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Trap Shed
1 hour ago
Looking for a copy of George Clawson mink trapping book, I had a copy and don't have a clue on what happened to it. Please PM if you have one to sell, Ron
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Trapping Only
1 hour ago
Just a quick explanation of a trigger system I use in my double doors along with a video showing a mini WA style double door trap using said trigger

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Trap Shed
Yesterday at 04:08 PM
Looking for a couple doz. #4 HERTERS COIL SPRINGS. No mods please. Let me know what you have and price.
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Trap Shed
Yesterday at 12:16 AM
I have a couple #81's and a #91 Newhouse with stamped springs and strong springs. These are well used with some pitting but all work well. THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE. I am trading for mb's, Sterlings, Jakes, silver coins, bars, rounds, bullion or old US paper currency.

Thanks for looking.

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Trapper Talk
07/02/22 11:09 PM
Mark Levin video.

He shows a recording of a SC legislator running for the Senate. Pretty ugly but she is a prime example of what we in the south are dealing with in our local counties. I can name several just like her in county commission seats. And one running for governor.
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Trap Shed
07/02/22 10:02 PM
I have for sale a group of three (3) paperback books about animals. Being sold as a group. Details and picture below.

$22.50 gets the books to your door in a padded envelope. Shipping included in the price.

PayPal. Money Order. Check.

PMs answered in the order received..

- Mountain Monarchs BighornSheep by Bert Gildart, new with lots of pictures, Northwoods Press, 143 pages

- Animals of the Western Rangelands by Ernest H Elms, new, Naturegraph Press, 221 pages.

- Gray and Fox Squirrels by John Madson, gently used, copyright 1964. 112 pages

[Linked Image]

Thank you.
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Trapper Talk
07/02/22 08:04 PM
Be American buy American.
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Trap Shed
07/02/22 06:36 PM
3 Duke 4 coil #4 traps for sale. These traps are in good shape not used much $47 to your door. USPS money order payment please.

[Linked Image]
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Trap Shed
07/02/22 05:30 PM
I have a very nice Newhouse #48 for trade. This is in excellent condition and complete. I can send pics to serious inquirers. Looking to trade for Sterlings, Jakes, MB's, silver coins, bars, rounds, bullion or old US paper currency.

Thanks for looking.

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Trap Shed
07/02/22 03:27 PM
Got another 6 Victors for sale. $47 to your door. USPS money order payment please.

[Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
07/02/22 02:01 PM
Set up to start frying baby back ribs and corn on the cob at our local community. [Linked Image]
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Trap Shed
07/02/22 11:40 AM
Looking for a knight and hale wooden tube both goose or turkey or both if you have them

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Trap Shed
07/01/22 09:04 PM
Never used Lyman Pro Touch 1500 electronic powder scale. Includes instructions accessories, and box. Asking $65 OBO shipped. Now $55 shipped.

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Trap Shed
07/01/22 08:46 PM
Have the following.
Nosler 150 grain partition, 50 ct. #16323. $60.00
Nosler 160 grain partition, 50 ct. #16324 X 2. $75.00 each
Sierra 130 grain Spitzer, 100 ct #1830. $50.00
Sierra 130 grain Spitzer Boat Tail, 100 ct. #1820. X 4. $50.00 each
Plus shipping, Flat Rate
Thanks for looking,
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Trap Shed
06/30/22 10:45 PM
Iím cleaning out some bait and lure. I no longer live where there are woodchucks and I donít often trap skunks here in Montana. This is a super discounted price.

One gallon Jamesonís Formula Two Woodchuck Bait
8oz Jamesonís Formula Two Woodchuck Bait (2/3 full)
16oz Nutcracker (might be a spoonful missing)
4oz Marsyadaís Nosey skunk bait (teaspoon missing)
8oz Peaches and Cream
8oz Catch all Paste Bait
8oz Formula One Woodchuck Bait
3 dozen Fresh Shrimp Scented Coon Grabbers

These baits and lures have been dynamite and I still have partial jars of them all. I just donít have much of the animals they were made for here.

