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You don't need to be a Rocket scientist to see why #2103523
08/14/10 06:15 AM
08/14/10 06:15 AM
Joined: Sep 2007
Posts: 2,725
Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
Mira Trapper Offline OP
Mira Trapper  Offline OP

Joined: Sep 2007
Posts: 2,725
Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to see why Young's files would be seized. He is the middle man organizing press releases involving criminal activity by wackos in the Animal Liberation Front. In order to seal the charges on the braggart calling in to notify the public that an ALF terrorist & vandal used Peter Young they leave a computer or hard evidence on phone bills of such networking. Young can whine all he wants but he feathered his nest as the middle man to increase HIS visibility within the dark side of the animal rights community. Now he is getting the Police attention he deserves .

Voice of the Voiceless (Blog)
Breaking: FBI Raids Utah Activist House for the Second Time
by Peter Young
Aug 13th, 2010

The FBI raids my home for the second time in five months.

Today I awoke at 9am to FBI & ATF agents raiding my home in Salt Lake
City. This is the second time my home has been raided in an A.L.F.
investigation in five months.

By 9 A.M. I usually have 3 hours of chores done and wouldn't be caught dead in bed at that hour, but I digress>

Ten agents with the FBI and ATF corralled myself and my roommates into
the living room, handed us a search warrant, and spent the next five
hours removing belongings from our home.

The warrant indicated they were seeking evidence in recent Animal
Liberation Front arsons, including two in Utah.

View the search warrant here.

The warrant called for seizure of the following (language borrowed
directly from the warrant):

“Documents, correspondence, or computer files relating to:

• communications regarding criminal acts or plans to commit criminal
acts in the name of animal rights;

• claims of responsibility for criminal acts, including correspondence
between Walter Bond and animal rights extremist groups, such as the
Animal Liberation Front, the North American Animal Liberation
Press Office, and www.voiceofthevoicelesscuckoo birds..

Smart police work which should provide the link between Peter Young & "Lone Wolf" a bragging arsonist .

• individuals or groups involved with illegal animal rights extremist

• the arsons at the Tandy Leather store and Tiburon restaurant in Salt
Lake County, Utah, and the arson at the Sheepskin Factory in the
Denver, Colorado area;

• animal rights extremism tenns, such as “go vegan,” “straightedge,”
“A.L.F.,” or the moniker “Lone Wolf;”

• correspondence between Walter Bond and Peter Young;

• mechanisms, tools, and field guides/instruction manuals used to
facilitate illegal animal rights extremism acts; and

• evidence that Walter Bond lived at the residence in 2010.”

(Note: Walter Bond is in jail in Colorado, accused of burning down a
Sheepskin Factory store in Denver).

The warrant also sought “evidence of accelerants used in the arsons in
Utah”, computers, phones, and all electronic storage media.

Every member of the house was taken outside by an FBI agent
individually and asked if they wished to “cooperate”. As every member
of the house responded with some variation of “no comnent”, an FBI
agent asked questions including: if they had information to provide
about Walter Bond or the “Lone Wolf” arsons, inquiries about other
roommates, and offers to have seized items returned quickly in
exchange for informing on Walter Bond and others. One female at the
house was told “you could really help us” by accepting an informant
role and secretly providing information about me.

(In a post next week, I will cover my experiences with the FBI using
women as paid informants to target male activists.)

Also mentioned repeatedly by agents during their attempted
questionings was their belief that Walter Bond was a one-time resident
of the house (the assertion is completely false).

Every person questioned was told in various ways that, while Walter
Bond was the ostebsible target of the warrant, an unstated target was
myself. One roommate was told - “I know what the warrant says, but you
know who we’re really here for. We want Peter Young”.

During their attempted questioning of me, an FBI agent stated he
realized the chances of me cooperating were “not very good”, but that
it was “time for (me) to grow up” and “put this behind (me)” by giving
them information for their investigation. I was also told erroneously
that because I was not under arrest, I did not have the right to speak
to an attorney.

As stated, this is the second raid of the residence - an established
Salt Lake City activist house - in five months. The first sought
evidence in the 2004 Animal Liberation Front raid of the University of
Iowa, in which 401 animals were rescued. The FBI attempted to link me
to the action, both tangentially, and by assumptions of vey poor
footing. They successfully argued probable cause to a judge who
granted a warrant, and in March the FBI spent 7 hours searching my

The warrant indicated that the Voiceof the Voiceless reporting done on
the recent A.L.F. “Lone Wolf” arsons may be a factor in the raid. The
warrant specifically calls for seizure of “documents, correspondence,
or computer files” relating to “communications between Walter Bond
and…. Voice of the Voiceless”.

When the raid concluded, the FBI severely damaged the rear of their
vehicle when exiting the driveway by hitting a pole.


Last edited by Mira Trapper; 08/14/10 06:15 AM.

Mac Leod Motto
Re: You don't need to be a Rocket scientist to see why [Re: Mira Trapper] #2103561
08/14/10 07:47 AM
08/14/10 07:47 AM
Joined: Sep 2007
Posts: 2,725
Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
Mira Trapper Offline OP
Mira Trapper  Offline OP

Joined: Sep 2007
Posts: 2,725
Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
I wonder if Young will have this MOLE investigating his Computer files. Poetic justice if he is. Young should get off his High Horse as the sudden falls are hammering the snot out of him.

