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We made it back to Michigan Trapper Talk 05/24/22 10:34 AM
Donna getting the rattle snakes Trapper Talk 05/23/22 02:16 AM
The Overton Window is always shifting Trapper Talk 05/21/22 09:58 AM
It's getting crazy 90 miles from the border Trapper Talk 05/20/22 09:56 AM
Boco, can I come trapping with you Trapper Talk 05/17/22 10:57 PM
Teach your children well - Overdose record pace Trapper Talk 05/16/22 09:39 AM
Glory to God - the trapper dude graduated Trapper Talk 05/10/22 01:04 PM
The reemergence of the Shame & Honor system Trapper Talk 05/03/22 11:40 AM
Tomorrow is National Fentanyl Awareness Day Trapper Talk 05/02/22 11:33 AM
The spread of the Gospel around the globe Trapper Talk 04/28/22 08:29 PM
Kingdom Race Theory - Dr. Tony Evans Trapper Talk 04/27/22 12:32 AM
Free online courses at DTS Trapper Talk 04/26/22 01:54 AM
City with pop of Florida is shut down by Covid Trapper Talk 04/18/22 01:49 AM
He is Risen is the blessed news of Easter week Trapper Talk 04/17/22 11:44 AM
On Saturday of the week of Easter Trapper Talk 04/16/22 04:34 PM
Friday of the week of Easter Trapper Talk 04/15/22 09:32 PM
Can we imagine this world without God Trapper Talk 04/15/22 12:38 PM
Thursday of the week leading up to Easter. Trapper Talk 04/14/22 12:35 PM
Wednesday of the week leading up to Easter Trapper Talk 04/13/22 11:23 PM
Tuesday of the week leading up to Easter Trapper Talk 04/12/22 11:44 AM
Monday of the week leading up to Easter Sunday Trapper Talk 04/11/22 04:31 PM
Why are you afraid, you men of little faith? Trapper Talk 04/09/22 11:56 PM
A believer's walk in a post-Christian America Trapper Talk 03/30/22 01:57 PM
A cultural engagement on Unity & Diversity Trapper Talk 03/27/22 10:56 AM
Who or what is our unifier? Trapper Talk 03/26/22 11:06 AM
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