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Birds of a feather flock together in same nest. #1126640
01/15/09 05:14 PM
01/15/09 05:14 PM
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PETA implicated in sanctuary fraud, abuse (San Antonio Lightning)‏

Sent: January 9, 2009 1:03:03 PM

San Antonio Lightning
The Lyin' Queen,

A Sequel: Embarrassed PETA Bails;
More Animals Vanishing
Monkeys Equal Money
Copyright 1-6-2009

More animals are missing, more money is unaccounted for, and State and
Federal authorities continue to probe the activities of Carol Asvestas
of Animal Sanctuary of the United States, dba The SA area Wild Animal
Orphanage (WAO).

The latest scandal involves the radical animal group PETA, which
claimed a major victory by "saving" six rhesus macaques sold to New
York University (NYU) for invasive brain experiments.

Those animals, and $40,000, were instead sent to Carol Asvestas of the
Bexar County based WAO.

WAO Monkey Enclosure

Asvestas has been at the center of a growing firestorm, in which
sources and others involved or aware of bad practices at the
"sanctuary" say animals are routinely neglected, poorly fed and
generally abused.

PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) used the monkeys
for publicity sake, and trumpeted the "victory" when the animals
headed to the WAO. They NEVER followed up.

The local and national media simply assumed that the animal compound
was legit, and embraced Asvestas as a saint.

Far from it.

It appears she has been bilking concerned animal lovers across the
nation of donation money and trust and the animals as well.

Uncounted and unaccounted for beasts -- pigs, dogs, exotic cats and
other wildlife -- have vanished at an alarming rate. Mass graves have
been reported on land controlled by Asvestas as well.

From PETA's own web site:

"When PETA learned that six monkeys at New York's Lehman College who
were slated for retirement at a sanctuary were instead sold to New
York University (NYU) for invasive brain experiments, PETA contacted
both Lehman and NYU and mobilized its members with an online action
alert. After hearing from thousands of concerned people, NYU announced
that it was sending the monkeys to a sanctuary. Wanda, Holly, Jada,
Sophie, Samantha, and Lilly are now living together in a group at the
sanctuary and will soon be introduced to the other monkeys at the
facility. Kathy Guillermo, Director Laboratory Investigations

PETA was quick, when informed of this series, to distance itself from WAO.

In a prepared statement a spokesperson said:

"PETA had nothing to do with choosing a sanctuary for these monkeys.
Lehman sold them to NYU for use in invasive brain experiments. Lehman
had previously promised that the monkeys would be placed in sanctuary
so PETA approached both Lehman and NYU and asked them to abide by the
experimental protocol and retire the monkeys. NYU chose the sanctuary
without consulting PETA. PETA did not contribute money. We don't know
how much NYU/Lehman provided."

Then they made their email getaway.

* * *

And now there is the question of money.

On Friday we will divulge the tax records of the "Non-Profit"
corporation known as WAO.

You will be surprised.

(Editor's note: As Asvestas has forbidden us, under threat of physical
and/or legal action, should we contact her, we offer unedited space in
this publication to respond.)

More to follow.

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Mac Leod Motto
Re: Birds of a feather flock together in same nest. [Re: Mira Trapper] #1126647
01/15/09 05:19 PM
01/15/09 05:19 PM
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It's all about $$$

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