Voice of the Voiceless (blog)
Warning: Green Scare Informant Runs Computer Security Company
by Peter Young
August 9th, 2010

Activists beware: FBI informant Darren Thurston now a “computer
security” expert

After Darren Thurston’s release from prison, the informant in the
Green Scare A.L.F. / E.L.F. case has resurfaced as a computer security

A warning to anyone who has received computer security services from
someone going by hard_mac, or rad_boy: Your consultant was once
working for the FBI, and may still be.

Thurston became an asset for the federal government in the Green Scare
case after his arrest on arson charges for the 2001 torching by the
Animal Liberation Front of a BLM wild horse holding barn in
Susanville, California. In exchange for reduced charges, he implicated
several others in serious arsons. Among them was Justin Solondz, who
is serving a three year sentence in China on unrelated charges after
being arrested there while a fugitive.

There is additional information about Thurston that may be of concern
to activists. From Vancouver Anarchist Online Archive:

“Vancouver lawyer Peter Edelmann (who sometimes works for activists)
confirmed in early 2010 that Darren Thurston has been working for him
in his legal office since sometime not long after Thurston’s return to
Vancouver in late 2008. This opens the possibility of breaches of
lawyer-client confidentiality, given Thurston’s signed and sealed
agreement to give information on other activists to the FBI.”

One point bears repeating: Thurston entered into a plea agreement
which remains sealed, and which he himself has never made public. The
terms of the plea agreement are unknown, and may include working for
the FBI / Canadian authorities after his release.

Thurston’s computer security consulting site can be viewed here.

Perhaps not by coincidence, there is information another government
informant, Justin Samuel, has also gone into the computer security
field. Samuel provided 86 pages of testimony, and perhaps additional
undocumented information, to prosecutors investigating mink releases
in 1999.

It is possible the FBI has found the perfect niche for former
activists who have switched sides: giving them “expert”-status and
putting them in charge of sensitive data on others computers. Warrants
may be unnecessary when the FBI has a “man on the inside”.

Mac Leod Motto
Re: You don't need to be a Rocket scientist to see why [Re: Mira Trapper] #2104030
08/14/10 03:43 PM
08/14/10 03:43 PM
Joined: Dec 2006
Posts: 15,363
St. Louis Co, Mo
BigBob Offline
BigBob  Offline

Joined: Dec 2006
Posts: 15,363
St. Louis Co, Mo
Ain't that just too bad!

Every kid needs a Dog and a Curmudgeon.

Remember Bowe Bergdahl, the traitor.

Beware! Jill Pudlewski, Ron Oates and Keven Begesse are liars and thiefs!
Re: You don't need to be a Rocket scientist to see why [Re: BigBob] #2104361
08/14/10 09:03 PM
08/14/10 09:03 PM
Joined: Sep 2007
Posts: 2,725
Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
Mira Trapper Offline OP
Mira Trapper  Offline OP

Joined: Sep 2007
Posts: 2,725
Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
I figure Young is going to be facing conspiracy charges real soon.

Mac Leod Motto
Re: You don't need to be a Rocket scientist to see why [Re: Mira Trapper] #2104885
08/15/10 09:07 AM
08/15/10 09:07 AM
Joined: Sep 2007
Posts: 2,725
Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
Mira Trapper Offline OP
Mira Trapper  Offline OP

Joined: Sep 2007
Posts: 2,725
Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia
It has been reported that at the time of Lone Wolf arrest, he was carrying
a 1991 pamphlet entitled "A declaration of war. Killing people to
save the animals and the environment", by Screaming Wolf.

This pamphlet is available for downloading at

In the news recently has been ALF "Lone Wolf" Walter
Bond. See, for example, "'Lone Wolf' pleads not guilty, denied bail in animal liberation blog run by Peter Young who obviously feels Bond is worthy of support. I hope they manage to lock both of them up for a long long time.

on July 30.
'Lone Wolf' pleads not guilty, denied bail (blog)

Voice of the Voiceless (blog)
Accused A.L.F. "Lone Wolf" Denied Bail
Jul 28th, 2010 by Peter Young

Walter Bond pleads "not guilty", judge orders him held without bail until trial

In a court appearance today in Colorado, Walter Edmund Bond, the
accused A.L.F. "Lone Wolf", pleaded "not guilty" to charges he burned
down a Sheepskin Factory store in April. The fire did $500,000 in
damages to the uninsured building and its contents.

The judge also ordered Bond held without bail until trial.

Bond is also a suspect in two other Animal Liberation Front arsons:
the Tandy Leather Factory arson in Salt Lake City ($20,000 damages),
and foie gras restaurant Tiburon in Sandy, Utah ($10,000 damages).

The average federal case takes 14 months to run its course. It is
expected Bond will be held for the duration of his case. Please send
letters of support to Walter Bond in jail:

Bond will get no letters of suppport from me. Bond & Young should be behind bars together.

Mac Leod Motto
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