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Mission Statement:
We are Trappers and this web site is dedicated to like minded men and women in their pursuits.
This page explains what that means exactly and what we hope to accomplish with your participation.
Trapper Talk
Ask questions, meet friends, enjoy an enviroment dedicated
to trapper discussions and what interest us as a group.
Trapper Tips:
An ongoing Tips and Tricks section with plenty of useful information
for trappers hoping to learn the secrets of the sport.
Convention Calendar
Find out where and when the trapping conventions
are being held.
See images of days gone by with 
Charles Dobbins and other photographs

Trap Shed
This is a forum based classified adds page 
where you can post an add to sell traps, equipment,
and other personal items you wish to sell or trade.
Words From The Past:
A compilation of the written works of
50 years by Charles Dobbins
Powerful Learning Tools
Our Catalog:
If it's lures, books, videos that you are looking for,
our catalog  is the right place for you to start!
Here is a list of other Trapping related websites.
ADC Forum
This is a forum to find and share information 
about the Animal Damage Control Field.
Trapper's Tales
                                  This page is where trappers have shared 
                                  stories and poems for all to read.
                                                               This page is for us to remember those
                                                                                      members of Trapperman.com who have
                                                                                      passed on.
Trapping Legends

This page is where we learn about those 
famous trappers from the past who have 
had a significan impact on trapping.

Basic Sets
This page shows various basic sets
for catching furbearers.
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