Putting out anti police flyers will not make the courts look kindly upon the anarchists or those that they are pretending to support. If they really were interested in protecting DeMuth they would not be so cocky about vilifying the courts or the police.

Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)
Animal terrorism case set for trial
By Brian Wellner
Monday, August 23, 2010

A federal jury trial is set for next month in Davenport for a man
accused in a 2004 University of Iowa animal lab break-in.

Scott DeMuth appeared in court Monday with his attorney, Michael Deutsch.

He is charged with one felony count of conspiracy in connection with
an action that caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage at
the University of Iowa.

The Animal Liberation Front, or ALF, action has been designated as a
domestic act of terrorism.

At Monday’s hearing, Deutsch cited “acts of deceit” by the government,
claiming prosecutors have refused to release evidence such as
photographs and police reports to the defense.

“I don’t know what the government’s case is,” he said. “I believe the
government can’t prove their case.”

Federal prosecutor Cliff Cronk said the government plans to call 60
witnesses to testify during DeMuth’s trial, which is scheduled to
begin Sept. 13 and last two to three weeks. Judge John Jarvey will
preside over the trial.

“This is not going to be a trial by ambush,” Judge Thomas Shields
said, referring to the question of whether all exhibits will be
presented to both sides before the trial’s start. “There won’t be

DeMuth was previously ordered detained for refusing to testify before
the grand jury. He was then indicted in connection with the case and
is out on bond while awaiting trial.

Another who refused to testify in connection to the case, Carrie
Feldman, was also released from custody earlier this year.

DeMuth could not be reached for comment after Monday’s hearing.

Three Homeland Security vans were parked outside the Davenport federal
courthouse Monday morning in Davenport in anticipation of the crowd of
activists that has gathered at previous hearings for DeMuth and
Feldman. A few supporters watched in the courtroom, but there was no
crowd outside.

Meanwhile, anti-police flyers from the anarchist group CrimethInc.
Ex-Workers’ Collective have been found this week in the Quad-Cities.

CrimethInc., which protested the G20 Toronto summit in June, is
working with the Animal Liberation Front to drum up support nationally
for DeMuth’s case, according to its website. A “conspiracy tour” was
scheduled to stop in Rock Island on Monday evening, its website

“It would not be in Scott DeMuth’s best interest to create a bunch of
problems in the Quad-Cities,” Sean O’Neal of the U.S. Marshals’ Office
in Davenport said.


Mac Leod Motto