours ago
Looking for some K9 extreme jr 2 coiled

Pm what you have thanks
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Trapper Talk
12 hours ago
I get frustrated with how poorly driveway sealer adheres to my black top driveway. It recently occurred to me that it might be the chains on my snowblower doing the damage. I was researching chains and came across these, made partly of rubber. I'm skeptical, but I can't help but wonder if they might work around a house for snowblowers, atvs, or those with hilly yards that use chains on your lawn mower
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Trap Shed
Yesterday at 12:09 PM
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

20 Victor number 1 jump traps. All of the traps were recently dyed and waxed and in my opinion have pretty good spring strength. 17 of the traps have approximately 14 inches of chain not including the ring, the other 3 have 7 inches of chain without the ring. One of the traps has a "skull" pan, and 3 of the traps have a wedge on the chain ring. I think at least 6 of the traps have a legible pan and if the wax were cleaned off the pans I am sure there would be more. $80 SHIPPED. I accept personal checks, postal money orders or PayPay as a friend. The traps will be shipped Priority Mail anywhere in the USA including ALASKA.
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Trapper Talk
Yesterday at 12:03 AM
Another old outlaw pass's silently into the night, with him i doubt we would of ever had a Waylon.
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Trap Shed
10/28/20 05:43 PM
Once fired 22-250 brass
155 shells
$75 shipped
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Trap Shed
10/28/20 01:14 PM
[Linked Image]

4 dozen Freedom Brand 11 gauge wire Snare Supports

They've never been used

$120 shipped.

I'd prefer to sell all at once.
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Trap Shed
10/28/20 03:07 AM
1 dozen new duke dps. 110 shipped. Thanks. [Linked Image]
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Trap Shed
10/27/20 09:44 PM
Almost brand new used just a couple times, heavy duty sausage stuffer. Holds 7lb meat and comes with 3 funnels so you can make small snack sticks and larger items too. All stainless steel, Steel gears and easy to clean. Paid $195 plus shipping would like to get $120 plus shipping. Text for pictures. 319-202-0326
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Trap Shed
10/27/20 09:36 PM
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Trap Shed
10/27/20 09:34 PM
mixed brands all complete with good springs 2.00each plus shipping may have 50 or more
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Trapper Talk
10/27/20 06:59 PM
Please be vigalante in your local races and understand the ballot initiatives . There is conserted effort nation wide by the democrats to gain control of the districting process .
For instance in 2018 missouri voted for CLEAN MISSOURI . A horrible law that takes the responsibility of districting from a bipartisan commission of 16 to the state auditors office .It also requires that the districts be drawn up in such a way that democrats and republicans are represented equally in the population of the district .It was fescribed as an amendment that would eliminate gerrymandering,And reduce lobbiest gifts .sounds good dont it . This is going to make all of our rual districts long and skinny to take in urban areas and give undo influence to the urban areas in the governance of Missouri . There is an ammendment on the ballot this time to undo clean Missouri but the descrption is written in a confusing manner that makes it look like it does the opposite of what it does . This is the democrats long game to deminish the influence of rural coservative voters .
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Trap Shed
10/27/20 05:49 PM
I have 5 #3 Oneida Victor Coil Spring Traps for sale. Three are offset and two regular jaw. They [img]http://[/img]are in very good condition. $55. shipped.
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Trapper Talk
10/26/20 11:42 PM
Anyone going this sunday.Looks like they changed locations this year.
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Trap Shed
10/26/20 07:26 PM
Two montgomery nbr 4 coil springs, were low lever but have high lever levers installed. Brass screw and nut holding trap pan. Twist link chain
$12 each or $22 for all plus postage your choice shipping to you.
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Trap Shed
10/26/20 02:23 PM
I have the following for sale.
.375 cal.
Barnes 235 gr. Tsxfb 50 ct. $32.00
Barnes 250 gr. Tsxfb 50 ct. $34.00

Sierra 220 sbt. 49 ct. $25.00
Barnes 200 txsbt 21 ct. $11.00
Barnes 200 tsxbt 50 ct. 3 boxes, $28.00 each

Shipping by flat rate. Thanks for looking. Sarge
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Trap Shed
10/25/20 05:59 PM
New Duke #3 trap waxed and dyed. $8 + shipping.
7 - Duke #2 traps. 4 coiled base plated. One is dyed and waxed. The rest probably need new dye and waxing. $7 each + shipped.
2 - Victor #1 traps dyed and waxed. $4 each plus shipping.
New Duke #1-3/4 trap. Dyed and waxed. $7 + shipping.
3 - Model C trapping caps 2 are new and one is used. $3 each plus shipping.
1 - Aluminum #2 trapping cap. Used. $7 plus shipping.
1 - Model B trapping cap used. $3 plus shipping.
Interested in trading for MB550, Duke 550. Predator baits and lures. Metal dirt sifter. MB 550 cookie cutter. Berkshire disposable stakes, US made skinning knives. Post, Schrade,Western, Old Timer 51OT, Ka-Bar 1237, Buck 103, etc. Taxidermy dvds for fox, coyote, bobcat, etc.
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Trap Shed
10/25/20 03:43 PM
I have a dozen Duke #11 double long springs for sale. $55. shipped. Some were used one season and some never used.[img]http://[/img]
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Trapper Talk
10/25/20 03:15 PM
anyone watch it i fell asleep about the 7th... was a good game woke up it was over wife was in recliner... i asked her who won she was asleep too after reading the news looks like i missed a barn
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Trapping Only
10/25/20 04:48 AM
When temps drop below freezing & stay there , other than snares, this is how i keep my footholds working. You can do this with dirt hole or flat set. Trap bed is dug just size of trap. I use just coverhulls in bed to seat trap into. A light covering of hulls over trap. Scatter dusting of hay chaff on & around set. Only after heavy snow will i touch up set
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Trap Shed
10/24/20 11:04 PM
Anybody have some of Mark June's lures they'd have a bargain on? Looking for Widowmaker bait, Fox Frenzy, Predator Frenzy, & Silent Stalker lures. An ounce of each would be fine.
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