Retail for all is $364.50

$300 to your door should be a screaming deal. Iíll pay shipping. [Linked Image]
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Trapper Talk
06/30/22 11:23 AM
How to these hunt? Big runner like an English pointer or setter? Or closer like a brittany?
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Trapper Talk
06/30/22 02:24 AM
Anyone have one for a 10-22? Looking for advice and opinions. PM if you'd rather. Thanks
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Trap Shed
06/29/22 10:36 PM
have 36 victor #1 roundpan stoploss all are complete and have strong springs most have around 4 ft of chain added 5.25 each plus shiping paypal friend or money order thanks for looking
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Trap Shed
06/29/22 09:24 PM
Looking for 160ís up to 50 let me know what you got
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Trap Shed
06/29/22 05:57 PM
Looking for frozen wood chuck carcasses
Can be whole do not need to skin them.Send me a pm with what you have
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Trap Shed
06/29/22 01:07 PM
Nice group of Sterling 600's for trade only. Please do not ask to buy these. Looking for silver trade only. Silver coins, bars, bullion, rounds or old US paper currency only. Some of these are stamps "US".

Thanks for looking.


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Trap Shed
06/29/22 01:54 AM
I have for sale a selection of very nice Victor and Bridger Stoploss traps. Many look like new and all are equally strong and complete. They all came from one trapper who was very concerned about the quality and condition of his traps. The ones with the rectangular pans are much older and are considered vintage and are collectible. They book for $20 or more.

35--Victor #1 Long Spring Stoploss----------------$6.50 each
10--Bridger #1 Long Spring Stoploss------$6.50 each
4---Victor #1 LS Long Spring Stoploss--B & L Style----$6.50
10--Victor #1 Long Spring (Rectangular pan)------$6.00 ea.

Actual shipping charges are extra. Send your email address for pictures. I also have several dozen new old stock springs for the Victor traps

Louie Krumwiede
PO Box 3
Buckley, IL 60918
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Trap Shed
06/28/22 09:16 PM
This list consist of all Brand New Paperback Never Read Reprints and Second or other Editions

--Shipping is Free--

[1]-SOLD-Deadfalls and Snares by A.R. Harding 1935--$5.50--SOLD--

[2]-Fur Buyer's Guide by A.R. Harding 1942--$5.50

[3]-3001 Questiona and Answers--$4.50

[4]-Home Tanning and Leather Making Guide by A. R. Farnham--$4.50

[5]-Mink Trapping [Blue Cover] by A.R. Harding--$5.50

[6]-SOLD--Woodcraft by E.H. Kreps [Revised Edition]--$4.50--SOLD--

[7]-Fox Trapping by A. R. Harding 1973--$5.50

[8]-Home Manufacture of Furs & Skins by A. R. Farnham--$3.50

[9]-Land Cruising and Prospecting by A.F. Wallace 1933--$5.50

[10]-Tales of Wilderness Trapper by Neil M. Lindsey [aqua green cover]--$5.50

[11]-GINSENG and other Medicinal Plants by A. R. Harding 1973 [Revised Edition]--$4.50

[12]-Hunting Dogs by Oliver Hartley--$4.50

[13]-Fur Farming by A. R. Harding Revised by L.H. Adams--$5.50

[14]-Camp & Trail Methods by E. Kreps--$5.50

[15]-Science of Trapping by E. Kreps--$4.50

[16]-Trail to Successful Trapping by V.E. Lynch 1935 Second Edition [slight smudge on cover]--$5.50

[17]-Bee Hunting by John R. Lockard--$6.50

[18]-Ferret Facts and Fancies by A. R. Harding 1943--$5.50

[19]-The Trapper's Handbook 1951 by Various Hunter's and Trapper's published by A.R. Harding--$4.50

[20]-Practical Muskrat Raising by E. J. Dailey 1954 Third Edition--$6.50

[21]-Trapping as a Profession by Dick Wood--$5.50

[22]-Canadian Wilds by Martin Hunter 1935--$6.50

[23]-Mink Raising by L. H. Adams Second Edition--$5.50

[24]-SOLD-Fifty Years a Hunter and Trapper by E.N. Woodcock 1941--$6.50--SOLD--

[25]-SOLD-Wolf and Coyote Trapping by A.R. Harding 1978--$5.50--

[26]-The Trapper's Companion by Various Trapper puboished by A.R. Harding 1946--$5.50

--Please order by Number of Book--

PM me if you are Interested--Thanks for Looking!
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Trap Shed
06/28/22 03:07 AM
Just seeing if anybody has an old Buck 122 nemo knife they'd be willing to sell.Also looking for a Buck 107 Scout knife and a Buck 639 Fieldmate knife.

May be interested in other Buck knives,just ask.
Can text me at 410-490-3759
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Trapper Talk
06/27/22 07:33 PM
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