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Great Pyrenees dog a hero ???? Trapper Talk 10 hours ago
Re: Has anyone used a 3/4 circle fence with bait? Trapping Only 10 hours ago
Re: Wire? Trapping Only 10 hours ago
Re: Coyotes and dead cows Trapping Only 10 hours ago
Re: Suggestions on issues trapping fox in foot traps Trapping Only 10 hours ago
Re: Coyote Fence Snare Advice Trapping Only 11 hours ago
Re: Haystack snares? Trapping Only 11/29/22 03:06 AM
Re: Any Turtle trappers on here? ADC Forum 11/29/22 03:04 AM
Re: wcs mole trap ADC Forum 11/29/22 03:01 AM
Re: squirrel repellent ADC Forum 11/29/22 02:56 AM
Re: What do people who don't hunt, fish and trap do?? Trapper Talk 11/29/22 02:55 AM
Re: Skunks in DPs Trapping Only 11/23/22 02:34 PM
Re: Skunks in DPs Trapping Only 11/23/22 08:19 AM
Re: Coon trapping deer feeders Trapping Only 11/23/22 08:16 AM
Re: Bone pile sets Trapping Only 11/23/22 08:09 AM
Re: Tanned fur project ideas Trapping Only 11/23/22 08:07 AM
Re: Losing traps? Trapper Talk 11/23/22 08:04 AM
Re: Should I be concerned? Heart issue? Trapper Talk 11/23/22 08:03 AM
Re: Moving things and how coyotes react Trapping Only 11/20/22 07:27 PM
Re: Maximum loop stop for cable restraints Trapping Only 11/15/22 02:36 PM
Re: No bait, no Lure Trapping Only 11/15/22 02:26 PM
Re: Yellowstone the show ? Trapper Talk 11/15/22 02:14 PM
Re: What is the largest herd of wild animals you seen Trapper Talk 11/15/22 02:09 PM
Re: We have a game ! Trapper Talk 11/15/22 02:07 PM
Re: Soaking traps in Dawn...never was a believer Trapping Only 11/14/22 09:16 PM
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