Daily Cardinal (University of Wisconsin)

USDA uncovers more offenses in UW animal care

August 2, 2010


An inspection conducted by the United States Department of
Agriculture July 17 revealed further breaches of the Animal Welfare
Act by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

According to the report, the USDA found several offenses, including
expired medications and cockroach-infested primate holding rooms.

My medicine cabinet has out dated meds and I am absolutely sure that most of the high & low-end restaurants people frequent are prone to cockroach infestation to.

An administrative law judge will determine if the non-compliant items
disclosed in the USDA report are violations of federal regulations
after a formal investigation.

The recent inspection was a follow-up of the USDA's December
investigation, which charged the university with 20 violations, such
as inadequate post-operative care of dogs and unsanitary facilities.

According to USDA spokesperson Dave Sacks, the USDA conducts
inspections approximately once per year and as necessary. The
frequency of inspections depends on the compliance history of the

Rick Bogle, co-director of Madison's Alliance for Animals, which
monitors the university's animal research ethics, said that in the
context of the university's extensive history of violations, the
recent offenses show its struggle to police its research.

Nonetheless, UW veterinary pathologist and advocate for animal
research Richard Dubielzig said he "has little experience with
violations and is proud to say animals are used thoughtfully and
responsibly at the university."

The passing of Dane County Resolution 35, which the County's
Executive and Health and Human Needs committees are currently
considering, would create a citizens advisory panel for the study of
primate experimentation within the county. If the panel were to be
successful, Bogle suggested forming a second panel to examine the
entire UW-Madison animal program.

Meanwhile, in June, the USDA affirmed a commitment to stronger
enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act. Sacks said enforcement
measures consist of fines, license suspensions and license

In order to hold facilities accountable, enforcement actions are
shared in monthly press releases and inspection reports are available
online for public access.

"The USDA is concerned about the non-compliant items that our
inspectors have cited at the university because ensuring the welfare
of the animals that we regulate is our primary mission," Sacks said.
"We will continue to monitor the facility so it comes into full
compliance with all federal regulations. I can't speculate as to any
enforcement actions, but please be assured that we will enforce the
Animal Welfare act to its fullest extent."

In fact Bogle wants to end animal research & would gladly risk returning to Dark Age ignorance with regards to human health if it would save Chump the Chimp..

Mac Leod Motto